LG Connected Living Room

Create the stadium experience at home with LG

Combining the latest LG entertainment technology brings all the excitement of the games right into your living room, for a phenomenal stadiumesque experience in the comfort of your own home.

LG Connecting Room


Connecting all your living room technology gives you complete con trol in the palm of your hand. Enjoying a cinematic movie experience, listening to music, and sharing smartphone and online content is so much easier with an LG connected living room. It’s smart entertainment made easy.

Creating Your Connected Living Room

LG Connecting Room


Choosing your LG TV

Think about what size and type of TV suits your home and budget best. The latest OLED UHD TVs give you deep blacks and amazingly vivid colour, while 4K UHD TVs give you four times more picture quality than more affordable FHD TVs.

Learn More about the new LG OLED TV Range

LG Connecting Room


Add an LG soundbar and/or home theatre system

TVs today are so slim there’s often not enough space for quality built-in speakers. Adding a soundbar enhances your audio and is easy to set up, while a home theatre system gives you the full cinematic experience.

LG Connecting Room


Choosing an LG DVD or Blu-ray player

With a Blu-ray player you can watch high definition Blu-ray movies and TV shows, and some models have a built-in hard drive that can record while you watch something else. DVD players are a more affordable option.

  • LG DVD Player LG DVD Player
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    of $4.80
  • LG Blu-ray Player LG Blu-ray Player
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    10 payments
    of $10.80
LG Connecting Room


Add an LG Smart Phone

The LG Music Flow Player app, smartphone stylus pen and built-in DAB and digital radio give you easy entertainment control, and you can share content from your LG Smartphone

Other Considerations

Consider TV Installation with Concierge

LG Connected Room

Finance options available

LG Connected Room

Learn more about the new LG OLED Range

LG Connected Room