Undoubtedly the fun part of the whole kitchen design process. Our guide to kitchen design will help you choose a style that will suit your home, your family and the way you live. Keep an eye out for the latest design tips and style trends.

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Modern Kitchens


Modern kitchens are more than just a place to prepare, store and cook food. They have become the centre of the home, seamlessly blending into living and dining areas. A place for friends to eat and socialise, gourmet meals to be created and homework to be done.

Ideas For Modern Kitchens

Create Your Own Modern Kitchen

Creating the modern kitchen of your dreams is easier than you think.

Appliances For Modern Kitchens

Fridges, ovens, rangehoods, cooktops and dishwashers - we have them all!

A Smart Fridge To Suit You

Modern fridges are so much more than a place to cool food and drink.

Modernise An Older Kitchen

Find out how you can upgrade your kitchen without having to do a full reno.

Hamptons Style Kitchens


Hamptons style kitchens are incredibly popular in Australian homes. Relaxed, elegant styling evoking a feeling of being near the sea without being too 'beachy' - ideal for this island continent. Hamptons style kitchens create a feeling of peace and calm - exactly what busy families need.

Ideas For Hamptons Style Kitchens

Create A Hamptons Kitchen

Create a contemporary Hamptons style kitchen with these 10 steps.

Appliances For Hamptons Kitchens

Fridges, ovens, rangehoods, cooktops and dishwashers - we have them all!

Top Tips For Wine Storage

Add a wine fridge to the island bench of your Hamptons style kitchen.

Small Kitchens


Proving that good things do come in small packages, with clever design and thoughtful appliances, a compact kitchen or kitchenette can be packed with all the elements and functionality you'd expect in a much bigger space.

Ideas For Small Kitchens

Create The Perfect Small Kitchen

Everything you need to know to setup the perfect small, but functional kitchen.

Appliances For Small Kitchens

Fridges, ovens, rangehoods, cooktops and dishwashers - we have them all!

Slim Width Dishwashers

Now even the smallest kitchen can have a time saving dishwasher!

Slim French Door Fridges

Love to have a French door fridge in your small kitchen? Now you can!

Black Kitchens


Black and dark kitchens in shades of anthracite, chocolate brown, midnight blue and emerald green are incredibly popular right now and create a real wow factor in your home. Sleek, stylish and oozing with quiet sophistication, dark kitchens are incredibly versatile and will suit most kitchen sizes and layouts.

Ideas For Black Kitchens

Subtle. Stylish. Impactful.

Everything you need to design a black or dark toned kitchen at your place.

Black Sinks & Taps

Discover the impact a black sink and tap can make on your kitchen.

Kinsman Kitchens

Let the experts at Kinsman design your new black kitchen.

Country Kitchens


There's a very good reason why country styled kitchens have stood the test of time and long been both a feature of city and rural homes. Country kitchens create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere - a place where people can catchup with a cup of tea around a large island bench while delicious meals are being created.

Ideas For Country Kitchens

Create A Country Kitchen

Create a cosy, welcoming country styled kitchen in your home.

Renovating Your Kitchen

Check out our top 10 ideas on how to make the most of your kitchen renovation.

Wall vs Freestanding Ovens

Let us help you find the perfect oven to suit your needs as well as kitchen style.

Industrial Style Kitchens


Ever since this style came to prominence in the 1950s, people have loved the cool edginess of industrial styled kitchens. Fast-forward over seventy years, industrial style kitchens are still incredibly popular but are no longer limited to inner city warehouse conversions and apartments - homes of all sizes are embracing this timeless style.

Ideas For Industrial Style Kitchens

Create An Industrial Style Kitchen

Everything you need to know about placing this timeless style in your home.

Appliances For Industrial Kitchens

Stainless steel, black, grey, anthracite - anything goes in an industrial kitchen.

The Best Coffee Machines

Enjoy your favourite brew just the way you like it without leaving the house!

Black Appliances

A modern white kitchen with black appliances is a bold look.

Helpful Buying Guides

Still need more information before purchasing appliances for your new kitchen? The Good Guys buying guides have done all the hard work for you - the latest tech decoded and key features explained so you can be completely confident in your choice.


Cooktops Buying Guide

Induction, gas, electric or ceramic? Settings, features and styles explained.


Ovens Buying Guide

Thinking about a freestanding oven, wall oven or a steam oven? Find out more ...


Fridge Buying Guide

Modern fridges are so much more than a place to cool food and drink.


Dishwasher Buying Guide

Water efficiency, installation, styles and care decoded.


Rangehoods Buying Guide

Find the best rangehood size, style, colour and type for your kitchen.


Microwaves Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about wattage, styles and use.


BBQs Buying Guide

Gas, electric, charcoal? Portable, freestanding or built-in? Find out more.

The Finishing Touches

Now that you have your new kitchen it's time to start thinking about the final finishing touches - benchtop appliances that will turn your kitchen from amazing to incredible. Discover the latest colourful matching toasters, kettles, mixers and blenders, benchtop pizza ovens, the best collection of airfryers, and coffee machines so good you'll never need to head out for coffee again.

DeLonghi Coffee Machines

Never leave your fancy new kitchen and enjoy café quality coffee at home.

Add A Pop Of Retro Colour

Smeg’s retro 50s style appliances will add a pop of colour to your benchtops.

Your Favourite Food - No Guilt

AirFryers are hot! Enjoy your favourite foods with only a fraction of the oil!

Woodfired Pizza At Home

Create perfect woodfired pizzas with all your favourite toppings at home.

Your Kitchen Needs a KitchenAid

Discover everything you can make with an iconic KitchenAid mixer

Blend, Blitz, Puree, Juice & Extract

Nutribullet blenders and juicers are much loved features of family kitchens.