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Earn $25-$150 Storecash on eligible Hoover Products
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Wash & Vacuum In One

Want to revolutionise your hard floor cleaning routine? Meet Hoover's ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner, featuring a dual edge brush roll design for edge to edge cleaning!

Woman using Hoover SmartWash to clean carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

Powerful deep cleaning. As easy as vacuuming. Hoover's SmartWash makes carpet cleaning simple! Push forward to wash, pull back to dry - hello clean carpets.

Clean Anywhere

Say goodbye to stains and hello to a spotlessly clean home with the ONEPWR CleanSlate Pet Cordless Spot Cleaner. This portable and cordless powerhouse erases tough stains with ease.

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New Hoover Vacuum mop in action.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover's Vacuum Cleaners will revolutionise your cleaning routine. The ONEPWR Evolve Pet Elite Cordless Vacuum's Tangle Guard brush bar helps prevent hair wrap for a hassle-free clean. Plus, experience uninterrupted cleaning with the ONEPWR interchangeable battery system.

Hoover SmartWash in action.

Hoover Carpet & Spot Washers

Floor stains have met their match with the power of Hoover Carpet Cleaners. Delivering professional results at your fingertips, learn more about the ONEPWR CleanSlate Pet, SmartWash, PowerDash, CleanState SpotWasher and PowerScrub XL ranges.

Woman cleans home with Hoover Hard Floor cleaner.

Hoover Hard Floor Cleaners

Hoover's ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner lets you wash and vacuum in one simple step. Revolutionise your hard floor cleaning routine with ease and confidence.

A Hoover cleaning solution next to a Hoover carpet cleaner

Hoover Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions you can trust, Hoover's range of cleaning solutions are here to keep your home looking spotless. From pet stains, to tough stains and deep stains, no matter what the stain is, Hoover has the solution for you.

A person puts their Hoover ONEPWR battery on charge in their laundry.

Hoover Accessories

No cords mean no hassles! The ONEPWR battery system and Dual Charger is here to take your vacuum cleaning game to the next level! The Lithium Battery system will provide a better run time, more reliability and better performance to help make the chore of vacuuming that bit easier.

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A father vacuums up his dog's spilled kibble while his young son watches.

About Hoover

For over 100 years, Hoover has been a household icon and a trusted brand for families. As a leader in floorcare, Hoover pride themselves on designing powerful, easy-to-use products to help keep your home clean with ease.

Discover Hoover's range of Carpet Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners, Solutions and Accessories online and in store at The Good Guys.

Hoover's Innovative Vacuums: Powerful Cleaning Solutions

Hoover offers a wide range of powerful and innovative vacuum cleaners for every cleaning need. With high-quality components and easy maintenance through accessories like vacuum bags and filters, a Hoover vacuum is a worthwhile investment that makes cleaning effortless.

Does Hoover make good vacuum cleaners?

Hoover is a trusted brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners, with years of experience within the cleaning industry. With a wide range of options across Hoover Stick Vacuums, and Hoover Pet Vacuums, Hoover has something for every cleaning need.


Their vacuums are designed with powerful suction and innovative features that make cleaning a breeze. For example, many Hoover Vacuum Cleaners come with HEPA filtration to trap tiny particles, helping you breathe easier. Hoover vacuums don’t just provide excellent suction power - they also about great user convenience! That's why Hoover offers hoover vacuum charging stands for easy maneuverability and additional hoover vacuum batteries for ultimate freedom.


At The Good Guys, we're big fans of Hoover because their vacuums are built to last, with high-quality components and easy maintenance. Just be sure to stock up on hoover vacuum attachments and hoover vacuum filters to keep your machine running smoothly. Trust us, a Hoover vacuum is a worthwhile investment that'll make cleaning a whole lot easier (and maybe even a bit fun!).

What vacuums do Hoover make?

When it comes to vacuums, Hoover has you covered with a diverse range of options to suit every cleaning need. From classic hoover pet vacuums to modern hoover stick vacuums, Hoover has something for every home.


No matter which hoover vacuums you choose, you can trust in their powerful suction and innovative features. Many models come equipped with HEPA filtration to trap tiny particles, ensuring a healthier home environment. And when it's time for maintenance, The Good Guys has you covered with a wide selection of hoover vacuum filters to keep your vacuum operating at its best capacity.


So, whether you're tackling a big cleaning job or just need a quick tidy-up, Hoover has a vacuum that'll make the task a breeze. Trust us, with a Hoover vacuum in your home, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!"