Samsung Cooking Buying Guide

Discover Samsung's Cooking range including Ovens, Cooktops, Rangehood and Dishwashers. Flexible kitchen appliances that adapt to your needs, seamlessly integrating into your life to make chores easier. Discover the incredible tech, like AI Cameras1, plus stylish finishes to complement any kitchen.

Samsung TV Range



With Smart
Samsung Tech
In The Kitchen!

Spotlight On Samsung's Series
6 Oven

More than an oven, meet Samsung's 60cm 76L Built-in Pyrolytic Flex Door Oven with AI Camera. Featuring an innovative AI Camera1, becoming a pro in the kitchen has never been simpler (or smarter). Using camera's inside your oven to keep an eye on the food, or even film your meal as it cooks! Click 'Read More' below to learn more about the incredible tech.

See what you're cooking with Samsung ovens.

AI1 Camera

Have a quick peak inside without opening! Samsung's Series 6 Oven Features an AI Camera1 to help you cook like a pro.

Dual Flex Cooking compartments with Samsung.

Flexible Cooking

Whether you want one big oven, or two small, to steam, or air fry - this Oven has everything covered!

Pyrolytic Cleaning in Samsung Oven.

Easy To Clean & Use

With AI1 and Pyrolytic cleaning, this Oven is jam-packed with incredible user friendly features.

Learn More About Samsung
Cooking & Fridges

Chic Samsung rangehood and grey cooktop in white and green kitchen.

The Future Of Cooking

AI Chef! Samsung serves up the future of cooking, so why not meet the range?

Samsung AI Fridge in black, in stylish dark kitchen.

Discover Samsung AI Fridges

Here's 6 reasons why Aussie Families are choosing Samsung's AI Fridge!

Entertainment home with Samsung Series 7000 Fridge.

A Kitchen Star!

An entertainer dream, meet the Samsung Fridges with benefits.

Family using Family Hub Fridge by Samsung.

French Door Fridges

Discover our guide to Samsung's French Door Fridge Range.

Samsung Lifestyle TV FAQs

Samsung Cooking Range

Close up of Samsung Oven in a kitchen built in to the green wall.


Expert innovation, effortless cooking - Samsung's Oven Range is here! Cook your way with Dual Cook Flex, different cooking modes including Airy Fry and Steam, pyrolytic cleaning and so much more.

Birds eye view of chic black Samsung Induction Cooktop.


Flex your cooking and expand your flavours with a Samsung Induction Cooktop. Boasting incredible features like auto-connectivity and dual flex zone cooking, it is sure to take your cooking to the next level.

Side view of subtle and quiet Samsung Rangehood.




Get sparkling clean dishes every time without having to manually open the dishwasher when it finishes with a Samsung Dishwasher. Featuring all the latest bells and whistles, dish-duty will be a breeze.

1 The camera is only operating when the light is on.

2 The SmartThings App is available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

3 Only available when using the Auto Cook menu. The type and quantity of some ingredients may not be recognized.

4 Based on an AI-created algorithm and not real-time learning. After the ingredients have been identified and the recipe selected, if pre-heating is required, the ingredients need to be removed from the oven during pre-heating. If pre-heating is not required, they can be cooked immediately after they have been identified.

5 May not work properly when cooking specific food items that are a dark color or have a cover, which can hinder recognition. So you should also monitor the cooking status yourself.

6 Created using only video recorded when the door is closed. After the cooking process ends, it takes about 20 seconds to encode the video in the MPEG file format.

7 Requires a dedicated sous vide cooking bag, which is not included with the oven.

8 Requires a wireless network, a Samsung account and the Samsung SmartThings App. The Samsung SmartThings App supports Android OS 8.0 (Oreo) or later, which is optimized for Samsung smartphones. This App also supports iOS 13 or later for iPhone models. The SmartThings App is available in the App Store and Play Store.

9 Available in certain languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.