8 Family-Friendly Appliances That Make Life Easier

December 14, 2023 – 3 min read

Would you like to spend less time doing housework and more time doing the things you love with the people you love? Upgrading to family-friendly appliances can save you precious time. From fridges that order the groceries, to washing machines that measure out their own detergent, these are the time-saving appliances that make life easier.

A woman cleans her living room carpet with the Vax Compact Power Carpet Cleaner.

1. Time-Saving Carpet Cleaners

The condition of your carpet can often be overlooked, but it makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. Normally, we vacuum and forget, not realising how much of a hit those high-traffic areas are taking over time, with aging and staining. There’s nothing quite like that clean carpet feeling and by having your own carpet cleaner – you can create and maintain that feeling any time!

compact carpet washer like the Vax VX97 Compact Power Carpet Cleaner will keep your rooms feeling (and smelling) fresh, and are perfect for cleaning pet messes, tough marks and those everyday stains. Small and lightweight, with features such as an AQUASPIN brush bar for an amazing hygienic clean and twin tanks (so that the clean and dirty water stay separate), you’ll be able to worry less about spills or having to wonder ‘is it time to replace my carpets’.

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2. The Time-Saving Family Fridge

There are fridges, and then there are valued family members. Not only does it keep food crisp and cool, the Wi-Fi connected Samsung 640L Family Hub Refrigerator syncs calendars, shares messages, orders groceries to your door and even suggests meal ideas. Just set your food preferences, dietary needs and favourite cuisines and, hey presto, a world of choice!

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A Samsung Family Hub fridge sits off to the side of the kitchen of a young family having breakfast.

3. Time-Saving Small Kitchen Appliances

Is there anything better than leaving the house for the day knowing that when you return a luscious meal is waiting? For that reason, a slow cooker like the Crock Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker is a busy home chef’s best friend. Also up there is an air fryer which can work its magic in just five to 25 minutes.

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4. Time-Saving Washing Machines

“If you haven’t bought a washing machine in a few years, you may be surprised at the new features available,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer ‒ Laundry. “Washing machines have evolved enormously, with innovative features designed to lighten the load.”

Look for an auto-dosing washing machine like the Bosch 9kg Front Load Washer, which dispenses the perfect amount of detergent for every load (so you don’t have to); and for sensor technology, cue the LG 12kg Front Load Washer , which sets the cycle automatically, removing the hassle of selecting the right program.

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White clothing is in the process of drying inside a dryer.

5. Time-Saving Dryers

“One of the easiest ways to save time in the laundry, particularly for bigger families, is to switch to a bigger capacity dryer,” says Peter Simic. “Larger drums move hot air around more efficiently, which results in faster dryer cycles and fewer loads. You can also speed up the process by not overloading the machine with too many clothes.”

The energy-efficient Asko 10kg Logic Heat Pump Dryer is great for large households of five or more, while the Fisher & Paykel 6kg Sensor Dryer features a reverse tumbling program to detangle clothes so they dry faster.

Lighten your load further with a drying cupboard. The LG STYLER Clothing Care System refreshes, deodorises and reduces wrinkles between washes. Maybe it’s time to dig up the Hills Hoist after all?

Shop The Asko 10kg Logic Heat Pump Dryer

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6. The Time-Saving Garment Steamer

Looking for a quick and easy way to de-wrinkle clothes and bed linen, and refresh curtains and upholstery? Add a garment steamer to your ironing arsenal. These compact appliances require zero technique and can be used on hanging clothes for a quick steam before school or work. The Philips Smartflow Handheld Garment Steamer can be used vertically or horizontally and makes the ideal travel companion.

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“One of the easiest ways to save time in the laundry is to switch to a bigger capacity dryer. Larger drums move hot air around more efficiently, which results in faster drying cycles and fewer loads.”

7. Time-Saving Smart Speakers

Smart speakers (aka virtual assistants) such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have become such a part of the Aussie lexicon, they are practically family members. The Amazon Echo with Alexa (Gen 5) is so clever she not only plays music, reads the news and delivers the weather report, but also sets timers and creates lists, calendar events and reminders to keep everyone on schedule. Equally impressive is the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen, which has a sleep sensor to track your rest patterns. Who needs a personal assistant?

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8. Time-Saving Tech For The Living Room

Is there anything better than movie night with the family? Advances in home entertainment tech mean that you no longer have to drop everything to enjoy your favourite show. The latest smart TVs feature on-demand streaming services, so you can watch what you like when you like.

Love surround sound? Add the Sonos Beam Gen 2, sync it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control, and you’ll also be able to switch to the news without leaving the sofa.

For a big-screen experience par excellence, the Loewe Bild S 77 inch UHD Smart OLED TV offers the whole package and is compatible with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and Alexa.

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There are so many ways your appliances can help make life easier. Visit us in-store or online to find out more about the products in this article – and if you’re renovating your home and need some more inspiration, check out our home renovation ideas.

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