Class Act: The Must-Have Laundry Star That Will Help School Uniforms Last Longer

December 12, 2023 – 3 min read

Dreaming of freedom from school pick-up queues, Sunday night homework crises, and that endless pile of dirty school uniforms? Well, we can’t do much about the first two … but what if we told you there’s a new breakout star of the laundry that can finally help tame the school uniform load? And liberate you from ironing-board overload!

Take a bow, the LG STYLER Steam Clothing Care System! This next-generation laundry legend has shot straight to the top of the class when it comes to conquering school uniform chaos – and saving you precious time, money and energy.

Here are six reasons why upgrading your laundry room with the LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System® will help set you up for stress-free uniform maintenance for all the semesters to come! 

But first …

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What Is An LG Styler?

Tall and slim, with Space Age looks, the LG STYLER Steam Clothing Care System is a steam closet that uses the power of steam to refresh, decrease and sanitise garments between washes. It can also gently dry clothes for best-in-class energy efficiency and fabric care. 

“With 13 programs to tackle everything from your most hard-working outfits to those non-washer-friendly items and delicates, the LG Styler is the ultimate laundry must-have for everyone, from busy professionals and fashion lovers to hectic households with school-age kids,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry. “It’s essentially the next best thing to having a dry cleaner on demand!”

Now let’s find out how this steamy Styler can refresh clothes without washing and ensure your child’s school uniform always looks its best!

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“The LG Styler is the ultimate laundry must-have for everyone, from busy professionals and fashion lovers to hectic households with school-age kids. It’s essentially the next best thing to having a drycleaner on demand!”

Reason #1: Wipe Out Wrinkles

Fed up with restoring those tricky pleats and trouser creases every time your kids’ uniforms come out of the wash (or emerge in a crumpled heap from a forgotten corner of their school bag!)? Simply hang the garments in the steam closet and let the oscillating hangers, or the dedicated trouser compartment in the door, work their magic to maintain crease lines and keep formal uniforms in tip-top shape.

Reason #2: Fewer Washes

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back-to-back laundry loads. Help protect the planet and your back pocket by leaning on the benefits of steam cleaning to revive and deodorise all those polo shirts and shorts that aren’t quite dirty enough for the wash yet (but could do with a refresh!). The Refresh cycle is also perfect for getting school blazers assembly-ready – and is much cheaper than dispatching them to the local dry cleaner! 

Reason #3: Damp Socks? No Problem

A run of rainy days and puddle play has left you with not a dry sock in the house? The Gentle Dry cycle will take care of those essential items for you, as well as beautifully dry out soggy knitted jumpers without any damage to the fibres.

Reason #4: Less Trips To The Uniform Store

Those uniforms aren’t cheap! The Styler utilises the lower temperatures of super energy-efficient heat pump technology to reduce the likelihood of fabric shrinkage, as well as wear and tear on garments caused by overheating. All you’ll have to worry about is keeping up with your kids’ growth spurts!

Reason #5: Keep Sensitive Skins (And Noses) Happy

Got a sensitive type in your household? The Styler has a super handy Sanitary cycle to help rid school clothing and bedding of bacteria and common household allergens like dust mites. Plus, it’s been awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval – so you’ll all rest easier. Choose from various sanitising strengths, including normal or fine dust, and heavy duty.  

Reason #6: Lower Power Bills

Drying appliances that use the latest heat pump technology are the most energy efficient in their category, and the LG Styler is no exception. Double down on those welcome energy savings by connecting your phone to the Styler via the LG ThinQ® app – you can start programs remotely during off-peak times and track your energy consumption.

LG STYLER Steam Clothing Care System

Where To Put Your LG Styler

Bedroom or laundry? With no need for plumbing or ventilation – and at just 185cm tall and 58.5cm deep – the choice is yours! You can install the LG Styler in a walk-in wardrobe or built-in for the ultimate steam-cleaning convenience (you just need 20cm ceiling clearance and 5cm either side), or introduce it into your laundry layout to level up your washday operations. 

With the LG Styler, caring for your clothes and your kids’ school uniforms has never been easier! Head in-store and online to The Good Guys to upgrade your laundry today and start enjoying the best in wash-free school wardrobe maintenance.

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