How To Speed Up Your Recovery After A Tough Workout

April 28, 2023 - 3 min read

Want to know the real secret to reducing post-workout muscle soreness? Massage! Magic on tired muscles, massage increases blood flow, which helps to speed up the recovery process, aids in mobility, and may even reduce the risk of injury. And the good news is you don’t have to book an appointment with a massage therapist every time you need some relief! With the new Hypervolt handheld percussion massagers from Hyperice, you have your own in-house masseuse, relieving tension in your muscles so they can bounce back from the rigours of sport and life.

Here's how to find the right Hyperice Australia massager for you. But first …

A woman in a park uses the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun on her leg in a park

What Is Hyperice?

The go-to massage brand for elite athletes and fitness fanatics in more than 60 countries, Hyperice’s cutting-edge sports medicine and orthopedic devices aid in workout recovery. The brand is well known for its Hyperice massage gun, the Hypervolt, which comes in three different models, each offering unique features to help anyone combat the impact of daily life.

How Does Hyperice Work?

Hyperice massage guns use percussive massage – small, rapid, repetitive applications of pressure. These fast taps help release knots and bring blood flow to the area, allowing your muscles to relax.

Hyperice Venom Go

The Hyperice Venom Go is a revolutionary heat + vibration wearable with unmatched versatility and customization. Don’t be fooled by its small size and lightweight design - this little gadget is a powerhouse when it comes to delivering heated massage. Featuring 9 combinations of heat and vibration to soothe sore muscles in an instant, you can place the Venom Go wherever your body needs it most and remove with ease.

Why We Love It: The Venom Go is one of its kind. It also includes three levels of soothing HyperHeat™ technology and three therapeutic vibration patterns to relieve sore, stiff muscles and help with your everyday wellness. Added bonus? The easy-to-use button controls and seamless Bluetooth® connectivity to the Hyperice App means you can connect multiple devices at once.

The Hyperice App will provide you with guided warm-up and recovery plans so you can feel your best self.

Best For: Anyone who is after on-the-go recovery. The Venom Go is compact enough to fit in your gym bag, purse, or backpack – it can cater to anyone from athletes to office workers to busy parents. It’s the perfect companion for those who want to keep their muscles happy and healthy no matter where life takes them.

Bonus Feature: The Venom Go boasts QuietGlideTM technology, which means you can enjoy a relaxing message without disturbing anyone around you. Whether you want to unwind in front of the TV or relax on a long flight, the Venom Go has got you covered.

a man wearing the hyperice venom go massager whilst doing work

Hyperice Hypervolt 2

This massage maestro proves that sometimes the sequel is better! It’s an upgrade on the original Hypervolt, packing more massage power into its 60W motor but sporting a feather-light 800g design. With the addition of a new ergonomic handle, the Hypervolt 2 has catapulted percussion massagers to a whole new level of usability.

Why We Love It: Offering versatile functionality, the Hypervolt 2 boasts five interchangeable massage heads, custom-made to target tension in the legs, arms, back, torso and neck. Need help hitting the right muscles and mastering the three levels of intensity? There’s a Hyperice app for that! The Hypervolt 2 connects via Bluetooth, hooking you up with warm-up and recovery plans to help you feel and move better.

Best For: The all-rounder who changes up their fitness regimen as often as their socks. If you’re constantly flitting between touch footy, aqua aerobics and the treadmill, you can rest assured the Hypervolt 2 has the massage head and intensity to target the muscles that need it most.

Bonus Feature: Like all Hypervolt massagers, this one flaunts QuietGlide® technology, so you can silently soothe those aches and pains in front of the television, while the coach is giving his pep talk, or even mid-flight!

Customer Review: “Bought this for my teenage son and he hasn’t put it down since. I’m seriously considering buying him some sort of holster to carry it around in!”

A woman sits at a table with her laptop and uses and Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun on her arm.

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

The most powerful in the Hypervolt range, this is the one for fitness fanatics with a “harder, faster, stronger” mindset. It ups the ante with a 90W motor that hits five variable massage speeds. Add a three-hour battery life and five interchangeable massage heads, and you’ve got the ultimate tool for deep, penetrating relief to stiff muscles.

Why We Love It: Pressure Sensor Technology™ tells you exactly how much pressure is being applied at any time so you can keep track to tailor your perfect massage. Consider the accompanying Hyperice App your pocket physiotherapist, helping you learn where and when to turn up the vibration for the most relief. Just connect via Bluetooth.

Best For: “The Hypervolt 2 Pro is Hyperice’s top-of-the-range model, designed for anyone who likes to feel the burn, safe in the knowledge that post-workout relief is in the palm of their hand,” says Tracey Ellis, The Good Guys Buyer – Portable Appliances. “But it’s not just reserved for athletes. With five massage heads and different intensities, it’s a must-have for anyone who suffers from stress and tension in their day-to-day life.”

Bonus Feature: A next-gen digital dial so you can effortlessly swipe your way to a low-, medium- or high-intensity massage. Handy for when you’re getting into those hard-to-reach spots!

Customer Review: “Used for long distance running recovery. I tried a few before I eventually gave the Hypervolt 2 Pro a go and all I can say is I wish I got it sooner. By far the best I’ve ever used. I didn’t think I would use the extra power settings but I’m glad I chose the Pro model as sometimes I just need to tackle a problem area with a bit more force. 10/10 rating for me personally.”

"The Hyperice Venom Go is the revolutionary heat + vibration wearable with unmatched versatility and customization! Don’t be fooled by its small size and lightweight design - this little gadget is a powerhouse."

Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2

Toss it in your gym bag, stow it in your carry-on luggage or pop it in your handbag for work – this is the ultimate portable massager! Weighing in at a little over 600g but packing a serious punch with a 40W motor, the Hypervolt Go 2 is for wellness on the go.

Why We Love It: It’s smaller and lighter, but this tiny tension-buster still delivers all the best Hyperice features. It has a three-hour battery life, QuietGlide® technology for superquiet sessions, two custom-designed massage heads for hitting the right spots, and three intensity levels.

Best For: The athlete (or hard worker!) who is constantly active. Use it to blitz that 3pm backache at your desk, or to warm up your muscles on the bus to the big game. You can even pack it in your kit to help you loosen up during your lunchbreak!

Bonus Feature: Built with intuitive ergonomics and in a sleek arctic-grey finish, this is a massager that looks as good as it feels.

Customer Review: “Love this product for my back ache from carrying my baby. I have a weak rhomboid and sore shoulders. This tool has definitely helped ease the tension. My husband is a runner and loves using this for his calf, glutes and hammies. The design of this product is sleek, modern and elegant.”


Ready to rev up your post-workout recovery with the help of some tension-busting massage? Head in-store or online for the best prices and the right advice.

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