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Silent, powerful and stylish

Schweigen rangehoods powerfully extract smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen without making a sound.


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Why you
need a silent rangehood

Schweigen rangehoods | The Good Guys
Schweigen | The Good Guys

Canopy Rangehoods

form a canopy above your cooktop that gives you the most powerful extraction while you cook, and also creates a stylish feature in your kitchen. SHOP NOW >

Schweigen | The Good Guys

Undermount Rangehoods

are hidden under your head-height cabinetry, giving you sleek, minimalist kitchen style with strong suction, excellent lighting and filtration. SHOP NOW >

Schweigen | The Good Guys

Island Rangehoods

sit above an island bench with a built-in cooktop so you can chat while you cook. They can be an elegant feature, or hidden in your head-height cabinetry. SHOP NOW >

The perfect sized rangehood for your cooktop

Schweigen | The Good Guys


Rangehood is larger than
the cooktop surface area.

Schweigen | The Good Guys


Rangehood is the same size
as the cooktop surface area.

Schweigen | The Good Guys


Rangehood is smaller than
the cooktop surface area.


Discover Schweigen Rangehoods

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About Schweigen

Schweigen is Australian owned and creates exceptional kitchen appliances through innovation. Schweigen brings sleek, European designs and Australian toughness together for lasting kitchen style. Their revolutionary rangehood technology powerfully extracts cooking odours, vapours and heat from your kitchen in silence, so you can still hear each other, the TV or music while you cook. A Schweigen is also three times more energy efficient than other rangehoods, using just 62 watts of power compared to at least 180 watts.