Gold Service Extras

Gold Service Extras

Like a best friend, Gold Service Extras is there for you, with support when you need it most and rewards in between. Simply add Gold Service Extras to your eligible purchase to become a Gold Service Extras Member and receive stress -free support from day one along with LOADS of exclusive EXTRAS!

The rewards are great and the competitions are awesome!

Gold Service Extras Member Lindsay, VIC

Being a Gold Service Extras Member really feels that I am being looked after and that I am important to your business and gives me the added incentive to make purchases with an extra discount. To me it’s the little things that keep me coming back.

Gold Service Extras Member Amanda, WA

Gold Service Extras Member receive great value product protection, benefits, StoreCash> and rewards. It's just plain good sense to be a Gold Service Extras Member!

Gold Service Extras Member Robert, QLD

I love the special offers and competitions, my $20 StoreCash>, and the peace of mind of my extended warranty. I have been recommending it to friends and family members as a program well worth the initial cost.

Gold Service Extras Member Angela, VIC

I get to see new products before they are in the shops and have them explained. All done in the comfort of my home. Love the competitions too.

Gold Service Extras Member Kim, NSW

Peace of mind, great rewards and excellent service.

Gold Service Extras Member Abhishek, VIC

I love being the VIP customer with special offers and competitions only offered to members.

Gold Service Extras Member Marvin, QLD

Product Care

Gold Service Extras takes the stress out of dealing with faulty products. From the moment you get your new product home, Gold Service Extras provides certainty and support through a range of benefits and inclusions ensuring you are back up and running with a working product in no time. If your product is faulty, you may be entitled to a free remedy under the manufacturer’s warranty and The Good Guys’ Minimum Voluntary Warranty (including during the period of your Gold Service Extras membership). Even if you do not purchase Gold Service Extras, you may also have rights under the Australian Consumer Law to a free remedy (even after expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty and The Good Guys’ Minimum Voluntary Warranty). For more information about The Good Guys’ Minimum Voluntary Warranty and your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, please refer to our Refunds & Warranties Guide

The summary of features below is subject to the Gold Service Extras terms and conditions.


From day one your dedicated support team will look after any product assessments or repairs, arrange replacement products, automatic reimbursements claims, and more.

Simple replacement of products $500 or less

A faulty product valued at $500 or less will be replaced so you don’t have to wait for it to be repaired. Simply call the Member Support Team to arrange for an assessment to verify the fault. Once confirmed, a replacement product will be organised for you.

Repair period

If your product repair takes longer than 20 business days from when we inspect or receive it, you’ll be eligible to have it replaced with an equivalent product. If you’d prefer to continue with a repair, you may request $100 StoreCash> instead.

In-home Repairs for Larger Items

The Member Support Team will organise a repairer to come to your home to repair large appliances. If the repair can’t be completed in your home, arrangements will be made to transport, fix, and return the product to you once the repair is completed.


If you decide to sell or give away your appliance, you can transfer the time remaining on your Gold Service Extras to the new owner at no cost. This excludes any StoreCash> and Gold Service Extras Benefits owed to you.

No Lemon

If your enrolled product requires more than two repairs during the life of your plan, we will offer you an equivalent replacement at your request.

$100 Essential Appliance StoreCash>

$100 StoreCash> is available on request if you have an essential appliance that can’t be repaired within 10 business days of the product being assessed. Available for fridges, washing machines, TVs, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, and split system air-conditioners.

Food Spoilage

A $100 Payment Card is available on request for food spoilage caused by a verified fault with your fridge.


A $100 Payment Card is available on request to cover laundry costs caused by a verified fault with your washing machine.


Gold Service Extras provides you with LOADS of BENEFITS! From $20 StoreCash> rewards throughout the year to exclusive access to Home Tested Program, our Gold Service Extras Members enjoy all the perks! See more below. The summary of benefits below is subject to the Gold Service Extras terms and conditions.

Gold Service Extras StoreCash>

Gold Service Extras Members who download a free StoreCash> Digital Wallet will be entitled to receive 3 x $20 StoreCash> amounts paid directly into their Digital Wallet every 12 months* of their plan (capped at a maximum of $180 per each 12 months, for customers with multiple Gold Service Extras memberships, including $20 Store Credits under Gold Service Extras memberships purchased prior to introduction of StoreCash>).

Gold Service Extras $20 StoreCash> amounts are sent at various times to each Gold Service Extras Member with a Digital Wallet and can be used to purchase products at The Good Guys.

StoreCash> does expires 90 days after issue – so keep an eye on your Digital Wallet.

Find out more about StoreCash> here.

30-Day Price Guarantee

If the price of your product drops at The Good Guys or an approved competitor within 30 days of purchase, Gold Service Extras members can claim back 120% of the difference as StoreCash> via the quick online claim form.

Learn More >

Get the VIP Treatment

Members will receive exclusive access to Bonus StoreCash> offers and Exclusive VIP Offers including competitions, giveaways, and member-only sales events.

12 months access to discounts on gift cards from a wide range of brands!

Members are spoilt for choice with savings available on everyday essentials and even nonessentials through Gold Service Extras Rewards. From groceries and shopping sprees to entertainment and travel, Gold Service Extras Members have 12 months access to great deals from a huge range of brands.

How to Join

Gold Service Extras can be purchased with any eligible product from The Good Guys in store or online. Gold Service Extras must be purchased at the same time as you purchase your product.


Add what you want to buy to your online shopping cart then add Gold Service Extras to your purchase when prompted.

In Store

Ask our friendly in-store team to add Gold Services Extras to your purchase.

Available Plans

3 Year Plan 5 Year Plan 7 Year Plan
Products valued at $500 or less
Products valued over $500
Split system air conditioners valued over $500