U-Shaped kitchen layout

1. Key features of an U-shaped kitchen
The U-shaped kitchen is suitable for larger kitchen spaces and is a great option for families who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen layout is made up of three walls of cabinetry and benchtop joined to resemble the letter. It can feature upper and lower cabinets on all three sides or leave one wall without upper cabinets to allow the kitchen to open into an adjoining space.

Typically the U-shaped layout is extremely functional and ensures each work zone in the triangle is close together, however depending on the size of the room appliance placing may need to be more carefully considered.

Key space considerations:

  • With three walls it offers lots of storage and benchtop space
  • With a wide enough U-shape an island bench can be added
  • Doesn’t allow for through traffic into other rooms
  • Cabinet and appliance door openings need to be planned carefully to make sure all can be opened without hitting another
  • With cabinets in two corners, use clever corner storage devices like carousels to make accessing the space easy


2. Functionality considerations

An island bench

Add an island bench into a U-shaped kitchen to create a space for family or friends to gather while you cook.

Arranging appliances for functional flow

The size of your kitchen will influence the placement of appliances within a U-shaped layout. The larger your kitchen, the more carefully you will need to plan appliances in order to maintain a functional work triangle. If you have a smaller U-shaped kitchen, making sure you are able to open all appliance doors easily to transfer food or dishes easily during cooking will be critical.

3. View U-shaped kitchen designs of inspiration

Classic white country - The Waterfall kitchen uses the classic U-shaped layout with an island for a functional family space. View gallery  

Modern functional family - The Strathfield kitchen uses a large U-shaped layout for lots of benchtop and storage space. View gallery  

Clean and modern - The Castlecrag kitchen uses an open U-shaped layout to open up space into adjoining living areas. View gallery  

4. Explore layout options

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