Why Staying In Is The New Going Out This Winter

April 18, 2024 - 4 min read
Chilly nights are the perfect excuse to pull on your slippers and curl up on the couch, but let’s be honest… it's been a while since you’ve burned up a dance floor anyway! And you’re not alone. A recent survey of adults over the age of 21 found 71 per cent of them had admitted to cancelling plans, just to spend more time at home. And who could blame them? At home, the dress code is always casual, friends don’t need a reservation (and often come bearing wine), and even on nights alone there’s the allure of electric blankets and the new James Patterson loaded on the e-reader. Inspired? Here’s all the kitchen applianceshome entertainment and pampering tools you need to make your place the place to be.

Smiling young woman talking with friends while having dinner at home.

Throw A Decadent Dinner Party

There are three key ingredients to hosting a sophisticated evening with your inner circle: tasty food, free flowing beverages and a stellar soundtrack. “The latest kitchen appliances take the stress out of hosting by letting you prepare delicious meals in advance so you don’t spend all night in the kitchen,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Portable Appliances. You can’t go wrong with a rich and spicy lamb vindaloo in the Crock Pot Multi Express Crock. Load it up in the morning and set to cook all day for a full-bodied sauce and tender meat ready to serve. Margaritas in the Sunbeam Two Way Classic Blender Black are a given (you can whip up a 2L batch!). For good vibes, break out your vinyl collection and fire up the Sony Turntable with bluetooth connectivity. A bit of Fleetwood Mac can turn any living room into a disco.

“The latest kitchen appliances take the stress out of hosting by letting you prepare delicious meals in advance, so you don’t spend all night in the kitchen.”
Front on image of a Sony Turntable with Bluetooth Connectivity

Host A Night At The Movies

With the rise of streaming putting blockbusters at our fingertips, home movie nights are just as epic as a night at the flicks. So invite the crew over for cosmos and Sex and the City, or dry martinis and your favourite Bond. High fashion and high stakes both look good on the Samsung 55" LS01B 4K Serif QLED Smart TV. Its Intelligent Mode adapts the picture, sound and volume to suit your room, and a stylish metal stand makes it easy to move when you rejig the room for beanbags and snack tables. “If you want to make sure movie night is always at your place, kit yourself out with a Denon 2Ch Stereo Amp Bookshelf Speaker Pack for immersive, real cinema sound,” says John Milonas, The Good Guys Buyer – Televisions and Accessories. A Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker will help you make real cinema choc-tops.

Shop Movie Night Essentials

Samsung 55" LS01B 4K Serif QLED Smart TV

Denon 2Ch Stereo Amp Bookshelf Speaker Pack

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Philips NeoPix ULTRA2TV Android TV Projector

Side on angle image of a Philips NeoPix ULTRA2TV Android TV Projector

Switch On To Family Fun

Family game nights are memory-making gold – so plug in a Nintendo Switch Console OLED, hand out controllers and hit the Mario Kart track. The Switch’s coolest feature? You can hook it up to your big screen TV for a super-sized family battle royale! All your family abroad? Game night is still a goer. Fire up a Lenovo LOQ 15.6" Gaming Laptop, plug in your Logitech G432 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset and squad up for a friendly (or not) Fortnite session.

Shop Family Fun Essentials

Nintendo Switch Console OLED

Lenovo LOQ 15.6" i7 16GB 512GB RTX 4050 6GB Gaming Laptop

Logitech G432 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset

Side on angle image of the Logitech G432 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset

Plan A Creative Date Night

Pulling off a memorable date night is simple with the latest high-tech home entertainment. The Samsung The Freestyle Portable Smart FHD Projector will help you really up your game. Set it up outside with a portable screen and snuggle up on a picnic rug for a romantic movie under the stars. An outdoor heater will keep things hot (literally). Or, to really win brownie points, why not put a cheeky twist on date night under the stars? Position the projector upwards to screen the latest sci-fi on the living or bedroom ceiling. Ooh la la!

Shop Date Night Essentials

Samsung The Freestyle Portable Smart FHD Projector

2C Enjoy IT 106" Manual Pull down Screen

Goldair 2000W Outdoor Radiant Heater with Wi-Fi

Angled image of a Goldair 2000W Outdoor Radiant Heater with Wi-fi

Chill-Out Solo

Sometimes, the best plans are no plans at all. So throw on your dressing gown… it’s a pamper party for one. Set the mood with a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the Ellia Harmony Cordless Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, then relax and revitalise with a soak in the Homedics Salt-n-Soak Pro Footbath With Heat Boost. On your lap is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ Wi-Fi 64GB Graphite loaded with the latest Netflix thriller or a Bridgerton romance. Can’t put it down? You don’t have to! All nighters aren’t so rough when there’s a morning espresso with your name on it. Thanks, Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine!

Woman reading a book on her ereader while wrapped in a warm blanket.
Front on image of a Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine

Ready to make your place the go-to destination for dinner dates, family fun and day-spa level downtime? Visit us in-store or online to find the inspiration you need for your next night in.

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