Summer In A Glass: LG Craft Ice And Three Classic Mocktail Recipes

September 14, 2023 - 4 min read
The days are warm and the back deck is getting a workout as you welcome more guests for weekend get-togethers. But wait, what’s missing? An LG fridge that delivers upscale, specialty ice for perfectly chilled drinks - just the ticket for staying calm and cool this entertaining season.

From slow-melting balled ice to crushed ice on demand, and LG fridge freezer automatically freezes and dispenses a range of ice types that take your home entertaining to a whole new level.

Read on to find out more about LG’s latest fridges, and discover the best mocktail recipes so you can entertain like a baller.

LG Instaview Fridge in a modern kitchen with a summer drink made from LG Craft Ice Feature

What Is “Craft Ice”?

This specialty ice is much bigger (and rounder) than your standard ice cube. The oversized, iced spheres last longer in the glass, so your drinks stay colder for longer – and you can even refresh your drink while keeping your original ice ball.
The slow melter that won’t water down your drinks, LG Craft Ice will bring a fancy “bar feel” to cocktail hour. Dress up your mocktails, or pop a ball or two in your iced latte to keep it chilled during the morning commute.
“Using a slow-freezing process, the LG Craft Ice Maker dispenses bubble-free, transparent balled ice that’s always on hand to elevate your drinks,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration.

“Using a slow-freezing process, the LG Craft Ice Maker dispenses bubble-free, transparent balled ice that's always on hand to elevate your drinks.”

Which LG Fridges Have Craft Ice?

Want to enjoy LG Craft Ice at home? Consider LG InstaView, LG Side by Side and LG French Door fridges. Whether you’re greeting guests with an ice-cold drink or topping up your glass to keep cool, an LG Craft Ice Maker is a must-have for beverage bliss.

Shop More LG Fridges With Craft Ice

LG 508L InstaView Refrigerator

LG 637L French Door Fridge in Matte Black Finish 

LG 635L Side By Side Refrigerator

product image of the LG 635L Side By Side Refrigerator

How To Use An LG Craft Ice Maker

It couldn’t be easier because your LG Craft Ice Maker does the freezing for you. No more messing about with fiddly silicone moulds – hooray! Simply remove ice from the dedicated drawer in the freezer and you’re good to go.

Your LG fridge freezer is plumbed to a water outlet so the ice maker automatically fills and stocks itself. Good things take time, which is why the Craft Ice Maker produces three ice balls approximately every 22 hours. So if you’re planning a weekend of entertaining, be sure to give those quality spheres some time to freeze. The LG Craft Ice Maker stores up to 30 ice balls, so you’ll be set for a night of refills.

Looking for icy-cold water on demand? The LG 642L InstaView French Door Refrigerator is another great entertainer’s fridge from LG. In addition to balled ice from the Craft Ice Maker, it’ll also serve regular ice cubes, crushed ice and water straight from the fridge door.

LG Instaview fridge with mocktails sitting in front

More Must-Have LG Fridge Features

Not just an ice connoisseur, LG fridges have the smart tech  to ensure your food stays fresher for longer. Think consistent cooling to prolong the life of fruit and veg, plus an innovative InstaView design. What is an LG InstaView fridge, you ask? This handy feature brings an energy-saving benefit to your kitchen.

“It works like this: You simply knock on the door twice and the InstaView panel becomes transparent, so you can see the food inside,” says Peter Simic.

“This means you can choose what you want before you open the door, so not as much cold air escapes and the fridge doesn’t have to work as hard.

 “Plus, LG’s door-in-door feature lets you grab milk, butter and everyday essentials without opening the full door.”

Shop LG Instaview Fridges

LG 635L InstaView SxS Refrigerator

LG 508L InstaView Refrigerator

LG 642L InstaView Door-In-Door French Door Fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser

product image of the LG 635L InstaView SxS Refrigerator

How To Entertain Like A Baller

A steady supply of ice for perfectly chilled drinks on hot days? You’ve got it with an LG Craft Ice Maker! Whether you’re a regular host of family barbecues or love to throw a birthday bash, max-sized models such as the LG 850L Instaview French Door Fridge Matte Black (TGG to add product page when live) have your food sorted too. Flexible shelving and ample storage will make a happy home for platters, tiered cakes and all those leftovers.

Best Mocktail Recipes For Entertaining

These fruity and festive mocktail recipes make the ultimate summer sips. Just add ice from your LG fridge's Craft Ice Maker for best results!

Sparkling Sangria

For this alcohol-free twist on a fruity classic, combine approximately 1 cup of sparkling water and 1 cup of cranberry juice with 2 cups of grape juice. Serve with balled ice, sliced oranges and mint sprigs for a mocktail that looks as great as it tastes.

Sparkling Sangria

Passion Punch

Mix the pulp of 6 passionfruit with 2 cups of orange juice and 2 cups of pineapple juice. Finish with a splash of lemonade, pour and serve with crushed or balled ice. 

Passion Punch

Homemade Lemonade

Combine 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, then dilute with 2-3 cups of cold water. The refreshing finisher? Load up on ice!

Homemade Lemonade


Keep your cool with a new fridge this entertaining season! Now is the time to upgrade to an LG fridge with a Craft Ice Maker – and The Good Guys is the perfect place to find one. Visit us online and in-store to get the best advice, straight from the LG Australia experts.

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