Anyone who has tried to knock up a batch of rice will know that it can be a tricky task, resulting in a final product that
is sometimes soggy or undercooked. A good rice cooker can make life easier, here are some top tips on how to buy a
rice cooker that can make perfect rice every time.

What To Look For
When Buying A Rice Cooker

Batch Size

Rice cookers have different pan sizes to determine how much rice can be completed in a single batch. When looking at capacity, remember that the figures quoted often refer to uncooked rice, but rice tends to double in size when cooked. This means a 5 cup model will actually produce 10 cups of cooked rice in each batch.

Easy To Clean

An important feature of any rice cooker is non-stick coating on the pan, which makes it much easier to clean and maintain. Inexpensive models come with a plastic or aluminium shell, while pricier products often have durable stainless steel for more damage resistance.

Fuzzy Logic Technology

There are various types of rice cooker, ranging from simple on/off models all the way up to advanced fuzzy logic technology appliances. If you are simply looking to cook the occasional batch of rice, then an on/off cooker should be more than enough. However, fuzzy logic technology allows you to select a range of different programmable settings.

More Tips For
Choosing A Rice Cooker

Cooking Brown Rice, Sushi and Soup

Cooking brown rice or rice for sushi and soup is a task for a fuzzy logic cooker. Not only can you choose different rice texture settings – such as soft or firm – the technology involves computer chips to adjust cooking time and temperature as needed.

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