TV Stand & Wall Mount Buying Guide

Buying a TV can be a big investment, but once you’ve made your choice you will still need to consider whether you want to opt for a TV stand or a TV wall bracket. Here is our TV stand and wall bracket buyers guide to give you an idea of the benefits of these two options.

1. Types of Wall Mounts

Wall brackets are becoming an increasingly popular option for people who want to save space in their home, yet still have their television taking pride of place. The first consideration when buying a TV wall bracket is your preferred type. To make the different wall bracket types easily identifiable The Good Guys have assigned each type of bracket with a colour code on the box, listed below.

Full-motion - Red

Allows your TV to be pulled away from the wall and tilted to enable easy viewing from multiple angles

Tilt - Orange

Best suited for mounted TVs above eye level, these brackets offer tilting to avoid screen glare

Fixed - Green

Most suitable for when you have a dedicated viewing area and eye level is at the centre of the screen when sitting down


For those who prefer an extremely low-profile TV wall bracket

Again, be aware of how much space you have to work with and buy a wall bracket that will fit your TV and home accordingly. Importantly, you will also need to match the weight of your TV to your chosen wall bracket to ensure it can cope with the strain.

2. TV Stands

If your household has a variety of home entertainment technologies, then a TV stand might be more suitable for your current setup. They offer additional housing space for Blu-ray players, digital set-top boxes, games consoles and other gadgets. When thinking about how to choose a TV stand, you’ll want to assess not only the design, but the size – making sure it is big enough to fit the space available in your home. Don’t forget to match the TV stand size to the dimensions of your TV too!

3. Remember to read the manual

Installation and assembly instructions should come with whichever product you buy, but if you decide to fit a wall bracket on your own, be sure to read the manual carefully when tackling plasterboard walls.

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