Single wall kitchen layout

1. Key features of a single kitchen
The Single-wall kitchen is ideal for apartments or small spaces as all appliances and cabinetry are built along one wall. They are becoming more popularly used with the addition of an island bench or peninsula for more food preparation or entertaining space.
  • Doesn’t suit a work triangle configuration as all appliances are built on one wall
  • Bench space can be limited
  • Storage space needs to be used efficiently, consider clever storage solutions like drawers in cabinets or vertical drawers to maximise space available
2. Functionality considerations

Add an island or peninsula

If you have enough space, consider adding an island bench to additional bench space. The sink can also be moved to the island to free up space on the wall bench for the cooktop, oven and other appliances.

Arranging appliances for functional flow

With all appliances built into a single wall, placement is critical for a functional workspace. Although most appliances will be within arms reach, consider the placement of the sink in relation to the dishwasher, and where you place your ovens and refrigerator. Stacking appliances in wall cabinets is an effective use of space in this layout.

3. Explore layout options

The L-shape kitchen is suitable for smaller spaces as it allows for more open space between working areas within the kitchen. Learn more  


The U-shape kitchen is suitable for larger kitchen spaces and is a great option for families who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Learn more  


The galley kitchen is the most functional kitchen design for most spaces. It is a modern design that allows the shortest access to all areas of the kitchen. Learn more