Choosing your new appliances before you choose your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to ensure that the big French door fridge or statement freestanding oven you’ve always wanted will fit perfectly without the need for costly changes to kitchen cabinets and gas, electricity and water connections.

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Why Choose Your
Appliances First?


A desire for new appliances has undoubtedly been a major factor in deciding to upgrade your kitchen. Choosing your appliances first has a number of benefits. It guarantees you’ll get the appliances you’ve always wanted – building cabinetry, connections and fittings around them – saving time and money in the long run.


Save money, time and a tonne of stress by choosing your appliances first and building cabinets and connections to suit them. Think about placement of plumbing and electrical connections for major appliances and the number of power points you’ll need for your benchtop appliances, adding a few spares for charging phones, tablets and laptops.


The appliances you choose will have an enormous impact on the style of your kitchen. Appliance brands offer not only a selection of appliances to choose from, but also a selection of styles and finishes designed to complement your kitchen style.


Choosing your appliances and fittings first helps you allocate enough space for them in your kitchen – they will help you understand the best layout available to fit them all in comfortably. Think about how much space you have to play with and how ‘traffic’ flows around your home.



Gas, electricity and water connections are all important considerations when renovating a kitchen. Choosing your appliances first lets you plan around existing fittings or factor in new ones. Make a list of all the major appliances and benchtop appliances you’d love to include in your new kitchen. Remember – you’ll never regret including extra power points.

Find The Best Fridge For
Your Kitchen

Find The Best Fridge


There’s a fridge perfect for every kitchen style and layout and also every family. With a range of configurations including French door, top mount, bottom mount, wine fridges, fridges with ice and water dispensers and an incredible range of colours and finishes, finding the best fridge for your kitchen is easy.

Types Of Fridges

French Door Fridges

Every home needs a modern French door fridge with ice and water dispensers.

Keep Everyone Topped Up

Featuring a Beverage Centre™, get the inside scoop on Samsung’s exciting new fridge.

Wine Fridges

Climate controlled wine cabinets create a wow factor while protecting valuable wines.

Bottom Mount Fridges

Placing the freezer on the bottom gives you easier access to the large fridge up top.

Black Steel Fridges

Match your black steel fridge with your suite of black appliances for a streamlined look.

Stainless Steel Fridges

Fridges in classic stainless steel are easy to clean and match to other kitchen appliances.

Fridge Drawers

An innovative design that neatly fits into your kitchen cabinetry for extra fridge space.

Retro Styled Fridges

Add a pop of colour and create a fun feature in your kitchen with a retro styled fridge.

Ovens For Your
New Kitchen


Create the ultimate cooks kitchen with a stylish bank of ovens, a large freestanding cooker or even a combination of the two. Select your dream ovens and cookers before finalising your cabinetry to ensure they all fit. Choose from pyrolytic ovens, electric ovens, steam ovens and freestanding ovens in a range of colours to suit every kitchen design.

Types Of Ovens

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens – great for creating succulent roasts, flaky pastry and healthy veggies.

Freestanding Ovens

The best of both worlds – a cooktop and oven in one strong, sturdy and eye catching unit.

Pyrolytic Ovens

Get a perfectly clean oven without the need for harsh chemicals or elbow grease.

Create A Bank Of Miele Ovens

For a real wow factor, create a bank of built-in Miele ovens, drawers and microwaves.

Gas Ovens

Enjoy fast heat-up, quick temperature changes and economical cooking with gas.

Pizza Ovens

The best pizza shop in town is at your place! Enjoy professional pizza your way.

Black Ovens

Discover the quiet sophistication of the latest
on-trend black ovens.

Brightly Coloured Ovens

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with a freestanding oven in stunning colours.

Best Freestanding Ovens

If you’re looking to upgrade your oven – let us help find the right one for you.

Upgrade To A Steam Oven

Discover all the ways a steam oven will become your best friend in the kitchen.

Wall Ovens vs Freestanding Ovens

We’ve done the research so you can make the best choice for your new kitchen.

Cooktops For Your
New Kitchen



Choosing the right cooktop when creating your new kitchen is an important decision. Consider your cooking style, aesthetics, how much space you have for your new cooktop and if your cookware will suit your new cooktop. Energy efficient and family friendly induction cooktops, strong, sturdy and reliable gas cooktops or slimline ceramic cooktops are popular choices in modern kitchens.

Types of Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

Excellent energy efficiency and fast heat-up make induction cooktops a great choice.

Gas Cooktops

Gas is ideal for precise flame control, great energy efficiency and sturdy construction.

Electric Cooktops

Toughened ceramic or metal hotplates – there’s an electric cooktop for every kitchen.

Induction Vs Gas Cooktops

The great kitchen debate. All the tech and advantages of both styles explained.

Rangehoods For Your
New Kitchen



More than just a way to remove smoke, steam and cooking odours from your kitchen, modern rangehoods have become a stylish feature in their own right. Choose from eye-catching canopy rangehoods available in a wide range of fashionable colours, through to discrete slideout and undermount styles neatly concealed beneath cabinetry.

Types of Rangehoods

Canopy Rangehoods

An eye-catching style with a large canopy and an exposed flue – a real design feature.

Undermount Rangehoods

Great for concealing beneath cabinetry or in the ceiling above your cooktop.

Slideout Rangehoods

Minimalist styling and simple controls, slideout rangehoods are a great choice.

Silent Rangehoods

Schweigen place their rangehood motors outside for rangehoods so quiet they’re silent.

Get Matchy Matchy

Match a colourful Smeg Portofino rangehood to the matching cooker for a stunning feature.

Dishwashers For Your
New Kitchen


A dishwasher is a real lifesaver in the kitchen and an efficient way to wash everything from delicate glassware to heavy pots and pans. Renovating your kitchen is the perfect time to install a space savingdishdrawer , freestanding, built-in, semi-integrated or fully integrated dishwasher with water and energy saving features and flexible shelving options.

Explore Dishwashers

The Latest Dishwasher Technology

Here’s the low down on the latest dishwasher tech and everything you need to know.

Bosch Dishwashers

A new era in dishwashing technology – meet the latest Bosch ‘smart’ dishwashers.

LG QuadWash Dishwashers

Discover the power of cleaning with four water jets and the added power of steam.

Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers

Fisher & Paykel dishwashers and the innovative DishDrawer make cleaning easy!

Miele Dishwashers

Stylish, energy and water efficient and featuring renowned Miele build quality.

Black Dishwashers

Black dishwashers make a stylish addition to a black or dark toned kitchen.

Coffee Machines For
Your New Kitchen



Every new kitchen needs a new coffee machine. With people spending more time at home working and entertaining, a good coffee machine will become a much loved feature of your new kitchen. With a choice of fully automatic, manual and convenient capsule machines, there’s a coffee machine perfect for everyone.

Explore Coffee Machines

Automatic Coffee Machines

Enjoy exceptional quality coffee at the press of a button with automatic coffee machines.

Manual Coffee Machines

Full control over grind, extraction and milk frothing, you can’t go past a manual machine.

DeLonghi Coffee Machines

Automatic, manual and capsule coffee machines for lovers of coffee.

Breville Coffee Machines

Enjoy great coffee at home with manual, semi-automatic and capsule coffee machines.

Capsule Coffee Machines

The easiest and most convenient way to enjoy quality coffee with no mess, no fuss.

Nespresso Coffee Machines

Loved worldwide for their quality coffee and stylish range of capsule coffee machines.

Smeg Coffee Machines

Bright Smeg espresso and capsule coffee machines will look great in your kitchen.

Inspiration For Your
Finishing Touches


Add the final finishing touches to your new kitchen and inject more of your personality with stylish benchtop appliances . A new toaster and matching kettle add colour and style, a stand mixer will whip up everyone’s favourite treats, a blender can make so much more than just smoothies and a woodfire quality pizza oven will make family treat night fun for everyone!

Inspiration For Your
Finishing Touches

Add A Pop Of Retro Colour

Smeg’s retro 50s style appliances will add a pop of colour to your benchtops.

Your Favourite Food – No Guilt

AirFryers are hot! Enjoy your favourite foods with only a fraction of the oil!

Woodfired Pizza At Home

Create perfect woodfired pizzas with all your favourite toppings at home.

Get Baking!

Kenwood stand mixers have been making everyone’s favourite treats for years.

Everything KitchenAid

Desirable stand mixers, food processors, blenders, toasters & kettles in the best colours.

Best Kitchen Sinks

Now a stylish feature of modern kitchens – discover the best new kitchen sinks.

So Much More Than Smoothies

Make hot soups, batters, baby food, nut butters and milks and more in a Vitamix.

Hygienic Food Waste Disposal

Reduce landfill and dispose of household food waste with a powerful Insinkerator.

Hot & Cold Water On Tap

Discover the convenience of having perfectly chilled or boiling water on tap.

Have A Little Fun In The Kitchen

Pump up your favourite tunes and have a little fun in the kitchen.

Helpful Buying Guides

Still need more information before purchasing appliances for your new kitchen? The Good Guys buying guides have done all the hard work for you – the latest tech decoded and key features explained so you can be completely confident in your choice.


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