What Are The Best Electric Heaters In 2021?

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As the weather hits those cold temperatures, it’s time to consider what heating you have at home. The Good Guys have a great range of electric heaters that will provide you with the heat output you need to survive winter. From column heaters and ceramic heaters to the latest portable electric heaters and even electric blankets, we can help you warm up your family with the latest heaters for less.

Types Of Electric Heaters

There are a few types of electric heaters available, all with different features and benefits. We’ll break down the differences and provide you with a few suggestions too.

Convention & Panel Heaters

Convection and panel heaters work by warming the air in a room. They contain a heating element which is enclosed and a fan that blows out the warm air, so their price is generally on the more affordable side.

This Rinnai Panel Heater pumps out hot air quickly to warm up your small to medium size living spaces. Program it to start in the early morning for a nice welcome to the day.

The DeLonghi 2000W Convection Heater is portable and can be moved to where you need it the most. It can even be wall mounted and features a tip-over switch to provide you with peace of mind.

Benefits of Convention & Panel Heaters

Convection and panel heaters are a safe choice for families because of their enclosed heating elements. They also don’t heat up too much so little fingers are generally safe around them. Both styles are a fast source of heat but they aren’t the most efficient style of heater. They are perfect for switching on to warm up a cold room, rather than having on all day to heat up your whole house.

Oil Column Heaters

Oil column heaters contain oil inside them that is heated. But don’t worry – the oil isn’t burned. It circulates around the fins, warming up the outer casing. Some new models don’t even contain oil, but work on a similar principal.

You can warm up where you work or beside the couch with the EWT Cocoon Oil Column heater. With 3 simple temperature settings, it takes the chill out of your home wherever you need it to.

Benefits of Oil Column Heaters

This is the ideal style of heater to switch on for long periods of time. Cold nights will disappear with an oil column heater on all night, and they are relatively efficient in their power consumption.

Oil column heaters don’t contain an exposed heating element and their surface temperature is lower than other models which makes them safer for little fingers and pets. However, they do contain small amounts of oil so its recommended not to hang clothes or towels over them.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are a quick solution to heating a cold room. They feature a ceramic element within the unit which hot air passes by to warm up. A fan then pushes out the hot air quickly and evenly for a nice heat.

The Kambrook Personal Ceramic Heater allows you to focus hot air just where it is needed. It offers you simple temperature control and 2 heat settings so it’s easy to use.

Benefits of Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are an ideal choice for looking after your loved ones. They are portable and lightweight, which makes them ideal for older relatives during a cold winter. Importantly, they contain safety features that switch off the unit if they tip over or before they overheat. They are also cool to touch and are a lower risk fire hazard.

Radiant Heaters

If you love huddling close to a heater while watching TV or working from home, a radiant heater is for you. More a personal style of heater, the further away from the heater you are, the cooler it gets. But the warm cosy glow they give off is like sitting next to an open fire.

This Goldair Upright Radiant Heater is perfect for your next binge session on the couch. Instant heat and 3 variable settings mean that it is a great, quick source of heat.

Benefits of Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are designed to heat right next to where you place them. Working from home in your study down the hall? This is the heater for you. They are relatively inexpensive and many models can be wall mounted for your convenience.

Then most popular benefit is the type of heat they produce. Think of sitting next to an open fireplace. That warming glow can’t be beaten!

The Best Electric Heaters In 2021

Check out some of our top heater picks for winter 2021.

Best Electric Heater for Small Room

If you have limited space, or simply want to heat a single room, these are the heaters for you.

Ceramic Heaters

The Olimpia Splendid 2200W Ceramic Heater is always ready to heat your cold rooms at home in style. Its tapered, oscillating design evenly heats rooms and easily maintains your desired temperature with a minimum of fuss.

The Kambrook 2000W Ceramic Tower Heater helps you to target warm air wherever you need it. You can crank the heat with the timer for a warm burst, knowing that because it is energy efficient, you won’t be burning dollars in your wallet at the same time.

Column Heaters

Warm up a cold bedroom overnight with the DeLonghi 1500W Column Heater. Utilise the 24 hour timer to warm rooms when you need them, knowing that it is safe enough to produce an even heat without constant supervision.

The Dimplex Oil Free Column Heater is ideal for families who need to warm up bedrooms or play rooms – without having to worry about small hands touching hot appliances. Sit next to it to enjoy the warm, radiant heat that it produces.

Best Electric Heater for Large Room

If you’re looking to warm up large spaces over the cold winter months, these are our top electric heater picks.

Convection & Panel Heaters

Whether you choose to use this as a portable heater or mount it to a wall, the DeLonghi 2200W Panel Heater has got you and your family covered on the cold winter nights. A simple to use heater, it features a 24 hr timer, 3 heat settings and an Eco Plus function that controls the amount of power that it uses.

Circle heat gently, efficiently and quietly with the patented technology of the Noirot Panel Heater. It doesn’t feature a fan so it is silent compared with most other heaters, also making it asthma and allergy friendly by not sending dust particles into the air. Whether you wall-mount it or wheel it from room to room, your family will love the even heat it provides you.

“Convection and panel heaters are a safe choice for families because of their enclosed heating elements”

Best Portable Electric Heater

For warming heat on the move, check out our top portable electric heaters.

Fan or Radiant Heaters

Take the warmth with you wherever you go with the Kambrook Upright Fan Heater. With an oscillating design, it can warm up where you’re sitting with an even spread of heat. Even campers will love this unit to warm up the caravan on a cold camping night.

For the ultimate warm style statement, the Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater can’t be beat. It’s black/nickel design is what you’d expect from a high-end Dyson product, as it offers you a strong cooling or heating performance all year round. With a safe, bladeless design, it’s the most elegant way to stay warm this winter.

How To Choose The Best Electric Heater

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your next electric heater.

Room Size

Small enclosed spaces are perfect for electric heaters, anything up to 40 square metres. They will work efficiently and quickly to heat rooms such as a bathroom, bedroom or loungeroom that isn’t open to the rest of the house. Larger rooms require a more efficient heater such as a gas heater.

Heat Output

The heat output you require from an electric heater depends on the size of the room you want to heat. A 1000W heater is fine for small rooms measuring about 10 square metres. Larger rooms require an electric heater that provides 1500-2000W of power.


Many modern electric heaters feature a 24hr timer, that switches the unit on and off when needed. It’s the perfect feature to warm up your house in the morning before you wake up, or for keeping a bedroom warm on a cold winter night.


The costs vary between the styles of heater and how much they cost to run. Generally under normal working conditions, an oil column heater is the cheapest style of electric heater to run. They are followed by panel heaters and then lastly fan heaters.

The running costs reflect the standard prices of the units as well, where fan heaters are generally the least expensive option to purchase.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, there isn’t a noticeable difference between the different styles of electric heater.

Something to keep in mind is that if you have a ceiling fan in the room that you’re heating, switching it to ‘winter’ mode and having it on while you heat will help you to distribute the warm air evenly throughout your home.


Most electric heaters feature safety settings that also provide you with peace of mind. Look for some of the following:

  • Thermal cut-out or switch: This switches the heater off if it overheats.
  • Tilt switch: This turns the heater off if it tilts over, preventing the chance of a fire.
  • Automatic shut off functionality: This turns a heater off after it’s been left on for an extended period of time.
  • Drip protection: This protects the heater from water dripping onto it and ruining the electrics.

How Much Energy Does a Heater Use?

Energy efficiency is important in an appliance that can be used for months on end. As a general rule, ceramic heaters hold their heat better than metal ones. Heaters with fans are more effective than ones without fans. Check out our handy table to see the energy usage for each heater:

How much electricity do they use?
Energy Fan heater Oil column heater Panel heater
Typical heat output (kWh) 2100 2400 2100
Energy consumption kW/hour 2.1 1.91 2.01
3 months winter use (kW) 1588 1444 1520

What is The Most Energy Efficient Electric Heater?

Whilst it differs between different brands and model, oil column electric heaters are the most energy efficient. Their radiant heat style uses less power, and is delightful to sit next to on a cold winter night.

Find your Ideal Electric Heater with The Good Guys

With the right choice of electric heater for your home from your local The Good Guys store, you will be all set to enjoy winter without the chills.

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