We Love Induction Cooktops – And So Will You

May 26 2022 – 3 min read

So you’re ready to upgrade your cooktop? Then it’s time you met one of the smoothest operators in the modern kitchen: the induction cooktop. These cooktops have the fastest cooking times due to their magnetic field-based heating. That means less cooking time! Super-speedy, safe, energy-efficient and easy to clean, induction cooktops are perfect for families.

Here’s four reasons to love induction cooktops:

1. Speed

Whether you’re a “sometimes” cook or a passionate home chef, no one loves standing around waiting for pots and pans to heat up. This is where an induction cooktop triumphs. Since it only heats what’s placed on its surface – and not the surface itself - induction cooktops get things sizzling, browning, boiling and searing in much less time. Induction cooking also lets you precisely control the temperature of your cooking, taking the guesswork out of that perfectly nailed steak.

2. Safety

If you’ve got young children, or safety is your top priority, you can’t go past induction. It’s impossible to leave an induction cooktop on – the stove simply does not respond if there is no pan on it. Induction cooktops are also packed with safety features including automatic switch-off, hot surface and residual heat indicators, child safety lock and safety switch-off if a cooking zone has been operating at the same heat for long periods.

3. Design

With a slick design and flat, glass-ceramic surface, induction cooktops seamlessly fit into any kitchen. Even better, they’re a cinch to clean. Some induction cooktops are also designed with clever auto-sizing pan detection, so you can place any sized pan on any part of the cooking surface and it will only activate the parts of the electromagnetic coil in contact. Great, too, for cooking larger serves in a pan that would normally sit across two burners, without any hot or cold spots.

4. Efficiency

Since only the cookware heats, induction cooktops are the most energy-efficient style you can buy. Then there’s the added bonus of having less heat escape into the surrounding room. Less energy used for cooking is good news for your energy bills – and the environment.

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