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February 7, 2024 - 5 min read


So, you’ve decided to wall mount your TV. This is a great idea for so many reasons – you’ll get heaps of space back, get more flexibility from your space, and be able to watch TV in style. Before getting out the tools to make this happen, it’s important to make sure you find and buy the right TV that’s suited not just to your viewing needs, but for wall mounting in general.

Why Should I Mount My TV On The Wall?

There are lots of great reasons to wall mount your TV – it gets it out of reach of sticky fingers, frees up floor space, and generally makes a room look a bit neater. It also means that you can fit a TV into a tighter space, like a bedroom, where you might not be able to fit a full entertainment unit.

However, wall mounting isn’t right for everyone or every room. Before committing to the wall-mounting plan, make sure your chosen wall is strong enough to hold your chosen model, and keep it away from heat sources, like a fireplace. While mounting a TV above a fireplace looks aesthetically pleasing in magazines, the heat will damage the screen, which means you’ll have to have it up so high you might hurt your neck to look at it. Keeping the TV at eye level, with the bracket screwed into a stud, is best.

Woman watches a flat screen TV mounted on a living room wall.
"There are lots of great reasons to wall mount your TV – it gets it out of reach of sticky fingers, frees up floor space, and generally makes a room look a bit neater."

What To Consider When Wall Mounting A TV

You’ll need a few things before mounting a TV, like a model that isn’t too heavy for your wall, the correct wall-mounting bracket for your chosen model, a nearby power point, and a lot of confidence in your ability to do the installation. Or, avoid the stress altogether and have The Good Guys Home Services do the installation for you!

Most flat screen TVs can be wall mounted, and most use standard VESA mount sizes, though some are too heavy and others use proprietary mounts, so it’s always best to double-check.

Some important considerations are: How much weight can your wall handle? How would you run your cables? Which is the most comfortable viewing angle from your couch or bed?

Man holds the remote up to a big screen TV mounted on a living room wall.

5 Of The Best TVs For Wall Mounting

Why you’ll love it: The Frame is the number one lifestyle TV because it’s so versatile. It’s perfect for people who love to sit back and watch Netflix in the evenings but don’t want a black mirror crowding their wall the rest of the time. When it’s not being used as a TV, The Frame displays art, to become part of your curated art collection. When it is being used as a TV, it has vibrant colours and smooth motion for a cinema experience. It’s the best of both worlds, and having a wall mount with such a small gap means your TV blends seamlessly with your home.

Bonus feature: Compatible with a bracket that can rotate between portrait and landscape for different types of viewing.

Why you’ll love it: LG OLED TVs are among the best around, frequently used by video game critics because of the picture clarity and colour vibrancy (while also having the blackest blacks). The LG C3 range is perfect for wall mounting because they’re so thin and relatively light for their size.

Bonus feature: Compatible with both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, making it the right choice for both gamers and cinema buffs.

Why you’ll love it: This 8K TV is truly spectacular, with Anti Glare Technology that makes it a must for bright/light-dominated areas in the home. What makes it so special for wall mounting is the One Connect Box and clear One Connect Cable. That One Connect Box has all your ports, so rather than having to wrestle with the back of your TV to plug everything in, you just run one clear cable to your entertainment unit, and plug the power and your other devices into one neat box.

Bonus feature: One Connect Box keeps everything looking clean.

Why you’ll love it: If you’re wanting to put a big TV in a secondary room, like a kids’ playroom, and don’t want to break the budget, then you can’t go past the value of a TCL TV. The company makes screens for lots of other brands and are real pioneers in the space. This 65” 4K HDR TV is compatible with a standard VESA mount and weighs less than 18kg, so it’s nice and easy to mount.

Bonus feature: 65” 4K HDR for under $1,000

Why you’ll love it: Sony is well known for their powerful processors and shockingly good built-in audio, and this OLED TV lives up to that legacy. It’s an ideal partner for PlayStation, has beautifully deep contrast and intelligent motion processing, and uses the screen as the speaker, so the TV doesn’t rely on rear speakers blasting into your wall. It connects to a VESA wall mount and is a great option for wall mounting.

Bonus feature: Good quality built-in audio

Are you ready to take your viewing to the next level with a wall-mounted TV? Come see us in store or online for expert advice and the biggest range. The Good Guys Home Services team can even arrange installation for you!

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