How to Create a Hamptons Style Kitchen

February 26, 2021 - 7 mins read

When thinking about a fresh and light kitchen, the Hamptons style kitchen fits the tee perfectly. Having grown in popularity over the recent years, owners love the relaxed feel it gives off. Classic yet contemporary, we’ll show you how to create one in 10 simple steps, including some design tips and inspiration along the way.

What is a Hamptons Style Kitchen?

A Hamptons kitchen beautifully combines elements of old and new together to create a sophisticated space. And you don’t have to live with the rich and famous in New York to have it in your home. This style feels coastal yet casual with relaxed, elegant styling. For Australian families, it will bring peace and calm to your kitchen with its clean lines and warm aesthetics. Above all however, its functionality is the key. And that’s why we’re sure that you’ll love it in your home.

10 Steps to Create a Hamptons Style Kitchen

You’ve fallen in love with the Hamptons style and you’re ready to share it with everyone on Insta. We’ll take you through what you need to know and do.

1. Add a Freestanding Oven

A luxurious Hamptons kitchen needs an oven to suit. The Good Guys has a huge range of freestanding ovens that will suit the shaker style cabinetry that the Hamptons look is famous for. Freestanding ovens are perfect for those who love to cook and bake at home, which is why they are popular for any new kitchen renovation.

Their style helps you create a contemporary or classic look, and their width and size makes them ideal for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. This Omega Dual Fuel Upright Cooker boasts fine lines and simple elegance for a Hamptons kitchen, but is big enough to help you feed all of your guests.

2. Fridge

When you’re planning on creating a Hamptons style kitchen, it’s important to think about your appliances before you start white washing all of your cabinetry. It’s time to consider whether your fridge is up to scratch. There’s no point in creating a beautiful, coastal Hamptons kitchen with a big old fridge chugging away in the middle of it.

Whether you opt for a top mount or bottom mount fridge, there are a few tell-tale signs that your current fridge might not be operating like it should. If your food is spoiling, the seals are cracked or the freezer keeps frosting up, it may be time for a new French double door refrigerator in your new dream kitchen.

3. Rangehood

More than just a functional appliance, a rangehood can actually make a statement within a Hamptons style kitchen. Whether it’s set within architectural elements like exposed beams or timber, the right one can be shown off rather than hidden behind cabinetry.

The Good Guys has a range of canopy rangehoods that perfectly suit the Hamptons style like this Westinghouse slideout rangehood. It removes the bulk from your kitchen which is in-tune with the Hampton aesthetic of clean lines and minimalism.

4. Sink & Tapware

The distinctive Hamptons style can be achieved by opting for country-style tapware and sinks. A large farmhouse sink is functional, yet beautiful and enduring. A drop-in sink with an exposed front-facing side, it will blend seamlessly into your island counter.

There are a few tapware choices for your Hamptons kitchen. Brushed gold tapware really stands out in a Hamptons style kitchen. It adds a touch of glamour to your neutral palette. Another way to get the Hamptons look is to replace chrome tapware with matte black tapware to make an impressive statement. Whereas a brushed nickel mixer tap complements the contemporary feel of a Hamptons style kitchen.

5. Marble Benchtops

The key to a fabulous Hamptons kitchen is natural textures. This is why the beauty of a marble benchtop looks so great in this style of kitchen. Adding a touch of detail will do wonders for your Hamptons kitchen renovation. White or muted grey Caesarstone or marble benchtops will help you to complete the look, giving you a luxurious and timeless touch for whatever you prepare on them.

6. White Cabinetry

The defining feature of a Hamptons style kitchen is the white cabinetry. Shaker-style doors provide you with a clean style and a sense of timelessness that is beneficial for this look. You’ll love their light, reflective quality that helps you to create the bright and breezy aesthetic. Other colours such as ivory and neutral will also work for this style.

Design Tip: Accent colours including grey tones and shades of blue ranging from navy to duck egg blue will look stunning with white cabinetry.

For something a little daring, try adding some serious contrast with all-black feature cabinets or appliances. Black cabinets along a back wall will integrate nicely with dark timber stools and a black sink with matching tapware. Have a chat with the Kinsman team at your local The Good Guys store for some fresh design ideas.

7. Centered Island Bench

A Hamptons kitchen is all about showing off your style and flair to your friends and family. There’s no better place to do that than gathering around a centered island bench in your new kitchen. Typically rectangular in shape, the true Hamptons island bench style is grand in every way, shape and form. More than just additional storage space, it also offers you a focal point in the kitchen. When thinking about materials, marble or Caeserstone are the classic choices. Then try adding a contrasting colour on the trim or perimeter such as blue or black for a modern edge to the more traditional cabinetry or benchtop.

Don’t forget the cane stools to sit around it!

8. Wooden Flooring

When it comes to flooring in your Hamptons kitchen, you can’t go past natural timber. The typical choices to complete the Hamptons look are dark wood, light coloured floorboards or white washed boards.

Dark wood planks contrast beautifully with the white cabinetry, splashback and countertops that the Hamptons style is famous for. The darker colour will also help ground a larger kitchen space or an open-plan kitchen.

Light coloured floorboards will give your kitchen a modern, bright feeling. They look gorgeous in kitchens that are sun drenched and the light on white look can help create a glamourous feeling in the kitchen.

The Hamptons style is all about evoking the beach, summer feel. White washed oak or pine floor boards finish off this look perfectly. A good tip is to go for thinner boards for a modern look or wider boards for a more traditional feeling.

9. Tiled Splashback

The Hamptons splashback is where your individual style and flair can really make a splash. Ceramic tiles are a natural choice given that they emphasise traditional features and textures. Some of the popular tile shapes include square, rectangular, hexagonal or penny rounds. For an interesting and unique design element, you can consider incorporating a pattern into your splashback, such as:

  • - Herringbone tiles add a soft feeling to your kitchen without the sharp angles. Penny rounds are great for this style with the added detail they provide.
  • - A chevron pattern is where the tiles meet at perfect points so they look like arrows rather than zigzags.
  • - The classic subway tile pattern is made for a Hamptons kitchen. In the style of a brick pattern, you can mix up the colours, shapes or even the gloss. For some bonus points, try hand-cut subway tiles for a true premium look and feel.

10. Pendant Lighting

For a striking Hamptons kitchen, a pendant hanging above a kitchen island is a must and really completes the look. More than just helping you with meal preparation, it makes a dazzling statement. Lantern lights and glass pendants suit the beachy vibe you are trying to create with the Hamptons look.

For something a little different, oversized cloth pendant lights can add to the drama of the room, but you’ll need a high ceiling or the kitchen will look too crowded.

Update and Modernise your Kitchen with The Good Guys

You’ve fallen in love with the Hamptons kitchen style and are ready to take on a kitchen renovation. What do you do next? Visit your local The Good Guys to get the renovation process started. We can help you with essential renovation services, along with ideas and inspiration to create the coastal yet casual Hamptons style for you home.

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