Power Couples: The Hottest Toaster And Kettle Combos For Instant Glam

Jun 7, 2022 - 4 min read 

Looking for some bench candy? You know, that swoon-worthy toaster and kettle set that adds some serious pizzazz to make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Upgrade these small kitchen appliances for an affordable instant makeover – the same way new couch cushions can create a fresh look in a flash. The latest breakfast appliances are the stars of any benchtop and they’ve got the bells and whistles that will have you finding any excuse to whip up tea and toast.

These are all bona fide benchtop beauties, perfectly paired to your kitchen style.

Woman pours hot water from a kettle into a cup with a tea bag at her kitchen bench.

For A Retro Vibe

Smeg 50s Retro Style 2 Slice Toaster – Blue

Why We Love It: On-trend in a range of popping pastel hues, this retro pairing is a kitchen icon, flaunting Smeg’s renowned 1950s silhouette. The compact 2-slice toaster is a Good Design Award winner for its extra-wide toasting slots – ideal for artisanal breads. Plus, there’s a separate setting for bagels. Yummo! 

Bonus Features: After you’ve fallen head over heels with the Smeg retro style toaster, you can grow your retro Smeg family with the matching blender, coffee machine and stand mixer. Groovy, baby!

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smeg kettle & toaster product image
"The latest breakfast appliances are the stars of any benchtop and they’ve got the bells and whistles that will have you finding any excuse to whip up tea and toast."

For A Contemporary Feel

DeLonghi Icona Capitals White Kettle & DeLonghi Icona Capitals 4 Slice Toaster Sydney White

Why We Love It: Like sculpted benchtop art, this opulent pair deserves to be in the spotlight. Their unique Italian design is inspired by the graceful ballerina’s skirt and in timeless white, they’re a modern kitchen match made in heaven. Finished in a fingerprint-proof and artfully puckered plastic, a simple wipe over will keep these show stoppers sparkling.

Bonus Features: The kettle nails all the basics then adds a removable, washable water filter for purity. The four-slice toaster is just right for busy households, and removable crumb trays mean a tidy benchtop.

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DeLonghi kettle and toaster product image

For The Inner City Pad

Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle - Black & Russell Hobbs Brooklyn 4 Slice Toaster - Black

Why We Love It: Consider this suave, sophisticated couple the George and Amal of the kitchen. Not only do they look a million bucks, but they’re also packed with intelligent features. In fact, the kettle took out Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award 2022. It’s whisper quiet so boiling won’t disturb your conference calls, and a perfect pouring spout keeps spills at bay. Browning control on the toaster allows for your preferred version of toasted every time, and a high lift function means no burnt fingers trying to fish out crumpets or English muffins.

Bonus Features: It’s all about the look. Fusing two current kitchen design trends – dark tones and warm metallics – this versatile and timeless pair will set the tone in any kitchen.

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For The Busy Share House

Sunbeam Chic Breakfast Pack – Yellow

Why we love it: Pot plants are a great house-warming gift, but this useful two-in-one kitchen bundle is what they really want! Aside from being kind on your wallet, the toaster and kettle set brings an instant kitchen facelift in zingy, mood-lifting yellow. In a busy kitchen, time-saving features are a must and this pair has plenty. The toaster boasts defrost, reheat and cancel functions to put an end to burned toast dilemmas; the kettle will boil enough water for a household round of instant coffees.   

Bonus Features: Not vibing the yellow? Sunbeam has a Chic Breakfast Pack to suit all tastes! Opt for the black, white or navy versions for a more classic kitchen aesthetic.

Sunbeam kettle and toaster image product

For The Love Of Tech

Breville Smart Kettle & Breville Smart Toast 2 Slice

Why We Love It: Did you know every hot drink has its ideal brewing temperature? The Smart Kettle does, and its five pre-programmed settings will help you pour the perfect green tea, white tea, oolong, black tea or French press coffee at the push of a button. Now that’s smart! The Smart Toaster is a kitchen whizz too, taking toast to new heights. Artisanal bread, bagels and pastries are all on the menu and you can toast them to perfection using the clever A Bit More and Lift and Look features.

Bonus Feature: We love the toaster’s LED-lit countdown. Very handy when you want your eggs, bacon and toast all ready at the same time!

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Ready to inject some new life into your kitchen with a mini makeover? Visit us in store or online for the biggest and best range of small kitchen appliances. For more inspo, check out The Lust-Have Appliance Finishes For 2022.

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