6 Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Black Friday

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Black Friday sales are some of the best sales of the year, but because they’re so popular stock can sell out quickly. Experienced Black Friday shoppers have their eyes on the prize long before sale week rolls around.

We’ve put together our top tips, so you can ace our Black Friday Sale. Soon you’ll be unpacking your goodies at home or wrapping up awesome gifts for family and friends.

Black Friday Tips | The Good Guys

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a HUGE shopping event. It originated in the USA (which is why it’s always on the day after Thanksgiving). There are many theories as to the origin of the term Black Friday. Nowadays, it’s generally accepted that the ‘black’ in Black Friday comes from the accounting term ‘in the black’ (i.e. in profit, as opposed to ‘in the red’, which is when you’re making a loss).

There are sales both online and in store. Here in Australia we’re a little more relaxed (although there can still be some serious crowds). The Black Friday Sales are a good time to get the things you need, and gifts you want to give for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations at a discount.

In 2021, Black Friday is on Friday 26th November, which makes it the perfect time to get your shopping sorted for Christmas well ahead of time. Increasingly, there are sales in the run up to and for a few days after Black Friday itself, so keep your eyes peeled.

“The Black Friday Sales are a good time to get the things you need, and gifts you want to give for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations at a discount.”

Top 6 Black Friday Tips and Tricks

Black Friday might look like just a fantastic fun time of really, really, ridiculously good prices, but believe it or not, there’s an art to it. So you can get the most out of Black Friday, we’ve put together our top 6 Black Friday tips and tricks.

1. Get your Christmas, wedding, birthday and other gift shopping done with Black Friday Deals

If you celebrate Christmas, November might be when that Christmas shopping panic sets in. Take a moment to think about what your nearest and dearest would like. Have they been coveting a breadmaker? Watching a whole lotta Masterchef and just must have a pressure cooker?

If you’re not sure what to get someone as a gift, reach out and ask them. It’s much better to get them something they need rather than a double up or something they won’t use. And if someone asks you what you’d like anytime during the year, you can always request a gift card so you’re able to grab a Black Friday deal or two.

2. Upgrade your home with the latest appliances

Each year appliances are updated and improved. Take a look around your home and see if it’s time to replace any of your old well-loved (and well-worn) appliances. A great place to start is with your major white goods, like your washing machine. If you’ve always had a top loader, you might consider updating it to a washer dryer combo to save space and hassle.

Next, take a look at your refrigerator – particularly the freezer. If your family has grown – or maybe just your food prepping ability – Black Friday sales are the perfect time to upgrade. Plus, if you’re hosting Christmas Day lunch this year you may need the extra space.

Another appliance to pay attention to is your television. This could be an early gift for the whole family, particularly if you opt for the latest tech and get an OLED TV. With unparalleled image quality and sound, you’ll be blown away by the next movie you watch or video game sesh you have with the kids.

3. Join our email list to grab the good deals

Our email subscribers are first to know about great deals. This is especially handy for preparing for Black Friday sales. You’ll be able to spot the things you like and grab them before they sell out. Join our email subscriber list today.

Bonus: If you spot something you love, you can subtly forward the email to someone who might be lost for ideas for your birthday or Christmas present. Excellent.

4. Create a wishlist

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to create a wishlist. Do this in advance of the Black Friday Sales so you can take the time to choose the models that best match your needs (and let’s be honest, find the best-looking ones).

You might want to include a backup item on your wishlist for each item - then you can see which is discounted more, and you won’t miss out if one’s out of stock. Create your wish list now and be ready to pounce when the sales hit.

5. Compare products on The Good Guys website

Choosing between similar-looking products can be tricky. We’ve got a nifty tool to help. Click the compare checkbox on two or more items on The Good Guys website, then click the compare button to see how they measure up against one another.

Don’t forget to take a look at the energy rating. A cheaper appliance with a lower energy rating could well cost you more money in the long run. It’s also worth pulling out a tape measure or ruler to check that it will fit in the spot you want it.

6. Think across all of the seasons

If you’re shopping in warm November you might forget that throughout winter you were wishing you had a dreamy pie maker, rice cooker or bread maker to keep you cozy. Keep a wishlist throughout the year and keep an eye out for the items you covet during the Black Friday Sales.

When it comes to the end of the year, take advantage of the Black Friday sales to set your home up for a scorching summer by checking out our air conditioners. There are a stack of options to suit any sized home as well as different styles depending on whether you’d like to include a reverse cycle or not.

Black Friday facts

  • Black Friday sales appear to date back to the 1960s.
  • Black Friday sales typically begin early in the morning on Black Friday, then go all the way through the weekend to Cyber Monday.
  • Many Aussie shoppers camp out to ensure they have a good spot in line to get the best Black Friday deals.

What are you waiting for?

The Black Friday sale is a great opportunity to tick items off your gift list, replace any appliances that deserve a happy retirement and add super-useful gadgets to your home. With a little planning, you’ll be rolling into store sweeping up the best Black Friday deals. (Or jumping onto our website and bagging deals in your pjs.) Happy shopping! Call, message or come into store if you have questions, we’re always happy to help you choose the best appliances and gadgets for you and your family.

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