Upgrade And Save: How LG Washing Machines Can Help You At Bill Time 

March 25, 2025 - 4 min read

Looking for a washing machine that can help save you money? Energy efficient laundry appliances are some of the latest superheroes, saving on water and power bills when you need it most. For a laundry helper that cares for clothes while also helping keep your household expenses in check, you need the power of LG.   

 “LG washing machines offer great energy efficiency – think quick wash cycles and cold wash options to help save on energy use – so you can reduce your running costs not just in the short term, but also for the life of the appliance.” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry. 

The LG 5 star washing machine in a modern laundry

What Is Energy Efficiency?  

When shopping for major home appliances, energy efficiency is key because it helps you know how much an appliance will cost to run. You can assess an energy efficient appliance by its energy star rating and WELS water rating. These rating systems use stars to rank new appliances, so you can compare models before you buy. The more stars an appliance has, the more savings you can expect.(1) It’s as simple as that.  

“LG washing machines offer the best in energy efficiency, so you can reduce your running costs not just in the short term, but also for the life of the appliance.”

Why Buy LG Laundry Appliances?  

“If you’re looking for a clever energy saver, the five-star energy rated LG 9kg Front Load Washer is hard to beat,” says Peter Simic. “A bit of a shining star in LG’s laundry appliance family, this washer offers the low – and energy-saving – temperatures of a Cotton Eco cycle, plus all-round efficiency with 11 cycle options.” 

LG’s tailored cycles keep colours brighter and whites whiter, and reduce wear and tear on your clothes so they last longer. And if you’re not sure which cycle to choose, LG’s AI Direct Drive does it for you. Smart sensors pick up on a load’s weight and fabric softness, then determine the perfect wash cycle to suit.  

Need to upsize for a growing family? The LG 10kg Front Load Washer is the 9kg model’s big brother, made to handle hefty loads and the endless parade of school uniforms. It’s the front loader every big household needs. 

A black LG 9kg Front Load Washer in a laundry

What LG’s 5-Star Energy Rating Means  

A five-star energy rated washing machine will help you enjoy more long-term savings! With smart tech to help keep your energy use in check, five-star LG washers, including the 9kg and 10kg LG Front Load Washers are legends when it comes to laundry.  

You might be wondering ‘what would these savings look like?’. Every additional star on your energy rating can star up to 27% in energy savings.(2) Where every addition water rating star can star up to 30% in water savings!(3)

What Type Of Washing Machine Is The Most Energy Efficient? 

Front loader washing machines generally use less power, water and detergent overall. Yet another reason to upgrade to the LG 9kg and 10kg Front Load Washer, with their five-star energy rating and five-star WELS rating!  
Plus, the clever design of these LG front load washing machines means they can capitalise on gravity. The motor only needs to tumble items up before they fall down, rather than propel laundry the whole way around. This means the motor does not have to work as hard, and uses less energy. 

Shop The LG 9kg Front Load Washer

product image of the LG 9kg Front Load Washer
product image of the LG 10kg Front Load Washer

Top Features To Look For In Your LG Washing Machine 

LG smart washers - including the LG 9kg Front Load Washer - are not only energy smart but also save you time and effort, all while caring for your clothes. Here’s how: 

Save Time With Thinq  

The future is here! Delay washing cycles from your smartphone with the Wi-Fi magic of LG’s ThinQ. Whether you’re setting a cycle to finish as you return from school drop-off or delaying a wash until off-peak energy times, ThinQ streamlines laundry operations.  

Save Effort With AI Direct Drive 

Whether you’re sending the sheets through their regular wash or heaving in everything from the weekend camping trip, LG washers assess each load and choose the perfect cycle to match. Based on the load’s weight and fabric softness, AI Direct Drive tech whirs into action to select a customised combo of washing motions and cycle types.  

Save Fabrics With Motion Combinations 

For handwash care without the manual labour, LG has tailored motions to give your clothes the tender loving clean they deserve. Working with AI Direct Drive, an LG washer curates a combination of its six washing motions to both clean and care for your laundry. Between tumbling, rolling, scrubbing and more, your laundry is in good hands. 

LG Front Load Washer

How To Use Your LG Washing Machine For Best Results 

Keep the savings coming by washing in cold water. While hot wash cycles are best for heavily soiled items such as sports uniforms, they can also contribute to a big chunk of a washer’s energy consumption. When you can, opt for a cold wash, or rely on LG’s AI Direct Drive to automatically choose the right cycle for each load.  

Looking to ease more of your day-to-day costs? It starts with a more energy efficient laundry. See us online or in-store to explore the latest energy efficient LG washing machines




(2) Based on Star Rating Index formulas for calculating energy and water reduction per additional star when using similar capacity models at the rated load capacity, in accordance with AS/NZS2040.2 (clause 2.7) and AS/NZS6400 (clause 9.2.3). When using warm wash cycles.

(3) Based on each machine's tested program cycle. Find out more: Registered: C02175, C02178

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