Top Shows To Binge Watch In 2022 – And The Best Ways To Watch

April 26, 2022 - 3 min read

Adventure, intrigue, romance, drama, totally addictive reality TV … streaming services are delivering something for everyone in 2022. But before you settle in for a binge-fest, you’ll want to optimise your viewing by upgrading to the latest TVs and projectors. After all, your viewing experience will only be as good as your home entertainment tech.

Rear view of a relaxed family watching a movie in the living room.

Big Screen TVs

When it comes to TVs, bigger is better… but huge is best! That’s why 75’’ is the new minimum for living rooms and a whopping 85’’ is the norm. “The bigger the screen and the higher the resolution, the closer you get to an authentic cinema experience at home. And that’s what people want to achieve,” says John Milonas, The Good Guys Buyer – Televisions and Accessories. Short on space? Opt for an 8K TV. These televisions have the most pixels per inch, which means no matter how close to the screen you are, you still get a crystal clear image.

The Samsung 85" QN900B 8K Neo QLED Smart TV ticks all your TV boxes and offers Dolby Atmos big audio, too. Not keen on blacking out your room every time you want to watch a movie? The Samsung 85" LS03B 4K The Frame QLED Smart TV has an anti-glare, matte screen, so reflections are never a problem. And for a slick TV with movie-star good looks, you want the Samsung 85" Q60B 4K QLED Smart TV 2022 with AirSlim design and built-in cable management for a neat solution in your living space.

“The bigger the screen and the higher the resolution, the closer you get to an authentic cinema experience at home. And that’s what people want to achieve.” John Milonas, The Good Guys Buyer – Televisions and Accessories.


Looking for a full cinematic experience in your living room, bedroom or outdoor area? The latest projectors deliver an immersive experience that puts you at the heart of the action.
Case in point: the Samsung Premiere Triple Laser 4K Smart Projector. Sit this compact box just 24cm away from a blank wall for a massive viewing area up to 130’’.

Private screenings more your style? Set up a Samsung The Freestyle Portable Smart FHD Projector in your bedroom, jump into bed and watch your favourite flicks on the ceiling. A Millennium Falcon flyover – now that’s out of this world viewing!

Now that you’ve got the TV or projector of your dreams, it’s time to cue up some must-see shows.

TV placed on a wall

Top 10 Shows To Watch In 2022

1 Bridgerton, Season 2, Netflix

The Bridgertons are back and it’s eldest son Anthony’s turn to promenade. The viscount is determined to wed, love-match or not.

2 Byron Baes, Netflix

Instagram likes, lavish parties and linen wardrobes… They’re all front and centre in this new reality series, which follows a group of young, hot Australian influencers in idyllic Byron Bay. 

3 MasterChef Australia, Season 14, watch on 10 and 10Play from April 18

Back for a second bite, 12 former contestants cook off against 12 aspiring chefs. Get in on the action with the latest cooking appliances to help you make the dishes at home.

4 Moon Knight, Disney+

The latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this mini-series follows Marc Spector, a crime-fighting superhero with dissociative identity disorder and powers bestowed by an Egyptian god.

5 The Kardashians, Disney+ from April 14

Cameras stopped rolling on Keeping Up with the Kardashians last year, but the famous Kar-Jenner clan couldn’t stay away. They're back with their latest reality series promising “New year, new show, new beginnings”.

6 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Disney+ from May 27

Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen return as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (as he turns into Darth Vader) for this continuation of the epic Star Wars prequels.

7 Stranger Things, Season 4, Netflix from May 27

The gang from Hawkins is back in a two-part release that will pull back the curtain on Hopper’s fate but see Eleven in peril again. Expect the first episodes on May 27 with the second half of the season dropping July 1.

8 The Block 2022, Nine or 9Now from August 2022

The Block is going bush, to Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, where the latest band of Blockheads will transform country houses. Be ready for stacks of build and reno inspo for your laundry, kitchen and beyond.

9 House of the Dragon, Foxtel or Binge from August 22, 2022

Based on George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood, this long-awaited Game of Thrones prequel tells the story of the Targaryen Civil War that took place 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

10 The Crown, Season 5, Netflix from November 2022

Imelda Staunton is next to take the throne as an older Queen Elizabeth II. Series 5 covers the turmoil of Charles and Diana’s marriage breakdown and the tragic death of Diana in 1997. 

When you’re ready to upgrade to the best home cinema experience, we’re ready to help you find your perfect match. Just head in-store or go online for the biggest range, best prices, and friendliest advice.

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