Best Looking Sinks for your New Kitchen

January 29, 2021 – 7 min read

Designing the kitchen of your dreams could equally exciting and intimidating, but what’s not equal is the time we spend on choosing the various elements. While we toss and turn over what kind of cabinets best complement our benchtop, we quickly graze over the best kitchen sinks to buy. It simply does not make sense when you consider the amount of time we spend at the kitchen sink doing the dishes, rinsing fruits and vegetables, and washing our hands! We’ve put together the essential list of the best kitchen sinks in Australia so now you can explore the best kitchen sinks to go with your benchtop.

On-trend matte black sink with stainless steel gooseneck tap in contemporary city apartment.

What to consider when choosing a kitchen sink

Where do you start? Start with yourself. What’s the general style of your kitchen? How do you use your kitchen sink? Do you handwash? Do you use the drainer, and if you do, would you be more comfortable having it on the right side or left? While the choices are plenty, don’t let that confuse you, we’re here to help you create your dream kitchen, and find the best kitchen sink to suit your lifestyle.

1. Topmount or Undermount

Topmount is simply dropped into the available cavity and the edge aligns with the counter. It is easier to replace or mend. Undermount is placed under the surface, exposing the edges of the counter.

2. Single or Double bowl

A single bowl sink works great in a smaller kitchen, or when you’re looking to save space. A double bowl sink offers more room and is great for those who love to multitask while they cook. If you’re looking to simply refresh your sink, make sure your new one fits in your existing sink cavity.

3. Material

Choose from stainless steel, chrome, fragranite, tectonite or moulded granite. Discover the many ranges and brands that offer these materials.

Best Brands for Kitchen Sinks

When you’re looking for the best kitchen sinks to buy, the brand matters.


With a plethora of design options to choose from and your individual needs, Franke has something for everyone.


If you’re looking to strike that delicate balance between functionality and style, Oliveri has a range of styles to complement your kitchen.


Sleek, compact and sharp. Hafele elevates the classic steel sink with its signature Squareline design.


Find your classic, no-fuss stainless steel sink with Emilia’s range of kitchen sinks.

“Turn your kitchen sink into a centrepiece.”

Our Best Looking Kitchen Sinks To Buy

Whether we like it or not, we spend a fair bit of time in front of the kitchen sink. With our range of stunning sinks, you’ll take great pride in your more functional kitchen accessory. Here’s a list of the best-looking kitchen sinks to buy and turn your kitchen sink into a centrepiece.

Best stainless kitchen sinks

Stainless steel kitchen sinks don’t have to be boring. Find one to suit your needs here:

Contemporary styled double bowl stainless steel sink with gooseneck tap in family kitchen.

Oliveri Diaz Double Bowl Inset Sink

Add a sleek and classy touch to your kitchen with the Oliveri Diaz Double Bowl Inset Sink, featuring two 21 litre bowls. It includes a bamboo chopping board, colander and stainless steel drainer tray.

Franke Ondaline Double Bowl Sink

The Franke Ondaline Double Bowl Sink brings symmetry and balance to your counter. It includes a tap, chopping board and rinsing basket.

Hafele Squareline 1 & 3/4 Bowl Sink

The sophisticated Hafele Squareline 1 & 3/4 Bowl Sink features two different sized bowls that simplifies your chores.

Best fragranite kitchen sinks

Franke developed a new material called Fragranite when they tried to find an effective solution to clean composite sinks. It is made by bonding together smaller granite particles during manufacturing, creating a smoother, flatter surface that reduces limescale build up.

Stylish white double bowl sink with modern mixer tap in contemporary minimalist home.

Franke Urban fragranite single bowl sink

The Franke Urban fragranite single bowl sink is one of the best single kitchen sink and comes in a topmount style spacious sink with three classic shades to choose from.

Franke Bali Black 1 & 1/3 Bowl Inset Sink

Smart, sleek and sophisticated best describes the Franke Bali Black 1 & 1/3 Bowl Inset Sink. It features a hidden overflow and convenient food preparation centre.

Franke Bali Double Bowl Sink

With plenty of preparation space, durable build and easy to clean finish, the Franke Bali Double Bowl Sink in stunning onyx black combines utility and elegance.

Best chrome kitchen sinks

Add a modern touch to the classic stainless steel style with a chrome finish kitchen sink.

Classic double bowl stainless steel sink and matching stainless steel gooseneck tap in modern city apartment.

Oliveri Bravo Sink And Tap Pack

Convenience and style meet in this high-quality Oliveri Bravo Sink And Tap Pack. Enjoy the flexibility of two different-sized bowls, tap and two 90mm baskets.

Best tectonite kitchen sinks

Exclusive to Franke, Tectonite is a name given to their synthetic material range of sinks.

Minimalist matte black single sink with stainless steel gooseneck tap.

Franke Sirius Sink - 41L

Enjoy the minimalistic granite-like appearance of the Franke Sirius Sink in carbon black. The tectonite finish offers durability and heat resistance of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Franke Sirius Sink – 34L

Experience the flawless design of the Franke Sirius Sink with the added convenience of a food preparation centre.

Franke Kubus Sink White

If your kitchen aesthetic is leaning towards lighter shades, get Franke Kubus Sink’s minimalistic design, durability and heat resistance with Franke Sirius Sink White.

Best moulded granite kitchen sinks

Discover why the moulded granite kitchen sinks by Oliveri are some of the best kitchen sinks in Australia.

Modern matte black double sink with glass chopping boards and matching black gooseneck mixer tap in stylish family home.

Oliveri Santorini Large Bowl Topmount Black Granite Sink

The Oliveri Santorini Large Bowl Topmount Black Granite Sink is one of the best single kitchen sinks in the market. The unique design maintains water temperature for as long as possible, while its perimeter actually absorbs noise – to drown out those loud clanging noises.

Oliveri Black Double Bowl Glass Top Sink

Bring elegance into your kitchen space with the incomparable Oliveri Black Double Bowl Glass Top Sink that features two 33-litre capacity bowls, while the retractable glass covers create extra uninterrupted bench-space for meal preparation.

Oliveri Santorini Large Bowl Undermount Black Granite Sink

Experience all the signature Oliveri features in this single sink style. The Oliveri Santorini Large Bowl Undermount Black Granite Sink maintains water temperature for longer, absorbs noise, is heat resistant up to 280 degree Celsius and can withstand thermal shocks.

Single or double sink?

Consider how you use your current sink and what design would best suit your needs. Do you regularly use large pans or trays that don’t fit into your split sink? Then perhaps, a spacious single sink would be your solution. On the other hand, if you often find yourself multi-tasking, such as rinsing vegetables while also doing the dishes, then a double sink would offer more flexibility. Also, remember that larger sinks would take up more counter space.

Explore our range of high quality sinks with The Good Guys

Now that you’re better versed with the many aspects of choosing the perfect sink, go ahead and start browsing the best kitchen sinks to buy. Check out our fantastic range of high-quality sinks at your nearest The Good Guys store. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect sink to complement your kitchen.

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