SERVICES Antenna Point Install F-Type To Existing Antenna

There are certain times you dont want to be at the mercy of a bad signal. Like just before kick-off, or in the dramatic ending to the season finale. Now that youre upgrading to an F-Type antenna point, you can keep your viewing uninterrupted. Just leave it to The Good Guys Home Services and our professional installers will pick up ...more

Technical Specs +

Delivery: Yes
Unboxing: Yes
Product Inspection: Yes
Disconnection of old appliance: Yes
Installation: New Installation
Testing: Yes
Demonstration: Yes
Clean Up: Job related debris removed
Removal of old appliances: No
Compliance Certification: Job safety analysis
Not included: Travel beyond 30km from store of purchase, component connection cables , additional cable or connections over & above the included limit, conduit, installation or relocation of a power point, additional time to complete TV updates

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