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Buy the best Small Dryers in Australia online or in store at The Good Guys. You’ll get a good deal on Sensor Dryers, Condenser Dryers and Heat Pump Dryers in the 4kg up to 6.5kg capacity range from leading brands including Haier, LG, Fisher & Paykel, Solt and more. Heat Pump Driers don’t require venting and use less than half the energy of Vented or Condenser Dryers. Sensor Dryers can detect when there is no moisture in the load and finish the cycle automatically, ensuring the quickest and most efficient drying cycle. Whatever your preferred brand, feature set or price range, you will get the right Small Dryer for you at The Good Guys.

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  • Westinghouse 4.5kg Vented Dryer Westinghouse 4.5kg Vented Dryer
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    4 payments of $99.75
  • Westinghouse 5.5kg Vented Dryer Westinghouse 5.5kg Vented Dryer
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    4 payments of $118.75
  • LG Styler Clothing Care System LG Styler Clothing Care System
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    Ticket¤ $2999 DEAL DAYS
  • Solt 4.5kg Vented Dryer Solt 4.5kg Vented Dryer
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    4 payments of $74.75
  • Haier 4kg Sensor Dryer Haier 4kg Sensor Dryer
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    4 payments of $87.25
  • Haier 6kg Sensor Dryer Haier 6kg Sensor Dryer
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    4 payments of $112.25
  • Electrolux 6kg Sensor Dryer Electrolux 6kg Sensor Dryer
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    4 payments of $124.75
  • Fisher & Paykel 6kg Sensor Dryer Fisher & Paykel 6kg Sensor Dryer
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    4 payments of $137.25

How big are Small Dryers?

Small Dryers in Australia are usually around the 4.5kg to 5kg mark, however they can go as small as 4kg in some models. Due to the size and weight restrictions in these smaller frames, Smaller Dryers are generally always Sensor or Vented style and Heat Pump Dryers are extremely rare in these tiny forms. The good news is these units can be wall mounted to save even more space in a tiny Laundry cupboard. The smallest Dryer you'll find is approximately 830mm high, 600mm wide and 495mm deep, but we always recommend double and triple checking at home and machine measurements before buying. Also remember to account for awkward tight spots like door /cupboard frames and hallways that can restrict delivery and Installation of these Dryers.

Can you buy Small Dryers?

No matter how small your space is you can find a compact and efficient dryer that suits your needs. Smaller Dryers can provide strong drying performance, host as many features as larger models and are more cost effective for smaller families and households.

At The Good Guys we have a variety of brands equipped with the newest technology and best features, so shop our best Haier Small Dryers and more today.

Are Small Dryers suitable for families with children?

Typically it’d be more suitable to consider a Medium or Large sized Dryer depending on family size and laundry needs that saves time by drying larger loads in one cycle.

Ultimately, it’s important to prioritize your household needs and align your dryer size with its Washing Machine capacity. If you’re short on space a LG or Westinghouse model might be perfect for you!