The Best Dishwashers To Buy & Why To Upgrade

February 27, 2024 – 5 min read

The dishwasher is the true workhorse of your kitchen. Whether you’re an avid cook and don’t fancy washing up after preparing meals or have a busy family and could do with a helping hand around the house – the steadfast dishwasher is the perfect time saving solution.

Not only can a dishwasher save you time, but an energy efficient or smart one can also save you loads on your power and energy bills. Let us take you through the best dishwashers on the market, covering all the latest technology, and how best to clean up in the kitchen.

A woman opens her dishwasher to stack her empty cup and saucer.

What Is The Best Dishwasher To Buy?

If you are looking to upgrade your dishwasher, there are plenty options on the market. Some of the main types of dishwashers include:

The Latest In Dishwasher Technology

Steam Technology

It’s always surprising the number of dishes we collate every day, from cutlery, plates, bowls, and wine glasses - they always need a good thorough clean. With the power of steam, you’ll not only clean but sanitise your dishes. Leading models like LG’s QuadWash Dishwashers feature impressive steam cycles, making them a great clean-up partner. They take crystal clean to the next level by turning up the heat on germs, bacteria and grime, penetrating food residue and helping reduce water spots. If you want a more hygienic clean with sparkling results, choose steam!

Self-Cleaning Technology

Dishwashers are the ultimate cleaner, but who cleans the cleaner? If you don’t like the idea of cleaning out your dishwasher filter, then a dishwasher with a self-cleaning filter is for you. This will grind away the food particles for you, so they aren’t left on your clean plates.

Child Safety Lock

Many of the latest dishwasher models feature a child safety lock. This ensures that little fingers can’t open the dishwasher mid-cycle and create a gigantic mess in your kitchen. Generally, all you have to do to activate it is click the padlock symbol on the display menu.

Sensor Technology

Some dishwashers have sensors that can detect how dirty your dishes are, and adjust the cycle, wash time and amount of hot water as needed. You can have perfectly washed dishes, with the minimum amount of power and water to get the job done.

Anti Flood Technology

One feature that may save you calling out a plumber is the anti-flood technology. This is a switch inside the cabinet that can detect water leakage and stops it filling up. Certain dishwashers like those from Bosch, include AquaStop™ Antiflood technology, which cuts off the water directly at the tap outlet to prevent leaks.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi enabled smart dishwasher allows you to download additional wash programs and cycles, help with troubleshooting and even receive notifications on your smartphone when the cycle is done. Certain models also allow you to start a wash when you aren’t at home and even alert you when cleaning products are running low.

Types Of Popular Dishwashers For Your Kitchen Upgrade

The good news is there are a few different types of dishwashers on the market. However, choosing the right one for your kitchen or next home renovation is important. We’ll break down the choices for you to help you find the right one.

Best Freestanding Dishwashers

If you don’t have the space within your cabinetry for a dishwasher, then a freestanding one is the option for you.

The Fisher & Paykel 60cm Stainless Steel Dishwasher in a white kitchen.

Fisher & Paykel Double Dishdrawer Dishwasher Stainless Steel

Best Built-In Dishwashers

Reduce the noise in your kitchen with a built-in dishwasher. Featuring the latest technology, you’ll hardly even notice it is working.

Shop The Smeg 60cm Stainless Steel Under Bench Dishwasher

Best Integrated Dishwashers

After carefully planning your kitchen design, an integrated dishwasher will perfectly fit into your layout. Simply hide it behind a custom-built cupboard door and you’ll forget it’s even there or choose a semi-integrated option that only reveals the control panel.

Shop The Miele Fully Integrated Clean Steel Dishwasher

The Miele Fully Integrated Clean Steel Dishwasher integrated into the white cabinets of a kitchen.

Best Drawer Dishwashers

For small kitchens and apartments, a drawer dishwasher is the perfect solution. With more flexibility and space saving opportunities, it can help open up your kitchen.

Shop The Fisher & Paykel 60cm Integrated Dishdrawer Dishwasher

The Fisher & Paykel 60cm Integrated Dishdrawer Dishwasher in a white kitchen.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Dishwasher?

After choosing the style of dishwasher that suits your kitchen, there are a few common features and guidelines you should look out for. Read on and we’ll break them down for you.

Dishwasher Size

The first consideration when choosing a new dishwasher is to consider the physical dimensions. If you are installing a new dishwasher in an existing space, make sure that your new one fits into the same space. This will save you a lot of hassle! Another thing to remember is that you will also need to leave space at the back of the dishwasher for ventilation.

Energy Efficiency

All dishwashers have different energy ratings, shown in kWh per year. The more stars a dishwasher has, the better it is for the environment and your back pocket. Some dishwashers also boast features such as half load and economy settings, reducing your energy consumption even more.

“Something to keep in mind is that today’s dishwashers generally use 50% less power than ones built in the 1990’s.”

Water Usage

All dishwashers have a WELS star rating that tells you how water efficient they are. Basically, the more stars a dishwasher has, the better. You’d be surprised that you can save up to 50% water with some models.

Stacking Capacity

The internal space of the dishwasher refers to how much you can generally fit into it and clean effectively. This is measured in place settings, which is how many people’s 3-course meal dishes can fit in. A 12+ place setting size dishwasher is perfect for families who like to entertain. Whereas a small apartment for a couple may only need a 6-9 place setting size dishwasher.

Are New Dishwashers More Energy Efficient?

Dishwasher technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Keep an eye out for the latest models that are more energy efficient, which may help you save money in the long run.

Consider models that have both hot and cold water connections for better energy efficiency.

What Are The Quietest Dishwashers In Australia?

The technology of today means that many of the new models have been ‘battle-tested’ to get quiet noise across the board. Bosch and Miele dishwashers are known for their best noise ratings, as well as many built in models that now have reduced sound.

Need A Hand Installing Your New Dishwasher?

If you need some help installing your new dishwasher, The Good Guys are here to help. We can arrange the installation of your new appliance in no time, without any fuss. Once it’s installed, the professional installers will even remove the old one for you and take all of the rubbish away.

Discover The Good Guys Range Of The Latest Modern Dishwashers

Ready to make the upgrade and make cleaning up in the kitchen easy? We’re here to help! Check out the latest innovative dishwashers at your nearest store or visit us online for more information.

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