Can The Right Kitchen Appliances Really Make You Healthier?

Jan 20, 2022 – 3 min read

If your UberEats habit is getting slightly out of hand, now is a great time to get reacquainted with your kitchen and the joy of cooking. And thanks to the latest innovations in kitchen appliances, preparing healthy alternatives to all your favourite takeaways doesn’t have to be complicated or hard work. It might even be fun!

A young woman makes a fresh and healthy strawberry smoothie for breakfast, using a blender on her kitchen bench

Interested in Kitchen Appliances? Discover the 7 family-friendly appliances that make
life easier!

Big-Ticket Investments In Your Health

“It's hard to eat healthy if all the good stuff is hidden from view. Bottom-mount fridges are the kings of cool when it comes to gleaning what’s inside at a glance," says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer ‒ Refrigeration and Laundry. "All the fresh food is at eye level. That means you can place all your nutrient-packed fruits and veggies front and centre for easy access, and reduce food wastage at the same time.”

A steam oven or benchtop steamer like the Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home Food Steamer is the next best investment in your health. These cook food faster than traditional conventional ovens and retain more nutrients. Also, you don’t need to add extra oil or butter as the steam keeps food naturally moist and succulent.

“I love steamers because they are the best way to cook veggies al dente and keep all that vibrancy and nutrients,” says nutritionist Christine Cronau.

Shop The Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home Food Steamer

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home Food Steamer

“It's hard to eat healthy if all the good stuff is hidden from view. Bottom-mount fridges are the kings of cool when it comes to gleaning what’s inside at a glance.”

Also look for the latest innovation in ovens ‒ air frying. This exciting new feature does exactly what your benchtop air fryer does, except in your oven. Air frying uses hot air to cook food from the outside in, creating a crispy outer crust, for everything from French fries to chicken parmi with little or no oil.

Your healthy kitchen must-haves:

The Oven, Air Fryer and Steam Oven Combo: Meet Electrolux’s multifunction ovens - the all-in-one appliance to help you cook up a storm!

Food roasting in oven

The Hybrid Cooktop: With the versatile combination of induction zones and a high-power gas burner, you'll get the best of both worlds with Electrolux’s Hybrid Cooktops. Enjoy the speed and precision of induction cooking and the performance of gas!

Hybrid cooktop

Small Appliances That Can Up The Health Factor

Small kitchen appliances can pack a big punch when it comes to transforming your health regime for the better. Swap out calorie-laden takeaway pizzas for the homemade variety, with the help of your barbecue and some top accessories.

Ditch store-bought pesto and make your own, using a food processor, or get that deep-fried satisfaction without the oil with a benchtop air fryer. (Try making your own zucchini chips, salt and pepper tofu, or crumbed asparagus. Delicious.)

And don’t forget the slow cooker! “I love slow cookers,” says Christine Cronau. “You can spend 10 minutes in the morning on meal prep and come home to a beautiful meal, such as short ribs or a cauliflower mash.”

Your healthy kitchen must-haves:

The air fryer: Cook salmon fillets to perfection and apple chips for after-school snacks in the Magic Bullet Air Fyer.

A man and a woman prepare dinner at home with the help of an air fryer

Light And Tasty Beverages

When it comes to upping your daily nutrient intake, a blender that blitzes fresh smoothies, juices and soups is essential. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your mid-morning caffeine hit. You can still indulge with your own coffee machine.

Keen to cut your alcohol consumption? Enlist a sparkling water maker. “My favourite thing to do is just some fizzy water with fresh lime,” says Christine Cronau. “You can also make beautiful herbal tea drinks or flavoured water with lime, mint and cucumber… it just comes out really refreshing.”

Your healthy kitchen must-haves:

There are so many ways your kitchen appliances can help you forge a healthier lifestyle. Visit us in store or online to find out more about the products in this article.

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