Trade Secrets: Top 5 TV Trends

March 5, 2024 - 3 min read

In the market for a whiz-bang new TV to rev up your home viewing? Unless you are a total tech nerd – or have already done a deep dive into the latest home entertainment trends – you may well be feeling a little overwhelmed by your options, not to mention all that tech talk! OLED vs. QLED? Built-in soundbar or surround sound speakers

You need someone to cut through the noise – and who better than our home entertainment experts who live and breathe the latest innovations in TV Land! 

Rear view of mum, dad and child watching TV at home on the couch.

“Today’s thrilling TV tech has utterly transformed home viewing,” says John Milonas, The Good Guys Buyer – Televisions. “TVs last year had bigger screens, slimmer bezels and higher definition so everyone could have that perfect movie-viewing experience at home. This year the future is even brighter – literally – because brightness is the next big frontier in TV technology. Brighter TVs mean better quality HDR pictures, and thus better textures.

“That said, it’s important to do your homework before you upgrade your TV. After all, this big-ticket buy will be one of the busiest appliances in your household.”

To help with that quest, John Milonas reveals the cutting-edge TV tech he personally rates highest, along with his pick for the top TV; while our audio buyer Christos Boukogiannis spotlights the hot sound tech you need for epic at-home entertainment. 

Trend #1: Ultra-Realistic Viewing

Why you want it: “When first introduced, 4K and, later, 8K HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures were absolute game changers as this technology meant you could have a bigger, more realistic picture at home,” says John Milonas. “Now, display technology is getting even better and more affordable, so more people can feel like they’re in the game, or that those characters are right there in the room with them.”

Best buy: Sony 75" X85L 4K BRAVIA Full Array LED Google TV 23

Best buy: Hisense 65" U8KAU 4K ULED Mini-LED Pro QLED Smart TV 23

Product image of the Hisense 65" U8KAU 4K ULED Mini-LED Pro QLED Smart TV 23

Trend #2:  Smarter TVs That Elevate Streaming Content

Why you want one: “One of the biggest trends in smart TVs is the blurring of the line between free-to-air channels, streaming apps and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs from devices like gaming consoles and soundbars,” says John Milonas. “Smart TVs now treat all three content types with equal weight, making it easier for you to find the content you want, when you want it.”

Best buy: Samsung 75" QN85C 4K Neo QLED Smart TV 23

Samsung 75" QN85C 4K Neo QLED Smart TV 23

Trend #3: Powerful UHD For Stunning Picture
Why you want one: There’s something impressive about elevating your home entertainment with an Ultra High-Definition (UHD) screen. The latest UHD TVs deliver rich detail and vibrant clarity to really immerse you in the action. They also include sleek designs and clever technology so every movie night will be magical.

Best buy: LG 75" UR8050 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Best buy: LG 86" UR8050 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Product image of the LG 86" UR8050 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Trend #4: Lifestyle TVs

Why you want one: Everyone loves an immersive big-screen viewing experience with top-of-the-range technology, but not everyone likes a huge black mirror parked in their living room for the rest of the time. “Lifestyle TVs have solved the dilemma,” says John Milonas. “They’re designed to provide you with the best TV technology when you’re watching TV, and enhance your decor when the TV’s switched off by displaying beautiful artworks or photography.”

Best buy: Samsung 32" LS03C QLED The Frame FHD Smart TV

Product image of the Samsung 32" LS03C QLED The Frame FHD Smart TV

Trend #5: “Right There” Audio

Why you want it: Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars are revolutionising TV viewing, creating an incredibly realistic sound stage for all those favourite movie moments but allowing the sound to travel more naturally.

“We used to be limited to just having the audio in front of and behind us but with Dolby Atmos and object-based sound tracking, you can now hear a plane fly overhead and even track its movements,” says Christos Boukogiannis, The Good Guys Buyer – Sound. “I can say from personal experience that when you’re watching intense action scenes from the likes of Maverick or Marvel, the level of immersion that the latest home audio tech delivers will blow your mind!”

Best buy: Sonos Arc

A Sonos Arc soundbar is connected to a TV playing a movie in a forest.

The Top TV This Year!

Want the inside scoop on the stand-out TV technology this year? According to John Milonas, it will be Mini LED.

“We saw the introduction of Mini LED technology in 2021, but these days it’s far more widely available,” predicts John. “Mini LED combines the increased dimming zones of OLED with the brightness of LED TVs to give you the ultimate HDR viewing experience.” You heard it here first!

Ready to scale up your viewing experience with a new TV or soundbar? Visit The Good Guys in-store and online for more expert advice, the biggest brands in home entertainment and Pay Less Every day prices.

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