Add a little intelligence to your next load of laundry with Autodosing. The Autodosing system automatically senses and dispenses the level of water and detergent you need for each wash, no matter how big or small the load is. This ensures you aren’t adding too much detergent to your washing, providing a cleaner, gentler wash.

Our Favourite Autodosing Features

Auto Dosing Features

The Perfect Wash Every Time

Autodosing adds the perfect amount of detergent and fabric softener to your wash – every time. You’d need a maths degree to get the measurements this precise.

Auto Dosing Features

Added Clothes Protection

What if your washing machine could look after your clothes? Autodosing protects your garments by ensuring you don’t use too much or too little detergent.

Auto Dosing Features

Eco Friendly

By using the exact amount of detergent and water every time, the Autodosing function isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s great for the environment too!

Auto Dosing Features

Less Laundry Time

Autodosing systems can give you up to 26 washes before needing to be refilled. So you can spend less time in the laundry, and more time doing what you love.

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Let’s Talk Tech

Autodosing takes the guesswork out of the laundry by combining intelligent features with eco-friendly design. This means you’ll waste less detergent and protect your garments from excess chemicals.

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Enviro Friendly, Down To The Last Drop

The Autodosing system not only cares for your garments, but the environment too. You may be surprised how much water a standard washing machine uses. But with Autodosing technology, you can save up to 7,000 litres of water every year. By precisely measuring the amount of detergent each wash needs, Autodosing prevents unnecessary amounts of phosphates entering our waterways via the detergents used.

You can also save big on electricity and your power bill. Use the manual compartment to wash just a couple of garments so you don’t use the energy of a full load every time.

Autodosing Technology Glossary

Check out below to get clued up on all the Autodosing jargon before you start shopping.

Inverter Motor

A lot of our autodosing washing machines are made with an inverter motor. Essentially, inverter technology uses magnets in the machine's motor that reduce friction, meaning quieter operation. Washing machines with an inverter motor are ideal for those in smaller apartments and living spaces.


This technology comes with most of our Electrolux autodosers and makes sure your linens come out looking the best they can. Ultramix is the process where your water, detergents and softeners get mixed together before reaching your wash load, evenly distributing them and preventing any detergent stains from forming on your darker fabrics.


Our Miele washers require an UltraPhase detergent cartridge for the autodosing function to work. Lasting up to 47 washes, set the cartridge in the detergent dispenser and let the machine do the rest.


Most Bosch autodosing machines comes built with a VarioPerfect drum, allowing you the flexibility to wash the way that suits you. If you're in a hurry, choose the SpeedPerfect setting to complete a wash in under one hour. Alternatively, if time is not an issue and you're after a more economical wash, simply set it to EcoPerfect and let the machine handle the rest.


Our LG TwinWash autodosing washers are great for those with larger families. A TwinWash is a type of LG washing machine complete with a mini washer, so you can wash two different loads of laundry at once without mixing different colours.


You might see these terms used a lot on our autodosing machines, but don't worry, they all just different ways that our brands refer to autodosing technology.

Our Latest Autodosing Reviews

Fisher & Paykel 12kg

Anonymous Customer Review

"This machine is a dream to use. Washes great and I love the intelligence it offers for various wash cycles. The best part for me is the automatic washing liquid feature meaning i can just load the clothes in and start without having anything else."

Bosch 8kg Front Load

Ian's Customer Review

"Great features and great washing machine - measuring detergent is a thing of the past."

Electrolux 10kg Washer

Nav's Customer Review

"We recently changed our washing machine after 12 years. The Auto Dose and vapour steam are a couple of features my family loves. How can we forget the Phone app which is also very helpful."

Bosch 8kg Front Load

Jody Kellie's Customer Review

"Awesome washing machine super quiet easy to use the I-dos feature is great saves wasting washing liquid & softener very good water consumption just to top it off."

Fisher & Paykel 12kg

Serena's Customer Review

"I love the auto sensing/detergent and softener function. The size is great, easily takes a big KS velour blanket and I also love the 30 min cycle and add a garment feature. So many great things about this machine."

Electrolux 10kg Washer

Atit Tunsuwan's Customer Review

"Love the Autodose Feature, it makes our life easier. Also the weight display is great as it lets us know when to prevent overload."

Bosch 9kg Front Load Washer

John's Customer Review

"The automatic program with the iDos system is very good - saves time and thinking. The quick 15-30 minute program is also good for underwear and T-shirts."

A Quick Word From Our Favourite Autodosing Brands

AutoDose, Intelligent Dosage
Solution with Electrolux

Replace guesswork with intelligent dosage with the Electrolux AutoDose feature.


Bosch i-Dos™ Automatic
Dosage Washing System

i-Dos™ accurately and automatically, dispenses detergent based on your load.


How Miele TwinDos Prevent
Detergent Overdosing

Autodosing convenience thanks to special sensors that detect the level of soilage.


Remove Guesswork with the LG Auto Dosing Function

Disperse the optimal amount of washing liquid throughout the drum for a perfect result.


The Final Word On Autodosing