Your home is your haven so making sure it’s a safe
place should be top priority. From wireless security cameras to video doorbells , here’s everything you
need to know to keep your family safe and sound.

Why You Need Smart
Home Security

Phone icon with security app on screen.

Remote Access

Control your home easily, whether
on the go with your phone or
conveniently with your smart hub.

Tool icon for simple setup.

Simple Set Up

​Install your home security in an
instant with no fuss setups for most

Icon of security camera on navy background.

Peace of Mind

​Easily monitor your security
cameras, no matter how far away
you are.

Icon of security system communicating with smart phone app.

Never Miss A Thing

​With the right video doorbell,
you’ll never miss a caller or
delivery again.

Let's Talk Tech

Eufy Security Camera set up at the front of a white and blue house.

Camera Ready

​Wireless security cameras can be used individually or as part of a multiple-camera set-up. Connect it by Wi-Fi, cable, or a mix of both!

Light and security camera system.

Kit It Out

​Be fully covered with a smart home security kit. Most kits include wireless tech that can connect to multiple cameras which stream to your device.

Woman and daughter press secure doorbell.

Saved By The Bell

​See, hear and speak with visitors from anywhere with a video doorbell. It lets you stay conveniently connected to home—no matter where you are.

Man checks on his home through his smartphone security app.

Smart Control

​Set up a savvy system of connected cameras to flick between various live streams on your clever app.

Ring camera with night vision on.

Night Vision

​Security cameras never stop, even at night. With motion-activated tech and crisp imagery, you can really get a good look at things.

Golden retriever sitting on couch.

Peek On Pets

​Cameras don’t just catch offenders – they catch sight of wagging tails and whiskers too. With a security camera, you’ll also have the perfect pet camera.

Smart Home Security Glossary

We’ll break down all the tech talk and
acronyms that you need to know.

Cloud Storage

A type of storage that saves your videos behind usernames, passwords, and encryption on a secure server.

Motion Sensors

An electronic feature that uses a sensor to detect nearby people or objects. They’re an important element of any security system. When a sensor detects motion, it will send an alert to your security system, even right to your mobile phone.

Smart Hub

Hardware or software that provides convenient master control for smart devices in your home.

Security Kit

The group of security devices that are linked together for a perfect set up.

Remote Monitoring

Feature that allows you to check in via your security system from anywhere.

Night Vision Capabilities

The ability to see in low light conditions

Two-Way Audio

Handy feature that allows users to speak and listen directly through high-definition video cameras.

What Real Customers Have To Say About Smart Home Security

TP Link Tapo Wi-Fi Camera

James's Customer Review

"Excellent quality camera for price, very easy to setup and use, and works well. Video clarity and resolution is perfect for in home surveillance and security. Highly recommend."

Ring Video Doorbell

Sue's Customer Review

"Extremely happy with this product. Easy to install and operate. Peace of mind with easy viewing of the front door and yard from my phone. Activity is recorded but does require a subscription."

Ring Stick Up Cam

Mikes's Customer Review

"Wanted a camera that would give clear images with no hassles. These battery operated cameras were so easy to install and get working. I am really impressed with the power usage by these cameras."

Swann 6 Camera 2TB 4K DVR

Adam's Customer Review

"Easy to navigate and install the loghts at night are super bright and turns the image from black and white to colour. Siren is loud which is another great feature. The best part is you can tailor all the cameras."

Eufy 2C Pro 2K Security System

Kellee's Customer Review

"Very Happy! We received a recommendation and so glad we followed through. Super easy to install and to navigate the app. The picture and sound quality is brilliant."

Connect SmartHome Smart 360

Sue's Customer Review

"Very clear during the day and night. Love that you can talk through it on my phone especially when my dog is up to no good. Easy setup Going to buy another one for my office."

Eufy Cam 2 Pro Security System

Brent's Customer Review

"Very impressed by the product and thought it was excellent value. After a incident we decided to purchase for use in our home, the setup and install was a breeze, all we needed was a hammer drill."

Eufy Security Eufycam 3

Jordan's Customer Review

"The Eufycam has become a staple in my house now, the charge lasts for ages depending on how much motion it picks up, and the new integrated AI ability to determine if its a vehicle, animal or person."

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Keep Your Parcels Safe

Protect your deliveries, property and loved ones with the latest home security gadgets.

Woman and daughter ring secure doorbell.

Secure Your Home

DHere are five compelling reasons to give your property the protection it deserves.

Smart Home Security FAQs

How to install security cameras?

Most cameras these days are not only easy to install, but also designed to be as pain-free as possible. Here are the basic steps to install your security camera.

Ready to install your home security camera? Here’s how:

  1. Plan placement - Map out your priority areas and the angles where you want to place your cameras. Each location should have a clear line of sight and, ideally, some protection from the elements. If you’re installing a wired camera, it also needs access to a power source, so you may need to drill a hole in the wall.
  2. Prep camera mount - Many cameras come with drill templates to help you place holes correctly. Using the template, drill holes at the indicator for the mounting screws, and install any mounting pins by tapping lightly with a hammer. Then, you’ll be ready to screw the camera mount into your wall securely.
  3. Install your camera - Secure the camera onto the mount and adjust it to the desired angle. If you have a wireless camera that requires batteries, install them first. However, if the camera is part of a hardwired security system, connect the cable extending from the wall to the camera before securing the camera in the mount.
  4. Download the app - We often scroll through social media, but now, we scroll through different livestreams of our home! Most smart security cameras have apps that enable you to control the device remotely or to get livestreams of footage if you are out of town. Simply download the app and install it onto your mobile device.
  5. Add your device to Wi-Fi - Once you’ve downloaded the software and app, follow the instructions to add the camera as a device on your Wi-Fi network, if it’s Wi-Fi-connected.
  6. Test it out - Be sure to check out your video feeds and make any required changes to the positioning – you want it to capture the most optimal angles!

Do security cameras record sound?

Yes, most modern cameras come with built-in microphones, which they use to capture audio while recording video footage.

Traditional surveillance camera systems typically don’t have a microphone, so they do not record sound. However, with many of the latest home security cameras not only do you have sound but two-way audio which uses a camera's built-in speaker like an intercom so you can talk with people.

How do video doorbells work?

Just like security cameras, video doorbells capture video, day and night, and audio through a speaker and microphone. Here’s how …

A video doorbell offers two primary features: convenience and security. Here’s how they work:

Video doorbells consist of a ringer and an internet-connected camera. This device is either battery-operated or connected to a traditional doorbell’s wiring.

The camera activates when someone pushes the doorbell. If you’re home, you’ll hear the doorbell sound. If not, the camera transmits a signal to your mobile or desktop app that shows you who’s at the door.

Since the device is internet-enabled, you can be miles away from your home, and you’ll still know when someone comes to the door.