Style, Smarts, Savings: Why You Need The Best-Yet LG WashTower

March 27, 2024 - 3 min read 

Everyone’s favourite laundry legend, the LG WashTower, has raised the bar again. Just when you thought they couldn’t improve on perfection, the innovators at LG have released a stylish WashTower with a slimline design and your choice of top-trending colours. Loaded with style and substance, this washer dryer combo is the perfect excuse for that laundry makeover you've been dreaming of.

“The latest LG WashTower is not only more compact, but also makes doing laundry a breeze. It’s packed with smart sensors so clever that it can work out the best cycle for your load, ensuring your clothes receive the care they deserve without the guesswork,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry.

Here are 8 reasons why the LG WashTower from LG Australia is the lust-have appliance you need to take the weight off wash days forever.

New small LG WashTower in all black.
“The latest LG WashTower is not only more compact, but also makes doing laundry a breeze. It’s packed with smart sensors so clever that it can work out the best cycle for your load” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry.

#1 Style

Dreaming of a washing machine and dryer combo that’s as stylish as it is functional? The latest LG WashTower is your one-stop washday warrior that’s every bit as fierce as it looks. With two striking colour schemes to choose from, this two-in-one workhorse will instantly update any laundry design. Love a bold modern look? Go for the classy, black-on-black steel finish. Prefer a more nature-inspired vibe? Be one of the first to snap up the fresh new forest green and beige combo.

#2 Design

Want your laundry space to work harder for you (and those eternal loads)? Let the 12kg-9kg LG WashTower maximise your laundry room efficiencies. It has all the same amazing features as the original 17kg-10kg model, but with a practical, smaller footprint. With the LG washing machine and LG dryer conveniently stacked on top of each other, you’ll also have more space in your laundry for storage or folding clothes. This sought-after, do-it-all laundry appliance also features a centralised control panel for super easy operations.

#3 Smarts

Tired of playing ‘Which cycle lotto’? The WashTower’s Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AIDD) technology means it can take on the job for you and assess the weight and fabric softness of each load to determine the best cycle for optimal cleaning and clothing care.

“Not only is the LG WashTower a laundry style statement, it’s also got all the latest smart tech to help you whiz through your washing routine faster,” says Peter Simic. “In addition to AIDD, the Smart Pairing function means the dryer cycle is automatically set based on the last load in the washing machine.”

Always on the go? This LG ThinQ washing machine model is Wi-Fi connected so you can start or monitor your load’s progress remotely using the ThinQ app on your smart device. It will also alert you to any issues or maintenance requirements (like cleaning the filter).

New LG smaller WashTower in stunning new colourway that is green and cream.

#4 Energy Efficiency

The LG WashTower continues to impress. Boasting a 9-star energy rating  for its heat dryer, along with a 5-star wash energy rating, this high-tech LG washer dryer combo could save you money on your energy bills, while being kind to the environment (double win!).

#5 Steam Clean

Want to give your clothes a quick refresh or blitz wrinkles so you can save time ironing? Throw on the SteamFresh cycle – it gently removes dirt, odours and creases in 20 minutes.

For a longer, more thorough steam clean, the Allergiene option removes common household allergens and even sterilises your clothes and bedding. Best of all, steam cycles conserve water

#6 Time-Saving

Who has time to wait for the load of washing to finish when there’s work or soccer practice to get to? LG WashTower’s super-speedy cycles get the laundry done faster – leaving more time for the finer things in life. Go for the 2-minute Rapid Wash cycle, or the TurboClean 360° setting, which can polish off a 2kg load in just 39 minutes.

#7 Bulk Loads

Doing laundry when you have kids can feel like a full-time job. Thankfully, LG WashTower’s large 12kg capacity washer and 9kg dryer make light work of those endless piles. Never has juggling housework with a packed schedule been so easy.

#8 Fab Features

If you’ve ever wondered what LG stands for, it means Life’s Good – and it one hundred percent will be with the latest LG WashTower in your laundry basket. That’s because along with everything else, the geniuses at LG have also thrown in a bunch of bonus features sure to come in extra handy, including delay start and the top rating ‘add item’ function for that rogue sock that always turns up after you’ve hit start.

Looking to upskill your laundry? Visit The Good Guys either in-store or online to add this life-changing LG WashTower to your household. Or discover more from the LG laundry range with our handy buying guide.

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