5 Reasons To Upgrade To The NEW Samsung Galaxy S23

February 2, 2023 - 4 min read 

You heard it here first! Samsung has nailed it again with its latest Galaxy smartphone launch. Say hello to the sleek new range – the GalaxyS23, Galaxy S23+ and flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra – bursting with the best mobile tech yet, and available in hot new colours that will make your mobile your most fashion-forward accessory.

You'll want one of these next-gen phones for the unmatched camera; you'll need one for its powerful gaming performance; and you'll simply HAVE to have one for all the epic Samsung features that you know you can't live without.

“Let’s face it – every time Samsung launches a new smartphone, we can’t wait to get our hands on it,” says John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Mobile Phones. “Samsung knows how to deliver reliable functionality while exciting us with new features that keep the brand on the cutting edge of mobile tech.”

Here are the top five reasons that make the new Samsung phone a must-have for your shopping cart:

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 in Black, White and Pink

1. Samsung’s Best-Ever Camera (With Nightography!)

We love you, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – but there’s a new phone in town and it’s packing a camera so advanced that  your Instagram feed will be a work of art. Shoot with a picture-perfect and unrivalled 200MP on the new Galaxy S23 Ultra (and a cool 50MP on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+).

As Samsung’s latest feature-packed smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the one you’ll want for capturing ultrafine detail in high-resolution snaps to rival those taken with traditional cameras. In fact, this camera is so clever you don’t even need the perfect lighting for a gallery-worthy shot (we all know the most fun happens at night!). Nightography settings make sure you get stunning portraits, videos and selfies that in virtually any light! Just point, snap, and unleash your creativity.

“Let’s face it – every time Samsung launches a new smartphone, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Samsung knows how to deliver reliable functionality while exciting us with new features that keep the brand on the cutting edge of mobile tech.”

2. Epic Gaming And Streaming

Want to take your mobile gaming to the next level? For that, you need a phone with a next-level processor. And that’s a job for a new Samsung Galaxy S23 Series phone!
It has a processor that works hard, so you can play hard. Together with power-efficient technology, this chipset is fast and intelligent so you can experience incredible gaming, streaming and multitasking performance.

. And storage space shouldn't be an issue on the GalaxyS23 Ultra with its colossal 1TB of internal memory.

3. Stunning Display

All those Insta-worthy photos and epic gaming sessions need a mind-blowing display, which Samsung has delivered. Once again serving up its signature large screen sizes, the latest range comes in 6.1 inches (Galaxy S23), 6.6 inches (Galaxy S23+) and 6.8 inches (Galaxy S23 Ultra). What you’ll really love, however, is the Vision Booster technology that auto-adjusts brightness for a clear and vivid display – even in the midday sun. Add smooth refresh rates, and you can expect immersive gaming, viewing and multi-tasking across the entire range!

a girl using her Samsung Galaxy S23 phone at a concert

4. Long-Lasting Battery

Samsung knows that there’s no point spoiling you with all the bells and whistles if your phone can’t keep up. That’s why they packed long-lasting batteries into the entire Galaxy S23 range, most notably a huge 5000mAh battery in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. On a single charge, you can connect, stream, game and download music with a hardworking phone that will go the distance*. 

5. Look-At-Me Colours

Trendsetting tech should be dressed to impress, and the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Series is ready for its close-up. So, what’s your vibe? Go for a bold, classic look in striking Phantom Black; turn heads with a soft and playful Lavender; keep it tonal and on-trend with a delicious dollop of Cream; or play with summer’s hottest colourway, Green. The fresh colour range is available across all models. So what’ll it be?

a pen being inserted into the new samsung galaxy S23 phone

Mastering Your Samsung

Keen to get the most out of your new Samsung phone? Maybe you want to learn how to screenshot on your Samsung? Or clear the cache on your Samsung? Perhaps you need to reset your Samsung phone? Bring all of your questions to the Samsung Australia mobile experts at The Good Guys and you’ll be a smartphone master in no time! Our friendly team has all the best advice and know-how to keep you connected.


Ready to upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone? Come see us in-store or online at The Good Guys.   


*Rated (minimum) capacity is 4855mAh for Galaxy S23 Ultra. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors. Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard.

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