GEO Wall Mounted Split Systems

The perfect temperature all year round with Samsung Split System Air Conditioning. GEO+ with Tri-Care Filter breathes in the things you shouldn’t so you can stay cool and comfortable through the summer.

Samsung GEO+ Split System

Samsung GEO+ Split System

The GEO+ Split System, Indoor Unit ensures for a smart and efficient cooling system for your home. Featuring a Tri-Care Filter that breathes in the things you shouldn’t, Fast Cooling mode and Good Sleep mode to create your preferred climate for a good night’s sleep.

Features of Samsung GEO Air Conditioners

Low Noise

Cool your living spaces with minimal noise. The outdoor unit compressor works quietly with minimal noise due to its Twin Tube Muffler design, reducing refrigerant flow noise at both low speed and high-speed conditions.

Comfortable Cooling

When it reaches the target temperature, the system automatically changes the mode to Comfort Cooling, which blows air gently and adjusts the blades angle upwards, to help keep you comfortable.

“GEO” Design

A design to meet various lifestyles, and comes from simplicity without complex elements. The GEO split system is designed to add modernity to everyday life through an air conditioner with a design that permeates space naturally.

Climate Control

The Samsung GEO split air conditioning system is designed to offer intelligent airflow control. It helps you maintain your comfort level, providing efficiency and reliability to deliver amazing performances.

AI Auto Cooling

Automatically optimises your cooling setting by analysing your usage pattern.

Energy Saving

The Wind-FreeTM Cooling mode consumes 77% less energy than Fast Cooling mode. The compressor operates at its minimum Hz to maintain the desired temperature, and the fan motor of the indoor also rotates at the minimum RPM.

Note: Technology may vary on each GEO Split System Air Conditioner - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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Samsung Air Conditioner Technology

Auto Clean Technology

Auto clean minimises bacteria growth when the unit is switched off by blowing air to remove moisture and avoid bacteria build up.

Easy Filter Plus

Easy filter plus allows you to worry less about cleaning with its easily detachable outer filter for simple and convenient maintenance.

Fast Cooling

Cool your space fast while minimising energy consumption with innovative cooling technology that disperses the air into every corner of the room.

Note: Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.