Warm Welcome: Best Heaters For Staying Cosy 

April 26, 2024 - 4 min read 

Is your home starting to feel like a fridge inside? Now is the time to sort out your home heating so you can keep the cold at bay this winter. To help you find the right heater for the job, we asked our seasonal expert Scott Bazley for a run-down on the latest heating solutions, plus the hot features you’ll want to stay toasty warm for less.  

Whether you’re looking for a whisper-quiet panel heater to thaw your home office, a stylish air purifier that can heat and clean the air, or a safety-minded ceramic heater to keep things cosy in the bedroom all night, there’s a perfect house-warming hero for any space. So let’s meet the heaters!

First up, electric heaters

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Which Electric Heater Is Right For You?

“Portable and lightweight, electric heaters come in several different types and are an easy and affordable way to enjoy delicious warmth in an instant,” says Scott Bazley. “Their plug-in-and-go convenience makes them ideal for renters and those living in smaller spaces.”

Convection And Panel Heaters

Convection heaters and panel heaters use an enclosed heating element and fan to heat and blow warm air into the room and are generally an affordable heating option. 

“Because of their enclosed heating elements, convection heaters and panel heaters don’t heat up too much, making them a safe choice for families with little fingers to protect,” says Scott.

“Both styles are a fast source of heat but they aren’t the most efficient style of heater, so they’re perfect for switching on to warm up a cold room – rather than having them on all day to heat up your whole house.”

Got a snug space to warm?

“Panel heaters are a great space-saving option as they feature a low profile and can be wall mounted to keep your floors and walkways clear,” says Scott.

Hot Panel Heater Buys

Want to take the edge off cold rooms before you get home? Easy. Set the 24-hour programmable timer on the Rinnai 1500W Panel Heater to turn on early and warm up small-to-medium spaces fast and evenly with the perforated vent design.

Work from home in peace all winter with the discreet Noirot 2000W Spot Plus Panel Heater – it runs without a fan to thaw frosty fingers and toes quietly. As it won’t send dust particles into the air, it’s also an ideal pick for those with asthma or allergies.

Panel heaters

Oil Column Heaters

Oil column heaters contain heated oil that circulates around the fins, warming up the outer casing. Some new models don’t contain oil but work on a similar principle.

“Oil column heaters are the ideal style of heater to switch on for long periods of time because there’s no exposed heating element and they’re relatively efficient in their power consumption,” says Scott.

Hot Column Heater Buy

Great for creating long-lasting heat in larger areas such as lounge rooms, the DeLonghi 2400W Dragon 4 Oil Column Heater w/Timer has a chimney design to boost heat flow, and castors so you can easily move the heat to wherever it’s needed.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters work by heating a built-in ceramic element that absorbs then radiates heat for fast and even warmth.

“Ceramic heaters are perfect for spot heating and come with important safety features that switch off the unit if it tips over or before it overheats. They are also cool to touch so are safe for households with small children and pets,” says Scott.

Hot Ceramic Heater Buy

With an oscillating fan to spread heat fast and evenly, and an auto shut-off function to prevent overheating, the Dimplex 2kW Tall Ceramic Heater is perfect for keeping you snug in the bedroom all winter. It will make a stylish addition to your boudoir too!

Oil and ceramic heaters

Radiant Heaters

If you love huddling close to a heater while watching TV or working from home, a radiant heater is for you.

“More a personal style of heater, the further away from a radiant heater you are, the cooler it gets. But the warm, cosy glow they give off is like sitting next to an open fire,” says Scott.

Enjoy Warm, Fresh Air Everywhere With An Air Purifier

Winter’s closed windows can lead to stale, stuffy air. Freshen up and enjoy purified, heated air in any chilly room with one of the latest intelligent Dyson heaters that clear the air of nasties while keeping you cosy.

Hot Air Purifier Buy

Delivering medical-grade air filtration, the stylish Dyson HP07 Hot+Cool removes unwanted odours, as well as those microscopic culprits that can cause respiratory health issues. Get real-time air quality reports and control the temperature from anywhere via an app on your smartphone.

Dyson hot cool fan

How To Choose The Best Electric Heater For Your Home

Shopping for a new electric heater? Here are a few things to consider…

Room Size

Small, enclosed spaces of up to 40sqm suit electric heaters. They’ll work efficiently and quickly to heat rooms such as a bathroom, bedroom or lounge that isn’t open to the rest of the home.

Heat Output

The heat output you require from an electric heater depends on the size of the room you want to heat. A 1000W heater is fine for small rooms measuring about 10sqm. Larger rooms will need an electric heater that provides 1500W to 2000W of power.


Look for an electric heater model with a 24-hour timer that switches the unit on and off when needed. It’s the perfect feature to warm up your house in the morning before you wake up, or for keeping a bedroom toasty on a cold winter’s night.


Most modern electric heaters feature safety settings for your peace of mind. Look for some of the following:

Thermal cut-out or switch: Switches the heater off if it overheats.

Tilt switch: Turns the heater off if it tilts over to prevent fire hazards.

Automatic shut-off: Turns the heater off after it’s been left on for long periods.

Drip protection: Protects the heater from water dripping onto it and ruining the electrics.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, there isn’t a noticeable difference between the different styles of electric heater.

“Something to keep in mind if you have a ceiling fan in the room you’re heating is to switch the fan to ‘winter’ mode and have it on while you heat – this will help distribute the warm air more evenly so your heater doesn’t have to work as hard,” says Scott Bazley.

“Something to keep in mind if you have a ceiling fan in the room you’re heating is to switch the fan to ‘winter’ mode and have it on while you heat” says Scott Bazley.

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort With A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Prefer an all-in-one heating and cooling solution? Reverse cycle air conditioners are your ticket to perfect climate control at home, in any season. In winter, they bring the heat, drawing it in from outside. And come summer, they pump refrigerated air into the room  so you stay cool as a cucumber.

Is energy efficiency a priority? 

“Reverse cycle split system air conditioners with inverter technology are the most energy efficient models, thanks to their ability to regulate temperature without starting or stopping,” says Scott.

Find Your Ideal Heater At The Good Guys

Want to stay warm as toast this winter with one of The Good Guys heaters? Visit us online or in-store and let our friendly experts help you choose the best electric heater or heating solution for your home.


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