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Samsung Washing Machines

Make washing and caring for your favourite clothes, fabrics and bedding easy with a Samsung washing machine. Samsung washing machines make a stylish feature in your laundry and are packed with the latest water and energy saving features as well as smart tech and sensors that remove the guesswork out of achieving perfect results with every load.

Samsung Front Load Washers | The Good Guys



Samsung front load washers feature water and energy saving features, steam cycles that remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens, and AI settings that personalise your washing by remembering your habits and suggesting the best cycles and settings.

Samsung Front Load Washers | The Good Guys


Fit loads into your Samsung top load washer. The large drum features no central agitator giving you even more room to fit large loads and bulky items. With a choice of up to 12 wash programs and water saving settings, wash day has never been easier.

Features Of Samsung
Washing Machines

AddWash™ Door

Missed an item? The AddWash™ door lets you quickly add forgotten clothing or fabric softener after the wash cycle has started. You can also add in hand-washed clothing that just needs a rinse or spin dry.

Samsung Washing Machine AddWash™ Door Feature | The Good Guys

Personalised AI Settings

The AI settings on your Samsung washer cleverly learn and remember your washing patterns to recommend the best wash program for your load. Connect to the SmartThings App for advice on cycles, remote operation and troubleshooting.

Samsung Washing Machine QuickDrive™ Feature | The Good Guys


Samsung washers with QuickDrive™ technology reduce washing time by up to 50% without sacrificing cleaning performance. The main drum and back plate rotate independently creating double the cleaning force.

Samsung Washing Machine Hygienic Steam Cycles Feature | The Good Guys

Hygienic Steam Cycles

Give your clothes a thorough, deep clean and remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, allergens and mites for a more hygienic wash. Steam is released into the drum killing the nasties while caring for your fabrics.

Samsung Washing Machine AutoDosing Technology Feature | The Good Guys

AutoDosing Technology

Remove the guesswork from washing and let your Samsung autodosing washer do the thinking for you. The clever sensors detect the level of soiling of your wash load and automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent.

Note: Check product Technical Specifications for more information.

Samsung Dryers

Complete your laundry suite with a matching Samsung dryer. Samsung heat pump dryers are smart looking, economical to operate and are gentle enough to protect delicate fabrics. The innovative Samsung Airdresser is a great way to freshen, dry and sanitise clothes, bedding and even kids toys, saving money on expensive dry cleaning.

Samsung Heat Pump Dryers | The Good Guys


Samsung heat pump dryers will become a much-loved feature of your laundry, using less energy and lower temperatures than conventional clothes dryers, in-turn saving expensive electricity and reducing the risk of shrinkage of your favourite clothes and fabrics.

Samsung Air Dresser | The Good Guys


Sanitise, freshen and gently dry even the most delicate fabrics. The powerful Jet Air system removes up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and mites, the Deodorising Filter freshens fabrics between washing, and the Wrinkle Care setting gently removes creases from clothes.

Features Of
Samsung Dryers

AI Dry

The future of drying technology is here. Samsung dryers with AI Dry use eight sensors to monitor humidity levels inside your dryer and automatically adjusts the drying time for the best results, while protecting even fine fabrics from damage.

Samsung Dryer Hygienic Drying Feature | The Good Guys

Hygienic Drying

The hygienic steam cycle on your Samsung dryer removes up to 99.9% of common bacteria and allergens while drying for an even deeper, healthier, more hygienic clean.

Samsung Dryer 9 Star Energy Rating | The Good Guys

9 Star Energy Rating

The advanced Heat Pump technology in your Samsung dryer is an A+++ rated energy system as it uses 'refrigerant' rather than electricity to heat the air and recycles warm air to help reduce energy usage and keep power costs down.

Smart Settings

Use Wi-Fi to connect your Samsung dryer to the Samsung SmartThings app. Check dryer performance, get expert recommendations on optimum drying cycles or troubleshoot all from your smartphone or tablet.

Note: Check product Technical Specifications for more information.

Samsung Washer
Dryer Combo

Samsung Washer Dryer Combo | The Good Guys


Great for apartments and smaller laundries, Samsung washer dryer combos feature a large capacity front load washer and a condenser dryer in the one unit. Packed with the latest washing and drying features and settings, this clever machine can even be activated remotely with the SmartThings App.