SERVICES Indoor Power Point Install To Single Storey Tiled Roof Home

Too many appliances and not enough sockets? Or maybe that lengthy extension cord is becoming a bit of a nuisance? Get in touch with The Good Guys Home Services and our fully certified professionals will install your new indoor power point right where you need it. The days of dodging extension cords can be a thing of the past.

Technical Specs +

Delivery: No
Unboxing: Yes
Product Inspection: Yes
Disconnection of old appliance: No
Installation: New Installation
Testing: Yes
Demonstration: Yes
Clean Up: Job related debris removed
Removal of old appliances: No
Compliance Certification: All required trade certificates of compliance
Not included: Travel beyond 30km from store of purchase, powerboard upgrades, if required the supply and installation of an RCD (safety switch), additional cable over the supplied allowance, weatherproof outdoor power point, conduit, additional works or materials to complete install in a double storey home, removal & re-installation of tin roofing

Buying Guide +