Schweigen. The German engineered intelligent home solutions that created the silent rangehood, available at The Good Guys.

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Why You Need a
Schweigen Silent Rangehood

By placing the powerful, German engineered Isodrive® motor outside the home, airborne grease, smoke and odours are removed silently leaving your kitchen noise free so you can enjoy a conversation, hear the TV or listen to your favourite music while you cook.

Schweigen Undermount Rangehoods | The Good Guys

Schweigen Undermount Rangehoods

So quiet you’d never know there was a rangehood, Schweigen undermount rangehoods sit discretely under cabinetry or a bulkhead to give your kitchen a sleek, minimalist style and are available in 60cm, 90cm and 120cm widths.

Schweigen Canopy Rangehoods | The Good Guys

Schweigen Canopy Rangehoods

Create an eye-catching feature in your kitchen with a Schweigen canopy rangehood. Silent Schweigen canopy rangehoods are available in a wide range of widths (60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm) and stunning designs to suit every kitchen style.

Schweigen BBQ Rangehoods | The Good Guys

Schweigen BBQ Rangehoods

The finishing touch to your outdoor kitchen, a Schweigen BBQ rangehood features a weather resistant stainless-steel construction and a silent, but powerful exhaust fan to remove smoke, grease and odours while you BBQ.

Schweigen Island Rangehoods | The Good Guys

Schweigen Island Rangehoods

Designed to fall from the roof and sit above an island bench with a built-in cooktop, Schweigen silent 90cm island rangehoods can be either a striking design feature or discretely concealed behind a bulkhead.

About Schweigen | The Good Guys

About Schweigen

Silent. Powerful. Beautiful. Schweigen silent rangehoods are the quiet way to remove smoke, vapours and odours from your kitchen. Expertly combining German engineering with Australian manufacturing technology, Schweigen silent rangehoods are energy efficient and so quiet that you can easily enjoy a conversation, listen to the TV or music while you cook.

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