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Must-Have Appliance

Panasonic Convection Microwaves combine microwave capabilities with convection oven advancements. Select from a range of cooking modes available to create delicious meals in your home.

Panasonic Microwave

This stylish Panasonic microwave oven is ideal for big families, designed to handle large dishes, plates and bowls, making it ideal for cooking or reheating pasta bakes, roasts and more!

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Panasonic Microwaves  | The Good Guys

Panasonic Microwaves

With Panasonic's range of microwave ovens, cooking delicious food has never been so enjoyable and easy. Discover our range of Panasonic Convection Microwaves, Flatbed Invertor Microwaves, Invertor Microwaves & Invertor Sensor Microwaves.

Panasonic Air Conditioners | The Good Guys

Panasonic Air Conditioners

Enjoy ultimate comfort all year round with Panasonic Air Conditioners. Panasonic Reverse Cycle Split Systems keeps you cool in the summer and warm during the winter, plus with NANOE-X and NANOE-G air purification, you’ll have your air feeling fresh.

Panasonic Home Phones | The Good Guys

Panasonic Home Phones

Explore our range of Panasonic Home Phones. Panasonic telephone's cordless design helps you connect without needing cables, making it perfect for multitasking.

Panasonic Breadmakers | The Good Guys

Panasonic Breadmakers

Enjoy deliciously soft bread and get the crust just the way you like it with Panasonic Breadmakers. You can bake multiple loaves sizes to suit you, plus, you can make jam and compote to spread on your bread.

Panasonic Audio | The Good Guys

Panasonic Audio

Discover our range of Panasonic Portable Radio's, Panasonic Digital Radio's, and for more powerful sound Panasonic Hi Fi Systems and Panasonic Soundbars with deep powerful bass.

Panasonic Ricecookers | The Good Guys

Panasonic Ricecookers

Make family dinners a whole lot easier with our range of Panasonic Ricecookers. Steam enough rice for large family dinners or just enough for a quick meal all at the touch of a button.

About Panasonic

About Panasonic

Since 1918 Panasonic have been creating products for consumers that harness advanced technology to make them a market leader in the field of consumer electronics.

Whether you're looking for a media player, heater or cooling system, audio or innovative kitchen appliance, Panasonic has a great range to choose from - available in store or online at The Good Guys.