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Sparkle Your Water

Introducing SodaStream's Terra Sparkling Water - turn your water to a fresh sparkling beverage with just the push of a button. The perfect match for a modern kitchen - the Terra is easy to use with Quick Connect Tech.

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The SodaStream Terra in black colourway on a modern kitchen bench.

SodaStream Drink Makers

More than just your own delicious sparkling water maker
at home - SodaStream also have a mission to help save
the planet (and your money!). SodaStream drink makers
are cordless and compact, as well as stylish enough to be
left on the kitchen bench.

Full length shot of the white ART SodaStream and a fizzy orange beverage.

SodaStream Accessories

Get all the tools you need! Whether its a dash of your favourite SodaStream flavour syrup to transform your water into a taste sensation, or the convenient Quick Connect C02 cylinder with a fast, "one click" cylinder insertion that makes up to 60L * of sparkling water.

Sleek black ART SodaStream.

About SodaStream

SodaStream are one of the largest beverage companies in the world, providing around 1.5 billion litres of home-made sparkling water to homes across the globe. SodaStream is leading the revolution against bottled and canned drinks by creating a better for you and better for the planet alternative to store bought drinks.

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