The Best Game Consoles For Kids These School Holidays

SEP 01, 2021 – 7 min read

If you’re stuck with how to fill the school holidays this year, it’s time to get your game on! The latest gaming consoles are sure to keep the kids entertained. The Good Guys has a huge range of the latest gaming consoles, accessories and the best TVs and sounds systems to bring games to life. Here is everything you need to know – from the best brands, options, to the necessary specs to impress both beginner and expert gamers.

Five teenagers sitting on a couch together as two of the teenagers hold gaming controllers and play the game which they are all watching.

What Is A Gaming Console?

Gaming consoles have come a long way since the 8-bit pixelated graphics of the 1980’s. Basically a gaming console is a device that is like a computer that contains a hard drive and operating system. Connected to the internet, they offer gaming via online play or insertable discs. Many connect easily to a TV via HDMI cables but handheld and hybrid models are also available.

What Types Of Gaming Consoles Are Available?

There are a few types of game console available, all with different benefits. Home consoles are designed to be connected to a TV, computer display or via a projector screen. Hooked up to your Wi-Fi, they can handle the largest games that feature stunning graphics with ease.

Handheld consoles offer you the power of portability. The kids can take them wherever they go – offering you some peace while you’re out and about. Whilst they feature smaller screens, they are packed with the latest tech.

Hybrid consoles offer you the best of both worlds. You choose whether to play them while on the go, but when you’re at home, they easily connect to your large screen TV for a more immersive gaming experience.

The big famous brands offer a variety of these types of game consoles – choose the style and brand that’s right for your family.


You might remember growing up with Mario, Bowser, Zelda and Nintendo. Well, they’re still around and delighting kids and families of all ages. With an excellent collection of exclusive games, your kids will love the way that Nintendo promotes interaction and play based fun through their games.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, offering you the freedom to play at home in the loungeroom or out on the go. Like a mini tablet, it features a screen that can display gorgeous colours and movement. With 6 hours of battery life, tabletop mode is ideal for playing against a friend with controllers. Another great feature of the Switch is that up to 10 consoles can be connected to play together – perfect for school holiday fun!


Sony’s Playstation has been at the forefront of technology for 5 generations of consoles. A global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, every release is welcomed world-wide – just like it will be in your home. With lightning fast speeds and processing power, the next generation Playstation5 offers gamers the chance to play games without boundaries.

For the school holidays, the Playstation 4 Slim Black boasts 500GB of space for storage and plenty of gaming options. With access to Playstation Plus, the kids can play against their mates anytime!


Serious gamers have loved Microsoft’s Xbox console for generations. Play the latest games in full HD (1080p) on the Xbox Series S or go full 4K resolution with the Xbox Series X. With dedicated online apps and exclusive games, the kids will love this new addition to the loungeroom.

For an extra cost, a monthly subscription to the Xbox Game Pass brings hundreds of games to you to help pass the holiday hours with ease. Another great thing about the Xbox Series range is that it features backwards compatibility – which means that it can play hundreds of older generation Xbox games. If you have an old box of games at home, it’s time to dust them off.

The Xbox Series X offers native 4K HDR gaming at lightning speeds. What does that mean? Stunning realism for the latest and greatest games. Sports games look like you’re really in the stadium with a close-up view. Make sure you have plenty of storage because these amazing new games take up plenty of room. The 1TB model should provide your family with loads of space for everyone’s favourite game.

“Serious gamers have loved Microsoft’s Xbox console for generations. Play the latest games in full HD (1080p) on the Xbox Series S or go full 4K resolution with the Xbox Series X.”

Best Gaming Console For The Family

There are a few things to consider when console shopping for your family. These include who is using it, where will it be used and what kinds of games you want your kids to be playing.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gives your family the flexibility of choice. Whether you play it at home on your TV or on the go via the 7inch OLED screen, the choice is yours. It’s a great idea for young kids who might not stay still for long – you can even bring it with you to the local restaurant!

Best Gaming Console For Fit Kids

There are various consoles and games that promote activity in users – gamifying fitness, sports and fun in the one unit.


One ring to rule them all. The Nintendo Switch Ring Fit promotes in-game movement as an essential gaming ingredient. Use it to steer, for exercise or navigating adventures.

Best Gaming Console For Older Kids

Older kids might be looking for edgier games, immersive experiences and more realism. What that means is that you are going to need a machine that has the specs to keep up.

Xbox Series S

The smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever is perfect for the kids’ room. With over 100 games included and gameplay at 120 frames per second – the school holidays will fly by.

Best Gaming Console For Kids Who Love Tech

Tech kids demand connectivity, access to ‘the internet of things’ and the metaverse. What does it all mean? The latest consoles on the market have you covered.


Welcome Virtual Reality into your home these holidays with Playstation VR bundle. They can immerse themselves in amazing experiences – without leaving the house!

Older and younger brother on the couch laughing and playing on their gaming console

What To Consider When Purchasing A Gaming Console

Your family, and even your neighbours, will thank you for the latest gaming headsets. Our pick is the wired Logitech gaming headset with built-in 6mm microphone and comfortable ear padding. Let’s goooooo.

Gaming Controllers

Get your hands on the latest controllers for the best gaming experience. Make sure you can plug your headphones directly into it! This Playstation controller rumbles along to the action while you play!

Other Gaming Accessories

There are loads of gaming accessories that can enhance your gaming experience. From controllers and headsets to chargers, controllers and even service subscriptions.

A definite highlight is the Nintendo Switch wheel pack. The kids will love getting behind the wheel and taking on their favourite racing games.

Take on virtual reality worlds with the Playstation Move pack. The motion controllers interact with on screen action for loads of fun.


Take gaming to the next level with JBL gaming speakers. Hear the rumble of tanks, sounds from faraway lands and more in pitch perfect sound.

Tips To Create The Ultimate Gaming Setup

You’ve chosen your games console, you have your games loaded – but have you thought about where you are playing and your gaming setup? Check out our top gamer tips!

  • Room size: It’s important to be the right distance from the TV or screen that you’re playing on. Depending on your TV size, you may need to rearrange your loungeroom.
  • Sitting for the win: Are you on a couch or a sweet gaming chair with built-in speakers? If you are playing for a long time – make sure you have enough support and cushioning to help you play the distance.
  • Cable management and a safe machine place: You wouldn’t place your console in the middle of the room… a desk or cabinet will protect your machine and keep it safe. Also consider how to keep your cables neat and tidy. Keep them hidden from sight if you can!
  • Internet speed: Gamers know what a millisecond means in their game. The difference between life and death. Check your Wi-Fi connection and see if you need a router or extender to help you get the most out of your console.

Looking For The Latest TVs For Gaming?

The quality and resolution of new games means it’s essential to be playing on a TV screen that can match the game detail. 4K TVs will give you the resolution and speed you need to play the latest generation of games.

OLED, QLED and LED TVs are all ideal from the big brands that you know and love. Look out for the refresh rate, which is measured in Hz. The higher the number – the less blur on screen you will have.

So, what is the best gaming TV for your house? Check out our gaming TV guide. It has some of our top picks from brands like Sony and Hisense – as well as a few good tips to help you make your decision.

Shop The Latest Game Consoles With The Good Guys

You’re now all setup to turn the school holidays into a gaming paradise with the latest and greatest consoles and accessories from the biggest brands in the world. Which game will you and your family be playing? That’s up to you – but you’re now ready with the best gear to take it all on.

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