Top 9 Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Inspiration

January, 20 2021 - 7 mins read

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so when it comes to kitchen renovations you want to be sure you get it just right. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen, do a kitchen remodel, or even tackle a kitchen renovation, The Good Guys have all your kitchen design ideas right here. We’ll show you how to assess your space, select the right kitchen layout and even guide you on how to choose the right appliances.

Looking for design inspiration for your new kitchen?

So, you’ve decided to renovate, remodel or upgrade your kitchen, but where do you start? Luckily for you, when it comes to kitchen designs, Australia has some of the best designers in the world. So you’ve probably already spent plenty of time browsing beautiful kitchen renovations online, or googling ‘How to design a kitchen’ or ‘How to design a kitchen remodel’. But if you still need inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 9 new kitchen design ideas to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

We will show you how to work with your current design and layout or consider reconfiguring your space to accommodate a grander idea. We’ll also talk you through the most popular kitchen styles and the most common kitchen layouts, to ensure you’re maximising your space with design and efficiency in mind.

Once you’ve decided what style of kitchen you love and what layout will work best for you, we will guide you through the best appliances to make cooking and entertaining a breeze. Who said renovating a kitchen was hard? With a little help from your friends at The Good Guys, it’s easier than ever.

Here are our top 9 kitchen design ideas for your new layout

Our easy-to-navigate guide includes 9 popular kitchen design trends that will stand the test of time. Take a closer look at the designs and what makes each unique to find the one that fits your style and budget.

Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Modern Kitchen style

Perfect for any new build, the modern kitchen style features clean flat surfaces with little frills or dressy ornamentation. For example, take a modern kitchen cabinet, unlike your more traditional styles that feature intricate woodwork or panelling, modern cabinets celebrate simplicity with sleek, angular designs, often paired with flush doors and handles.

Kitchen Design Ideas

2. Hamptons Kitchen Style

When we think of Hamptons style, we think of Long Island New York, and that’s exactly where this kitchen trend has come from. Inspired by the group of villages called the Hamptons, this style feels coastal and casual using natural materials and lots of natural light.

For Australian families, a Hamptons style kitchen will bring peace and calm to the busiest room in the house. Clean lines and warm aesthetics with functionality being key – that’s what we call Hamptons style.

Kitchen Design Ideas

3. Small and Compact Style

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be grand. We have lots of clever ways to make better use of your small and compact space. Each component of a small kitchen should be carefully planned, from the position of your oven to the appliances you choose. The effort put into a clever design, will make cooking and entertaining in a smaller space so much easier.

Top Tips for a Small and Compact Kitchen Style:

  • Use space wisely. Do not waste an inch.
  • Find ways to cut the clutter in your kitchen to avoid it feeling overcrowded.
  • Hang utensils from above to save space and make them easier to access.
  • Get clever with pull out workspaces and eye-catching shelving.
  • Add light and colour to your kitchen no matter its size or shape.

“Invest in savvy storage solutions. They will go a long way to making the kitchen user friendly.”

Kitchen Design Ideas

4. Using a Minimalist Fit Out

The kitchen is the most used space in the home, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Think hidden away appliances, sleek, clean benchtops and beautiful finishes. If you like things neat and tidy with a modern look, then a minimalist kitchen is for you.

Choose a monochrome palette so the eye is not distracted by other design features, like a beautiful stone benchtop.

Top Tips for a Minimalist Kitchen Style:

  • To keep lines clean, choose pop-up plugs, and cupboards with no handles.
  • Keep surfaces smooth and sleek by choosing low profile cooktops.
  • White is always on-trend and offers a modern, clean look.
  • If budget permits, go for an oversize island bench to a gravity-defying feature.
  • Choose sleek modern appliances that complement the colour scheme and do not draw the eye.

Kitchen Design Ideas

5. Mixing white and black monochromes

There’s one kitchen trend that is surely on the up, and that’s the white and black monochrome look. There’s something about the mix of black and white that pops and adds instant appeal to your design. Best of all a monochrome look is flexible, adapting almost instantly to a country feel, a modern look, and even a minimalistic kitchen design.

Top Tips for a White & Black Monochrome Style:

  • Choose the best white paint you can buy. Ask for advice on this, as the colour on the walls will affect the overall look of the monochrome.
  • Choose one colour to make more dominant than the other. For example, you might already have a white kitchen. Adding in new black appliances and lighting fixtures will instantly freshen up your space.
  • Don’t forget to mix your patterns and your scale. For instance, go big and bold on art in a mostly white room.
  • Have fun with geometric shapes. You can even create a fun kitchen splashback using black and white tiles.

Kitchen Design Ideas

6. Building out the right kitchen shape

The shape of your kitchen will largely be dictated by how much space you have and whether you are prepared to move walls around. Take a look at the different kitchen shapes to figure out which one might be right for you.

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a long narrow kitchen with two sides and a walkway down the middle. Usually, a galley kitchen will have base cabinets and wall cabinets. This style of kitchen is ideal for homes that have limited space.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-Shaped Kitchen is probably one of the most common. As the name suggests, it has a U shape, lining three walls of the kitchen with benches and top cupboards in the shape of a U. This kitchen option will offer a great deal of storage, whilst also being quite compact.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped Kitchens win when it comes to making space work. Cupboards and appliances run along two exterior walls meeting in a corner. They have two open ends for seamless flow and enable you to be flexible around adding an island bench or kitchen table.

Straight Line Kitchen

If you don’t have space for a big kitchen, or you are just drawn to the simplicity of clean lines, the straight-line kitchen is for you. As the name suggests the kitchen runs along a single wall and incorporates all your cupboards and appliances. This means the prep area, cooking area and appliances are all within easy reach for speed and efficiency.

Straight Line with Island Kitchen

Want to take your straight-line kitchen layout to the next level? Add an island bench. An island bench is a great workstation for those who love to chop and slice, stir through and toss. It also allows you to look out over the home while you cook and often becomes the place family and guests gather around to talk. Add a few stools to your island bench and you also have a relaxed breakfast bar for your morning tea or coffee.

Kitchen Design Ideas

7. Adding the latest smart fridge to enhance the look

When planning your new kitchen don’t forget to think about the appliances. Will you get a French door fridge or purchase something smaller so you can have a bigger oven? Choosing your fridge early in the process allows you to plan your kitchen around the fridge’s size as well as power and plumbing needs. If you want the latest and greatest add a smart fridge to enhance the look of your new kitchen design. They come with incredible features such as WIFI connectivity, internet browsing, shopping list programs and whiteboard facilities - some even come with a TV.

Kitchen Design Ideas

8. Slotting in the right oven to match

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the oven is the heart of the kitchen. And finding the perfect one might be one of your biggest decisions. The Good Guys have a great range of ovens with all the latest technology including steam ovens, gas ovens and ovens with Air-Fry technology. Think about what you like to cook and how you like to cook and let it guide your decision. The right oven will bring you much joy and hundreds of great family meals for years to come.

Kitchen Design Ideas

9. Fitting out with modern appliances

Your new look kitchen will need new look modern appliances too. So, let us help you. We can guide you through all the essentials to help make the task easier. Choose from benchtop cooking, whisper-quiet dishwashers and powerful blenders. We’ll also show you great tips and tricks for cooking during winter, clever use of small appliances to get big jobs done and of course how to find your perfect coffee machine.

Check out our 3-step guide on choosing the right kitchen design

At The Good Guys, we want to make your life easier. That’s why we have created this easy to follow 3-step guide to choosing the right kitchen design.

1. Choose your style

Your kitchen style is a reflection of who you are, so take your time deciding. We have lots of kitchen inspiration to help you find the right one for you. Choose from casual yet chic Hamptons style kitchens, magnificent modern kitchens or the latest trend, the White and Black Monochrome kitchen.

2. Choose your kitchen appliances

Decide on your appliances early in the process to ensure you are taking the look and size of them into consideration when choosing a kitchen style. Will your oven be freestanding? Will your fridge be a two door or even a smart fridge? All these things will help shape the overall aesthetics of your new kitchen.

3. Choose your kitchen layout

Draw up a rough plan of your kitchen space and start to play. Which kitchen layout is going to work best for your family and the way you like to cook? We have ideas and inspiration for small kitchens, kitchen remodelling and complete renovations. Let’s get started.

Fit your new kitchen with The Good Guys

Planning a new kitchen is exciting, but actually doing the labour is not. So why not let us do it for you? The Good Guys Home Services team will arrange tradespeople to fit your kitchen for you, ensuring a professional finish every time. You stand back and watch the magic happen, we got this.

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