Block out the world and feel fully immersed with noise cancelling headphones. Designed for superior listening, they reduce unwanted ambient sounds so you can enjoy your music or favourite content anywhere.

What is Noise Cancelling Technology?

Immersive Audio | The Good Guys

Immersive Audio

Gives a truly immersive audio experience with vibrant, full sound.

Hearing Protection | The Good Guys

Hearing Protection

Protects your ears by reducing the need to listen at high volumes.

Reduces Ambient Noise | The Good Guys

Reduces Ambient Noise

Reduces ambient noise and improves concentration.

Ergonomic Design | The Good Guys

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed, making them some of the comfiest headphones on the market.

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Lady wearing a brown shirt holding up her coffee wearing black over-ear noise cancelling headphones | The Good Guys

Stress Less

Noise cancelling tech is a great way to relax. Find crowds and busy commutes overwhelming? Noise cancelling headphones will help you to take a step back.

Male working and typing on his laptop in a shared work space with other people in the background | The Good Guys

Better Conversations

Noise cancelling headphones allow you to answer calls with ease without having to leave a busy environment. They’ll also help block out background noise.

Woman wearing a light coloured suit touching her in-ear noise cancelling headphones with her finger | The Good Guys

Sounds Like Safety

Loud noises are unavoidable, but prolonged exposure can cause hearing loss in the long term. Noise cancelling tech can help to protect your hearing.

Male sitting on a couch with noise cancelling headphones in with his eyes closed | The Good Guys

Sleep Better

Whether you wake up because of a snoring partner or sounds that are outside, you can remove these triggers by using noise cancelling headphones while you sleep.

Woman working on her laptop with headphones in with her daughter playing on her phone next to her | The Good Guys

Stay Focused

Reclaim your focus and improve your attention while working from home or in the office with noise cancelling headphones.

Male sitting on public transport with his in-ear noise cancelling headphones in watching something on his phone | The Good Guys

Travel Buddy

When it comes to travel, good noise cancelling headphones will make your journeys more pleasant. They can even help reduce travel fatigue on arrival.

Noise Cancelling
Headphones Glossary

We’ll break down all the tech talk and acronyms that you need to know.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is the process of reducing unwanted background and ambient sounds using passive and active noise control methods.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

ANC works by using interference to cancel out unwanted noise. This type of noise-cancelling headphone feature microphones that pick up the frequencies of ambient noise. A digital signal processor inside the headphones then calculates exactly what type of sound waves would cancel out the unwanted sounds.

ANC headphones work best when the noise you're trying to cancel features low-frequencies and is constant like a train carriage, aircraft, or air-conditioning unit in an office.

Passive Noise Cancelling (PNC)

The term used to describe the minimization of ambient noise by creating a “physical shield” to muffle sound. These headphones use their natural shape and materials to block out ambient noise.

Ear Fatigue

Also known as listener or listening fatigue, this term is used to describe a condition that occurs after many hours of listening to or working with audio.

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What Real Customers Have To Say About Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony True Wireless Earbuds

George's Customer Review

"Very happy with these earbuds. Audio quality is very important to me and these earbuds did not disappoint. This alone already makes these worth the money, plus they have noise cancelling, long enough battery life & sit comfortably in ear canals."

Bose Quietcomfort

Autie's Customer Review

"They really were the most comfortable headphones I tried on, and having sensory issues this was a huge factor for me. The fabric on the band is great and doesn't grab hair, the clamp pressure isn't too much, the ear cups are soft and the NC is great."

Sennheiser 450BT Headphones

William's Customer Review

"An excellent product, easy to use, given us great flexibility listening to different devices and blocking background noise from cooing pidgeons, barking dogs and yelling children. High quality sound reproduction and easy to pack and travel with!"

JBL Live Pro Earbuds

Rs's Customer Review

"Excellent product. Good quality build and also a good app for customisations. Brilliant noise cancellation and ambient noise settings."

Beats Studio3 Headphones

Lucy's Customer Review

"Ability to cut out all external noise is fantastic, the sound is amazing, the battery life is long and they are very aesthetically appeasing."

Jabra Elite Earbuds

Kerrie's Customer Review

"Fantastic ear buds. Awesome sound, great fit and easy to use and set up."

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Noise Cancelling Headphones FAQs

What are noise cancelling headphones?

Noise cancelling headphones are the perfect device for reducing ambient noise whilst listening or watching your favourite content. With amazing comfort over long durations, noise cancelling headphones are ideal for use at home or on the go. They can help keep you focused in a noisy office or block out engine noise on planes, trains, or buses. Plus, there are options in various price ranges, so you can find a pair that will suit your needs and budget.

How do noise cancelling headphones work?

Headphones use one of two types of noise cancellation – passive noise cancellation (PNC) or active noise cancellation (ANC). PNC headphones create a physical seal over your ear, resulting in you hearing less background noise. While ANC electronically produces an opposing frequency that cancels out ambient noise altogether. The main benefit being that you can listen to music at low volumes.

What to look for in noise cancelling headphones

Shopping for noise-cancelling headphones is no easy task. There are plenty of models to choose from with various features. Here our top tips for finding the perfect pair.

  1. Type of Noise Cancelling Headphones – It’s important to know the type of noise cancelling you want. Do you want passive or active noise cancelling headphones? Do you want full-sized headphones or earbuds? Wired or wireless? The choice mostly comes up to your own needs and comfort.
  2. Battery Life – You want headphones that can last. Thanks to great improvements in technology, battery life is extended by hours and charges to mostly full are faster than ever.
  3. Portability – If you are planning on traveling a lot with these headphones then portability should be near the top of your list while shopping. It’s worth focusing on where or how the ear cups twist or hinge to make the headphone more compact and the type of case included.
  4. Comfort – Everyone’s heads and ears are different. So what one model may feel extremely comfortable to one person, someone else may prefer another model for its comfort.

Hot tip: If you can, try on the headphones you want to buy in store and toggle their noise-cancellation system. If they include passive noise cancelling, try to get a good snug fit in, on, or over your ears. If they have active noise cancelling, put them on your head and turn them on in the middle of the store.

We also recommend listening closely with no music playing to see how well you can make out surrounding noise. Our stores display a good range of headphones for you to try, feel free to pop in and try a pair!