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Kenwood Cooking Chef XL

Baking is just the beginning with the Cooking Chef XL from Kenwood, their most technologically advanced mixer yet. It features induction heating technology allowing you to control temperatures from
20-180°in 1°increments, making Cooking Chef XL perfect for performing the most delicate bakery tasks including chocolate tempering, while also getting hot enough to handle delicious stir fries. Mess-free measuring with the built-in EasyWeighscales and tap your way on the CookAssist™ touchscreen, connect with the Kenwood World App.

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Kenwood Mixers

Mix, whip, beat, stir, knead, fold - Kenwood stand mixers can do it all and so much more. From the most delicate sponge through to a fudgy chocolate brownie or dough for homemade bread, Kenwood mixers have been creating family favourites for over 50 years.

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Kenwood Food Processors

A true kitchen hero, your Kenwood food processor features a powerful motor to save you time in the kitchen by effortlessly slicing, dicing, blending, grating and pureeing through a mountain of fruit and veggies in no time.

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Kenwood Stick Mixers

Blend, puree and whip with ease with Kenwood stick mixers. Featuring easy to use controls, a powerful motor and the innovative Triblade system to help you power through even the toughest foods quicker and easier than ever.

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Kenwood Mixer Accessories

Get even more out of your Kenwood mixer. Attach an ice cream bowl, pasta cutter, spiralizer, blender, food processor or meat grinder to your Kenwood mixer and discover a world of endless cooking possibilities.

About Kenwood

About Kenwood

Kenwood appliances are much loved by professional and home chefs alike. With their sleek appearance, cutting edge food prep technology and easy-to-use features, Kenwood makes preparing your family favourites easy and enjoyable.

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