Best Quality Kitchen Taps for your New Kitchen

January 27, 2021 - 4 mins read

There’s more to the humble kitchen tap than you may realise. Quality kitchen taps are worth their weight in chrome, so if you’re trying to decide which kitchen mixer tap to buy, we’ll take you through all the best kitchen taps in The Good Guys range and help you to pick the right kitchen mixer tap for your home.

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Looking to upgrade your kitchen look?

When taking on a kitchen upgrade or renovation, it’s important to pay close attention to the details such as surfaces, materials you use and how everything contributes to the overall look and feel of the space. So, if you’re looking for some terrific kitchen renovation ideas or you need some inspiration for the kitchen design of your dreams, The Good Guys can show you the best kitchen taps to buy.

What to consider when choosing a kitchen mixer tap

Kitchen taps can often be overlooked when planning a new kitchen. Don’t leave it to the last step! It’s important to match the tapware to the design and style of the kitchen you are creating, renovating or simply refreshing.

“Getting the best kitchen mixer tap for your home will make a huge difference to the functionality and look of the whole kitchen.”

Different types of kitchen taps for your kitchen

There are a few different types of kitchen mixer taps on the market, and each style has their own benefit. Let’s breakdown some of the popular choices.

Best right angle mixer taps

If you want to create a modern, minimalist kitchen that boasts clean lines and refined finishes, then a right angle mixer tap is for you. Referring to the shape of the tap itself, a right angle mixer tap is a simple, yet elegant solution.

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Oliveri ES570 Right Angle Mixer

A classic look for a versatile tap mixer, this will suit modern kitchens of all shapes and styles.

Hansgrohe Centro Right Angle Mixer

Featuring QuickClean Technology, protect your family in stunning style and benefit from anti-limescale technology.

Hansgrohe Metris Select Right Angle Mixer

For some added indulgence in the kitchen, this mixer features AirPower technology, enriching each droplet with air for a softer feel.

Best gooseneck mixer taps

Gooseneck mixers are incredibly popular, which is why we have a huge range available. Whether you’re shopping in store or online you’ll find the perfect one for your kitchen style and design. Shaped to curve like a goose’s neck, tall gooseneck mixers look amazing in large, open space kitchens and offer plenty of room to move.

Best gooseneck mixer taps

Oliveri Essentials Goose Neck 3 Way Filter Tap

This simple chrome design also features a separate line for always on-hand clean, filtered cold water.

Hafele Black Chrome Mixer Tap

If you’re creating a daring industrial kitchen, this black chrome mixer will provide you with the wow factor you’re looking for.

Hansgrohe Talis Goose Neck Mixer

Take control in the kitchen with this sink mixer that boasts a large swivel range for your convenience.

Best single lever mixer taps

Go back to basics in style. Set the water flow and temperature with one grasp and minimum fuss.

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Oliveri ES585 Single Lever Mixer

A practical and smart sink mixer, it’s ideal for small kitchens, apartments or upgrading your rental property.

Best pull out mixer taps

With a flexible hose built into the tap, you can stretch it to where you need it. Ideal for double sinks, a pull out mixer tap makes cleaning pots, pans and oven trays a breeze.

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Oliveri Vilo Pull Out Spray Mixer

Make a statement in your modern kitchen with this pull out mixer tap. It matches perfectly with granite black benchtops and sinks.

Franke Leda Gooseneck Pull Out Tap

This sophisticated yet simple tap mixer is built to last with a stainless steel finish and is deep enough for cleaning the largest of pots.

Hansgrohe Centro Pull Out Spray Mixer

With a thick hose built within, you’ll enjoy the strong stream of water from this pull out mixer that doesn’t compromise on style.

Franke Verona Onyx Gooseneck Pull Out Tap

Sleek black simplicity never looked better in the kitchen. Turn heads in the kitchen with this pull out tap mixer.

Best swivel mixer taps

A swivel mixer can rotate to the area of your sink where you need the water the most. Basically, it’s convenience all wrapped up into a stylish tap mixer.

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Franke Verona Gooseneck Swivel Tap

Franke Verona place huge importance on creating products that last, so you can rely on this tap to be one of the most reliable items in your kitchen.

Oliveri Pepe Matte Black Swivel Mixer

This modern, black swivel mixer provides the elegance your kitchen needs to make a seriously good impression.

Need assistance installing your new kitchen mixers?

Now that you’ve found the tapware to complete your new dream kitchen, don’t stress about installing it! The Good Guys are here to help. The Good Guys Home Services can assist you in installing your new tapware. Our trusted professionals are certified, and their work is guaranteed. Just sit back and relax, your new kitchen will be finished in no time.

Explore our range of stylish kitchen mixers with The Good Guys

If you’re looking to make a statement in the kitchen, The Good Guys range of kitchen mixers and tapware has you covered. Check out the full range online, or if you need a little advice - head into your local store where one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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