Get Loads Done with These Practical Laundry Renovation Ideas

August 31, 2020 – 4 mins read

Transform laundry day from a chore into a labour of love with a little inspiration from Kinsman and brands such as LG and Electrolux. Create the ultimate laundry setup with a Kinsman design tailored to suit your needs and style, paired with the latest features in washing machines and dryers, including energy efficiency, auto dosing and more!

Show a little laundry love

Renovating is a great time to upgrade your appliances. By choosing your appliances first you ensure that new cabinetry fits your products perfectly.

Laundry Renovation

With a range of storage solutions and expert design ideas, here’s some laundry transformation tips and tricks to help you create a functional, yet stylish space you’ll love to do your laundry in.

The first thing to consider is the size of your space. There’s plenty you can do with a small size laundry to help you maximise the space available. In an apartment or unit, a European-inspired laundry will conceal your appliances in a cupboard behind bi-fold doors. Whereas, a family home will benefit from ample bench space, storage and even hanging space to meet the family’s daily needs.

KINSMAN TIP: Use corners in your laundry for additional shelving or storage.

If you’re planning a renovation or build, think where you want your laundry located. It could be part of a bathroom, outdoor area or even combined within a butler’s pantry. You may find it gives you extra space in your home to utilise.

You’d be surprised how elegant a modern laundry can look. Matching your benchtop, cabinets, taps and finishes with other rooms in your home like your kitchen or bathroom can help you to create a harmonious feel throughout.

Let’s be honest, however your laundry looks, the way it works is more important. It’s one of the workhorses of your home. So the appliances you choose are crucial. Go for energy saving washers and dryers and choose the layout that suits your needs; you can stack them, place them side by side or go for a combo unit. Install some laundry shelving above whatever you choose and you’re now laundry-ready.

KINSMAN TIP: Think vertically. Plan to have shelves and laundry storage solutions above appliances to maximise your space. You could even hang a drying rack from your ceiling!

“Transform laundry day from a chore into a labour of love with a little inspiration from Kinsman and brands such as LG and Electrolux”.

How to bring joy to your laundry

Laundry Renovation

Just because the laundry is a utility room it doesn’t have to look utilitarian! In most homes the laundry room is one that gets used a lot, so make it one that you can enjoy.

Don’t get carried away with beauty at the expense of functionality. Natural light and good ventilation in a laundry space is so important. Ensure there are adequate windows and that they open enough to let in fresh air to safeguard against a build-up of moisture.

Quality appliances really bring a laundry space together, both practically, and by making an impact to the overall design of the space. Electrolux washers come with a range of innovative and sustainable features to keep your favourites looking their best. Consider intuitive AutoDose technology that takes the guess work out of washing, by automatically detecting detergent levels to adjust the washing time, meaning an energy-efficient wash cycle and unnecessary wear on fabrics. A Vapour option offers a hygienic clean which removes up to 99.9% of selected common household allergens and bacteria.

Make sure you’ve included all the laundry essentials first, like great appliances, good ventilation, lots of storage… and then make it beautiful.

Laundry tech to save you time and money

Laundry Renovation

Updating your laundry appliances comes down to three key factors – energy efficiency, latest technology and aesthetics.

Energy efficiency

Want a new washer or dryer without a price hike on your energy bill? If you’re looking for a dryer, a Heat Pump Dryer is a great option. Heat Pump Dryer’s from LG have a 9-Star Energy Rating so you use a fraction of the energy of a traditional condenser dryer.

If it’s a washer that you’re after, LG front load washers use AI Direct Drive technology to weigh the load and assess fabric softness to automatically select the optimal wash motions for thorough cleaning without unnecessary energy usage and reduced clothing wear and tear.

Handy tech

The latest washers and dryers from LG also have thoughtful technology inclusions to help save time and monitor your machine. The ThinQ™ app from LG lets you track energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional cycles via a compatible smart device. The washers TurboClean™ 360 feature also delivers the convenience of shorter wash times, requiring as little as 39 minutes to complete a half load of lightly soiled clothes for efficient water and energy usage.

Perfect pairs

For the design-focused consumer, consider a matching washer and dryer that can be either stacked or placed side by side for a visually co-ordinated laundry layout.

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be boring! Laundry renovations, as well as laundry appliance upgrades can really lift the space and make it a little more exciting. We’ve got plenty of renovation ideas on how to transform your laundry into a fun, functional and stylish space. The hardest part will be deciding which appliances you’re going to incorporate into your home.

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