Why Smart Home Chefs Are Switching To Induction Cooking

February 23, 2022 – 3 minute read

Love cooking but wish you could create your favourite meals a little faster? Savvy home cooks are taking their cue from some of the world’s best chefs and embracing super-speedy induction cooking. Induction cooktops heat and cook faster, helping you save time in the kitchen. Plus, they are safe to use, easy to clean and energy efficient. What’s not to love?

A father carrying his toddler daughter places an empty frying pan on an induction cooktop in his kitchen.

What Is An Induction Cooktop?

Unlike gas and standard electric stoves, induction cooktops don’t heat up or glow when the hob is turned on. “Instead, an electric current passes through the coil of copper wire sitting below the cooktop’s ceramic glass surface to create an electromagnetic field,” says Geraldine Gillespie, Cooking, Dishwashers and Kitchenware Buyer at The Good Guys.

It’s not until an induction-friendly pot or pan with a magnetic base is placed on the hob that heat is transferred directly into the cookware. Heat spreads easily across the pan without heating up the cooktop. When the cookware is removed, induction cooktops cool down quickly as they only need to lose the residual heat left from the hot cookware on top (much like a bench or board where a hot pan has been placed).

Why Do Chefs Like Induction Cooking?

According to Brisbane chef Josh Lopez, director of the Monstera Group and former executive chef at The Wolfe and GOMA Restaurant, induction cooktops are the future of cooking.

“They are the most environmentally efficient form of cooktop, the reason being they do not emit a radiant heat and therefore, don’t heat up a room. All the heat is conducted into your cookware, making it a very quick and efficient way to cook,” he says.

How Do I Use An Induction Cooktop?

It’s easy! Simply place your magnetic-based cookware on the hob, choose your desired temperature and start frying, boiling and simmering to your heart’s content. For an extra cheffy spin, opt for an induction cooktop with bridging technology. This function allows you to sit one oversized pan on two hotplates to cook big batches of bacon, eggs and pancakes for Sunday brunch, a teppanyaki feast for a special occasion, and more.

“It’s been a chef’s secret for years. The brekky chefs always have their hot plate to cook bacon and eggs on the same surface. They rarely use pans to cook eggs or bacon and this is just the smaller home version,” Josh Lopez says.

“They are the most environmentally efficient form of cooktop… All the heat is conducted into your cookware, making it a very quick and efficient way of cooking.”

Shop Induction Cooktops

The Omega 60cm Induction Cooktop is the complete package with four cooking zones, nine power levels and a built-in timer. It features a child safety lock and residual heat indicators.

Voted Choice Best Brand Cooktops 2021, the Bosch 60cm Induction Cooktop features a PowerBoost setting for an extra boost during cooking, allowing you to boil water up to three times faster; ReStart function to reinstate previous settings; bridging technology; and 17 power levels.

The feature-packed, high-end Miele 93.6cm Induction Cooktop offers flexible cooking areas for up to five pans, intelligent temperature sensor technology and a Stop&Go function that lets you lower the temperature in all zones at the touch of a button – that means food won’t burn or overcook if you need to step away for a moment.

Are Induction Cooktops Safe?

With two young children aged 10 and nine, Josh Lopez loves the safety aspect of induction cooktops. There’s no need to worry about kids touching the hotplates if you’ve left on the element! They also give peace of mind while you’re cooking. “You can have multiple pots or saucepans on a stove and none of the handles heat up, so if the kids touch one they’re not going to burn themselves,” he says.

A woman uses a cloth to wipe clean her induction cooktop.

Are Induction Cooktops Easy To Clean?

Yes! With everything contained beneath a smooth glass surface, even the messiest cooks can clean up in seconds. “Much like regular electric cooktops, induction cooktops should be wiped down with a damp, smooth cloth and suitable cleaning solution,” says Geraldine Gillespie. “Always allow the cooktop to cool down before getting started and avoid sponges that can scratch or damage the surface.”

Are Induction Cooktops Energy Efficient?

Yes again! Induction cooktops transfer heat directly to the cookware, meaning any part of the element that is not in contact with the pot or pan stays cool. Its fast cooking time and even spread of heat also reduce the amount of time the cooktop is turned on, helping save energy.

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