1Availability of colours, sizes, and models may vary by country or region.

2Available strap models may vary country.

3Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

4UI is subject to change.

5Availability of colours and sizes may vary by country or region.

6Galaxy Watch3 can initiate Emergency call and message when initiated after detecting a fall.

7Galaxy Watch3 cannot detect all falls.

8Intense physical activity can trigger Fall Detection feature.

9Sending SOS calls and messages requires network connection and smartphone pairing.

10Galaxy Watch3 is not a medical/therapeutic device. Fitness and health functions (including SleepScore and Fall Detection) are for informational purposes only. Using Samsung Health app with Galaxy Watch3 requires signup and pairing with your compatible smartphone. Fall Detection must be switched on and your location must be enabled to share with your pre-selected contact.

11Sleep management functions (REM cycles, deep sleep, and total sleep time) on the watch can be used as standalone, but smartphone pairing is required in order to see sleep score. Insight only available on paired smartphone.