Design Ideas For Your Laundry Renovation

December 7, 2023 - 7 mins read

It’s time to show your laundry a little love. With some clever thinking and space saving ideas, it’s easy to take on a laundry renovation and increase the functionality with a new design. The latest laundry appliances such as dryers and washing machines will help you to keep your whites white and your colours bright in a room that you’re proud of.

A stylish modern laundry.

Laundry Layout Ideas

You may be surprised that there are quite a few types of laundry layout that you can create. Stacked full of the latest appliances and storage ideas, their functionality allows you to create more than just a washing room. We’ll take you through a few of the popular layouts that you can create.

A white light-filled laundry.

European Style Laundry

A European style laundry is one that is tucked neatly away inside a cupboard. It’s often hidden behind bifold doors or pocket doors that disappear into a wall cavity. The trick to creating a functioning European style laundry is everything needs to be kept compact. Slim line tapware is a good place to start. A combined dryer and washer is also worth considering to save loads of space.

If you are creating your Euro laundry in a different area of the house to your existing laundry, you will need to think about the location of utilities, ventilation areas and even noise reducing insulation.

Design tip: Need to make some extra space at home? Turn your existing laundry space into a study or even a butler’s pantry by creating a European style laundry.

A galley laundry adjoins a bathroom.

Galley Laundry

A galley laundry is a slim room consisting of two parallel banks of units and shelving that forms a central corridor. Like a compact galley on a ship, it’s the perfect layout to optimise space and offers you loads of storage and work areas.

You can even create a galley laundry in spaces as small as a corridor, and instead of having shelving and appliances on both sides, on side can be the wall with handy hanging hooks and slimline shelves on it. An important thing to note when creating a galley laundry is considering where your work spaces are located. It’s a good idea to have sinks located opposite washers and dryers to help you work efficiently.

A black and white U-shaped laundry.

L Or U-Shape Laundry

You’ll love how L and U-shape laundries provide you with extra space, storage and loads of room to move around. They also allow you to add in some design touches like a hanging plant, wall prints and other items to really personalise the space.

An L-shape laundry is similar to a galley laundry where most of the appliances and cabinetry are along a wall, the long leg of the L. Around the corner on the short part of the L, appliances can be setup as well as a sink and shelving to really increase your working space.

A U-shape laundry offers you even more working room. With an extra direction to work in, consider adding extra benchtops, storage and organisers.

A washer and dryer set-up in a kitchen.

Kitchen Laundry

Combining your laundry and kitchen together is a great space-saving idea. This is because both rooms are considered ‘wet-rooms’, which allows you to keep all of your utilities in the same part of the house. A practical solution for a busy home, it gives you a chance to upgrade your existing laundry space into something else, such as a butler’s pantry or mud room.

Appliances are hidden into cabinetry or behind sliding doors, ideally matching the cabinetry style and aesthetic of the kitchen. Then when the cupboards are closed, your guests won’t even know that they’re there. A multitaskers dream, imagine putting a load of washing on while you’re cooking and never leaving the room.

Design tip: Your kitchen countertops are the perfect spot to fold clothes. Just make sure you keep all your clean washing away from any bubbling pots and pans!

A stacked washer and dryer in a small laundry.

Small Laundry Ideas

If you have a small laundry space at home, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t make it functional and elegant. A few of our favourite small laundry ideas are:

- Choose appliances that stack on top of each other. A dryer that fits neatly on top of your washing machine is a great idea.

- Don’t forget to think vertically. Hooks, shelves and organisers can really make a difference to your laundry and when placed up high, they are generally out of the way.

- If you need a small laundry design, try combining it with your kitchen. You’ll be able to keep all of the plumbing and electrical work in the same spot.

- The Good Guys has a range of small washing machines that pack plenty of punch. They are perfect for couples or small families.

What to Consider When Designing A Laundry

When designing your new laundry, there are a few things to consider. Luckily, The Good Guys are here to help. Whether it’s choosing the right appliances for your new laundry or deciding on which storage solution suits you best, we’ll break down the popular choices for you.

A washer and dryer sit side-by-side in a laundry

Front Loader Or Top Loader Washing Machine?

There are two choices when upgrading to a new washing machine; front loader or top loader.

A front loader can be cheaper over the long run and features more comprehensive settings. It’s ideal for smaller spaces and is more water and energy efficient. It runs a cycle that’s gentle on your clothes which results in shorter drying times. A top loader can be cheaper to purchase and offers you a faster wash cycle. It generally has a larger capacity and can be opened mid cycle to add in additional clothes.

Whichever one you choose, it’s important to first consider the layout of your laundry. A front loader can easily slide under benchtops, around cabinets, mounted to a wall or even be stacked on a dryer. If you need some help deciding between the two choices of washer, check out The Good Guys Washing Machine Buying Guide that outlines all your options.

A dryer with hanging space next to it for clothing.

Know the Right Dryer Size for You

When talking about dryer size, there are two things to consider. The first is the physical size of the appliance and the second is the clothing capacity the unit can take.

If you are installing your dryer into an existing space or cabinetry, make sure that you leave 2.5cm of space around the dryer for air circulation and you’ll need about 15cm at the front of the unit to allow the door to open. A washer dryer combo can also save you on loads of space within your cabinetry.

In terms of how big a dryer you need to care for your family, a family of four people needs a dryer that is rated for about 7-8.5kg. This refers to the weight of the clothes removed after drying. That size would also be suitable for drying a queen size doona or seven towels. However, if you’re a couple living in an apartment, a 4-6.5kg dryer would be perfect for your needs, such as this Electrolux 7kg Vented Dryer.

A grey-toned laundry with lots of storage space

Include Storage Space

Clean up in your laundry by creating a functional space with loads of storage. You’d be surprised with some careful planning, how easily things like shelves, cabinets, laundry baskets and even ironing boards can be stored out of sight. A mix of open shelves also helps you to show off your own style and personality with some added design elements. A good tip is that it’s important to have a top shelf to keep detergents and dangerous chemicals away from wandering little hands.

Try varying up the size of cabinets and cupboards, rather than making them a uniform height. Tall, thin cupboards can be used for a mop, broom and a vacuum and clothes hampers and cubicles are perfect for storing everything a family needs. An airing rack located high up is also a terrific idea for hanging shirts and dresses to dry from. Alternatively, make sure you have the space for a freestanding clothes airer to dry everything easily.

Create Enough Bench Space For Your Needs

There’s no point creating a fabulous new laundry, with all of the latest appliances, and then forgetting about the bench space. It’s really important to allow enough bench space for washing baskets to sit on, and so you can sort and fold clothes there without taking over the whole house.

It’s a good idea to keep the laundry sink at an end of the bench, rather than in the middle like a kitchen, to help you maximise the benchtop space in your laundry.

Design Tip: Make sure your benches are 650mm deep to give you room for a large laundry sink. It needs to be a little bigger than your kitchen sink for all of the hoses and connections they use.

In terms of materials used for laundry benches, choose a hard wearing surface that can take every load of washing that you throw at it. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look stunning as well …

Do’s And Don’ts When Designing a New Laundry Space

Here’s a few things to remember when designing a new laundry in your home.


- Storage, storage and more storage. Especially for things like an ironing board, vacuum cleaner, cleaning products and accessories.

- The more bench space the better.

- If you’ve got the space, incorporate a drying area such as a rail for shirts and dresses.

- Use vertical space as much as possible for shelving, rails and hooks.

- Get plenty of quotes for laundry renovations, including one from the Kinsman team.

- Match your kitchen or bathroom styles with similar fixtures for an even flow through your house.


- Buy appliances without doing your research on their functionality.

- Choose appliances based on their looks; the laundry is the hardest-working room in your house and everything needs to be practical.

- Choose appliances before you're happy with your design.

- Skip proper waterproofing. A laundry is the true definition of a ‘wet area’ and you need to be prepared for any situation.

Shop With The Good Guys And Build A Functional New Laundry Space

Getting the washing done won’t be such a chore after you complete your new laundry renovation or upgrade. Visit your local The Good Guys for a huge range of the latest washers, dryers and appliances. Then you’ll be on the way to creating a functional, yet stylish laundry in no time. And the Kinsman team is on hand for some design tips or any inspiration you need.

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