The Laundry Appliances That Will Make Life Easier

February 20, 2024 – 4 min read

With a little effort, your laundry can be just as stylish and organised as the rest of the house. Instead of treating this hardworking space as an afterthought, why not give it the TLC it deserves with smart appliances that can pull the look together. Choosing the right washing machine and dryer is important, as you want your laundry to be as functional as possible. The Westinghouse Laundry Range has continued to evolve with the latest trends, combining functionality with style - it makes a grand statement in any laundry. Here are the must-have laundry appliances that will make laundry day a breeze.

Westinghouse Laundry with Westinghouse Dryer on top of Westinghouse Washing Machine

The Washing Machine

Washing machines can be a challenging appliance to shop for but the good news is that the right one can deliver the kind of performance your busy household can rely on, so you’ll have worry-free washing for years to come. Upgrading your old washer to a newer model with the latest laundry technology can give you significantly better results that will save you time and effort (who doesn’t love that!)

Laundry Made Express

It’s so easy for life to get in the way, especially when there are endless chores to be done, so anything that can simplify your everyday is much appreciated! Westinghouse Front Load Washing Machines provide a helping hand with their Save Favourite wash program, allowing you to store your most used cycle so it’s ready for you to use, all you have to do is press a button. For those days where you only have a small window to get your washing done, the Time Adjustment Function lets you increase or reduce your wash time, so your washing will be ready whenever you need it. Did your kids forget to take out their dirty school uniforms the night before? The Fast 15 a quarter hour wash can get them cleaned in no time. Westinghouse Washing Machines also have a high spin speed that extracts more moisture from the clothes so they can be dried quicker - those hectic mornings will become a whole lot less stressful!

“Westinghouse Front Load Washing Machines provide a helping hand with their Save Favourite wash program, allowing you to store your most used cycle so it’s ready for you to use, all you have to do is press a button.”

Bigger Load, More Power

Westinghouse Washing Machines can do loads in efficient time. The 8kg Front Load Westinghouse Washer has a Full Load 60 option that lets you wash an entire load in 60 minutes, without compromising on your wash results. Need your doona washed or your whole weeks’ worth of washing done in a day?

Westinghouse’s 3XL Door makes washing big and bulky loads a breeze, so you can do it all at once. Washing heavy loads are sometimes known for creating a ruckus, however, this is not the case for the Westinghouse washer. Their inverter motor that is guaranteed to last 10 years, regulates vibration for a quieter cycle, so your favourite show won’t be interrupted, it also uses 50% less energy than traditional models, so you can guarantee pristine clean clothing for years to come.

Westinghouse washing machine with clothes inside

The Dryer

Finding the right dryer not only benefits your clothes but can make your laundry days a whole lot easier by eliminating the need to rely on good weather. It also speeds up the process for fresh smelling laundry!

Dry With Care

It’s important that dryers protect the quality of your clothes, and with the Westinghouse Vented Dryer, gentle care is guaranteed. They sense the residual moisture in your clothes and will automatically stop the cycle once the desired dryness is achieved. This helps protect your beloved clothing by ensuring that they aren’t over dried and saves power by using the exact amount of energy required for any load size, it’s a win-win!

For an even dry, the reverse tumbling action alternates clothes from clockwise to anti-clockwise, reducing clothes tangling together. The result? Your clothing gets an equal dry time and nothing gets missed. For the grand finale, the auto cool down reduces the creasing of clothes and provides a safety feature, so your clothes get the care it needs from start to finish.

Westinghouse Laundry with Washing Machine and Dryer

The Best Of Both Worlds

There’s the seriously fast and convenient washer, the gentle caring dryer, but why not have both in one? The Westinghouse 10kg Front Load Washer comes packed with all the features you could ever ask for. Its washing performance is equivalent to a standard washer with 3 fast wash programs that make for a speedy laundry day. Along with its gentle drum design, your clothes will always be handled with care and love. 

An efficient and convenient washer and dryer are great essentials when creating a laundry that benefits the whole family. Westinghouse have combined functionality, elegance, and convenience to create modern laundry appliances that will truly make your life easier. View the full range in-store or online today, and for more inspiration, check out our laundry design ideas.

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