Samsung Activ DualWash™ washer
Samsung Brand

Get loads done with a Samsung Activ DualWash™ washer

This revolutionary top load washer has a built-in sink for pre-treating stains so you can soak, scrub then slide laundry straight into the drum.

Pre-treat with Samsung Activ DualWash

The all-in-one, easy way to pre-treat and powerfully wash

Pre-treat and wash
in 4 easy steps

Samsung Activ DualWash™ washers feature a built-in pre-treatment sink to hand-wash delicate items and target stains on your garments. When you're done soaking or scrubbing, simply lift the lid and drop garments in for one seamless process.

Treat stains

1. Treat stains

Use a stick or spray on stains.

Soak in washer sink

2. Soak

Let it soak in the washer sink.

Scrub stains

3. Scrub

Gently scrub stains after soaking.

Drop into the drum

4. Drop

Lift to empty into the drum then wash.

11 year motor parts warranty

Lasting Washing Performance

The Digital Inverter Motor gives you long-lasting performance and an 11-year motor parts warranty.

Magic filters

Lint Magic

Two large Magic Filters remove laundry fluff, lint and other pesky particles from the drum.

LED touch control panel

Easy Touch Control

The LED touch control panel is sleek, intuitive and in the middle of the lid so it’s easy to reach.

Samsung Smart Washer troubleshooting app

Troubleshooting App

Smart Check technology detects errors and makes troubleshooting with the Samsung Smart Washer app easy.

Eco tub clean cycle

Eco Tub Clean Cycle

Every 20 washes you’re reminded to do an Eco Tub Clean cycle to keep it clean without using any chemicals.

Built-in heater

Built-In Heater

The built-in heater increases the water temperature for the deep-cleaning 40 and 60-degree cycles.

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Activ DualWash Feature
11 Year Parts Warranty
Energy Rating
WELS Water Rating
No. of Programs
Control Panel
Detergent dispenser
Soft Close Lid
Smart Check
Samsung 10kg Top Load Washer

Samsung 10kg Top Load Washer

10kg washer
2.5 star
2.5 star
Jog dial with graphic LED
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Mid control LED