QLED vs OLED TVs – The Latest in TV Technology

March 15th, 2021 - 10 mins read

When you’re buying a new TV, you want something that’s going to impress. Currently, both QLED and OLED TVs are at the top of the technology tree. But which one suits you and your family best? The Good Guys are here to help break down the differences of these two competing technologies. (And here’s a hint – we love them both!)


What is a QLED TV?

A QLED TV relies on a technology called quantum dots. Without getting too deep into nanoparticle technology, all you need to know is that they enhance the colour and brightness of a traditional LCD TV.

These quantum dots (the Q in QLED) supercharge the colour and brightness in your picture quality when the TV’s LED backlight shines through to the screen. This means that instead of using a combination of white LEDs with colour filters, you get more saturated primary colours and contrasts.

The range of QLED TVs stretch from budget friendly screens for small rooms all the way up to jaw dropping quality for the latest tech fan.

Reasons to Choose QLED

There are a few good reasons to choose a QLED as your next TV. Check out some of our favourite features.

Bigger Sizing

The bigger the better with TVs right?

QLED technology makes it easy to create huge TVs that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Watch your favourite sports team or movie in all its glory on a QLED TV with models ranging up to a staggering 98 inch screen. If that’s a little too big for your place, the QLED range at The Good Guys starts at 32 inches.

Better Brightness Level

QLED TVs are brighter than other models because they create more light with their quantum dot technology. This makes them ideal for locating them in sunny rooms and spots next to windows where a little more brightness counts. QLED TVs also offer you a wider range of colours, at a greater accuracy. You’ll notice the more faithful reds as an example.

Long Lifespan

When upgrading a TV, this is one of the most-asked about features. And you can be sure that QLED won’t disappoint. You can expect a QLED to offer you stunning picture quality for 7-10 years before you start to notice any visual degradation. That gives you plenty of Netflix binging to get through.

Low Price Point

What makes QLED TVs popular is that they offer you plenty of bang for your buck. At the small to mid-size range, QLED prices can’t be beaten. This is where QLEDs are in a league of their own. For larger screen sizes, competing technology prices are starting to become more comparable.

What to Look for in a QLED TV

If you’ve decided on upgrading to a QLED TV, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

- If you can, try and choose a TV with 4K resolution or better. The streaming services and even free-to-air TV channels are now offering higher resolution than what Full HD or 1080p sets can offer.

- 8K TVs are at the higher end of the technology spectrum. Whilst there isn’t much 8K content available yet, it’s like future proofing your technology. Look for some events at the next Olympics in 8K broadcasts.

- Let’s talk refresh rates. This refers to how often the picture changes on a TV per second. The Good Guys recommends a 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate. The higher the rate, the smoother the motion. This is a really important factor for watching sports and gaming, as well as the latest big budget movies.

- Keep an eye out for an HDR-compatible set. This gives you more realistic colours and a better contrast.

- The more HDMI ports the better. Choose a set that has at least 4 ports, preferably in the newer HDMI 2.1 format.

- It’s time to plan for a soundbar. With TV screens being so thin, manufacturers can only fit in minuscule speakers. For that added ‘boom’, a soundbar offers you the audio experience you’re looking for.


The Good Guys has a terrific range of QLED TVs, from the famous brands you know and trust. Whether you’re looking for a 55-inch QLED TV for a bedroom or an apartment, a 65 inch TV for a great home entertainment setup or a 75 inch TV to watch the big game on, here are some of our top picks.

Samsung QLED TV

Samsung pioneered the QLED technology, so they have a huge range of TVs in this format. We love this Samsung Neo QLED 65 inch QN900A 8K Smart TV with Infinity Display. There are virtually no borders on the picture display, just a pure visual delight from end to end.

You can also check out the full range of Samsung 8K QLED TVs and get blown away by the latest technology that is here to stay. You’ll quickly see why they set the new standard in home entertainment.

Hitachi QLED TV

With built-in Google Assistant, Android compatibility, voice remote control and all the bells and whistles a smart TV should have, this Hitachi QLED 4K TV is perfect for families who love watching TV. TV shows on the streaming services in 4K Ultra will look stunning, and sports lovers will enjoy how crisp the picture and sound is.


This is a seriously good value 8K TV. The TCL 65 inch 4K QLED TV offers the latest technology in terrific, vivid detail. With Ultra HD video, it’s even IMAX Enhanced to offer you entertainment to the max.

What is an OLED TV?

OLED is another technology in the awesome TV space. OLED stands for ‘Organic Light Emitting Diode’ and it’s the way that colours, images and light are displayed in your TV. OLED technology is the most widely supported premium technology in the TV space, and the good news for you is that it’s getting cheaper by the year. You might even be carrying this tech in your pocket – on your iPhone 11 Pro screen.


Reasons to Choose OLED

OLED is the next-gen TV technology and is getting more and more affordable each month. We love it because no other technology offers the same picture contrasts, gorgeous blacks and viewing angles.

High Image Quality

OLED technology is powered by pixels that can be powered on and off individually. That also means they don’t rely on chunky LCD backlight technology. It has blistering fast refresh rates so everything looks smooth as silk and has a cinema feel muted brightness. Overall, it’s a special picture that deserves only the best media.

The Design

Like all new high-end TV technologies, OLED TVs are incredibly slim and light. Some are as thin as an average pencil. At The Good Guys, we think this is perfect because you can hang them easily on your walls at home. And they look so good – it’s like digital artwork on your wall.

Better Contrast and Black Level

The contrast and blacks are where OLED TVs come into their own. Wow. OLED TVs are so sharp because each pixel is turned on and off individually. This stops any blurring around edges of bright objects and results in blacker blacks. Dark shadows look terrifying when they need to be!

4K Looks Incredible

We can’t rave enough about OLED 4K TVs. In 4K, you are watching the movies, shows or sport the way it was intended to be watched. It is 4x the number of pixels than a HD TV, and so many channels and streaming services offer 4K content now. With a huge range of major brands now supporting 4K, you’ll be surprised how affordable they are as well.

Low Power Consumption

Another great feature of OLED TVs is that they consume much less power than LCD technology. OLED panels don’t need a super-bright backlight, which is quite power heavy in other TV technologies. Another good feature is that they give off less heat than other TVs on the market.

What to Look for in an OLED TV

If you’re upgrading to an OLED TV, there are a few features to look out for:

- Make sure that you opt for an HDR compatible set. This is really important for older TV shows and movies that weren’t created in HD formats.

- 4x HDMI ports or more is a must. If you want to hook up sound systems, gaming consoles and more, you need loads of ports.

- HDMI 2.1 ports are perfect for next-gen gaming consoles which is important if you’re a gamer.

- A soundbar or sound system is essential for pairing with an OLED TV. A wafer-thin TV has even smaller built-in speakers.


If you’re as excited about OLED technology as we are, we’ve got a few great TV models to check out. Whether it’s one for the family living room starting from 48 inches, or one to watch the footy together with guests over 60 inches, you’re sure to be impressed.


This LG 55 inch A1 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV has it all. Featuring perfect, deep blacks and stunning colours, it is the TV your favourite movie deserves. It features ThinQ AI technology, which allows you to control your TV with your voice. A great feature to control your streaming services on. Prepare to be wowed.


Sony have always made terrific TVs, and this one is right up there with the best of them. This Sony 65 inch 4K BRAVIA XR OLED Google TV has a stunning array of colour, darker blacks and beautiful contrasts. It features a self-illuminating panel so the colour doesn’t change from whatever angle you’re watching it at. Hello sports lovers!


This Loewe 55 inch OLED TV is where style and sophistication meet technology. It is simply beautiful to look at. With all of the features of OLED technology, stunning picture and a wafer-thin display, you’ll enjoy TV and movies the way they were intended.

OLED or QLED for Gaming

If you’re a gamer, then the latest TV technology will definitely help you get your game on. You’ll love the crispness of the picture and the screen resolution that the latest next-gen games deserve. Here are a few reasons why 4K TVs are made for gamers, and why both technologies love gaming.

- Low input lag: Gamers know that even the smallest lag costs you. A TV with low input lag reduces the time between your TV receiving a signal and then displaying it on screen. Look for ratings between 15-80 milliseconds, with 20 milliseconds being an outstanding rating.

- High refresh rate: TVs work by displaying still pictures really quickly. A 60Hz TV refreshes x60 per second. Both OLED and QLED TVs work to produce a smooth, clear picture with great refresh rates.

- Ultra High Definition: Next-gen consoles that support this feature also need a TV that supports it as well. You’ll love gaming with a vibrant colour range and crisp picture quality. Remember, brighter colours are with a QLED and blacker blacks with an OLED.

- Streaming: Both technologies stream the latest games with ease.

- Burn-in free: Modern OLED TVs don’t suffer from burn-in anymore, an issue that affected their older predecessors.

OLED vs QLED: Which Should you Choose?

In a nutshell, you’re going to love both OLED or QLED technology. It’s why brands all over the world are scrambling to make products such as smartphone screens with this technology. To sum both technologies up;

- QLED is brighter, has a longer lifespan, can be larger and is generally at a lower price.

- OLED has deeper black levels, uses less power and can be viewed from any angle.

Future Outlook for OLED vs QLED TVs

We’re excited to say that both OLED and QLED technologies are here to stay. The colours and picture quality is stunning and with more and more 4K content being produced, a 4K TV is future proofing your home entertainment setup. Something to look out for in the future is more sizes in both styles.

There are QLED plans to ditch the LCD backlight technology that could bring both QLED and OLED closer technologies together, but this won’t affect your TV quality.

Let The Good Guys Help You Choose the Best OLED & QLED TV for you

We hope that you’re as excited about OLED and QLED technology as we are. Now it’s time to find the perfect TV for your home and family. Whether you stream movies, watch live sports with your mates or need a gaming screen, OLED and QLED will excite your senses like no other.

If you need help navigating the huge range of TVs in The Good Guys range, ask for a hand at your local store.

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